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On this video you can see best actions of the best volelyball setters in the world . Bruno Rezende, Micah Christenson, Lucciano De Cecco, Simone Giannelli. ? Our website (volleyball mathes replays and statistic): ? Our Instagram (powerful spikes, mosntr blocks and beuatiful moments): ? Our twitter page (short interesting news and moments):

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Who is the best volleyball player ever?Show players ranking



Bruno Rezende (Bruninho)


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Simone Giannelli


Matias Sanchez is the next player in your shortlist !Incredible with #TourcoingLilleMetropole #MatiasSanchez 

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CyrilVanherrentals I agree, he”s not yet among the best of the world, but he”s amazing. I posted a comment under a video about him here :

Subjective point of view :

To rank those setters we obviously have to consider the “touch”, in which De Cecco is probably unbeatable, but there other things. A setter must be very complete. For me, Christenson has everything. Strong serve, good block, can attack a perfect reception with both hands, very good in defense.. and obviously a very good setter. While De Cecco and Bruno are amazing in short sets, Christenson is the best for very long sets. He can make a perfect set from 9-10 meters after a dig or a missed reception for example. Bruno and Giannelli are strong blockers but Giannelli can have some ups and downs in a match. De Cecco is weaker in serve and block but what magical hands ! He remids me of the wonderful William “El Mago” Arjona. So my final ranking :

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ChristensonBrunoDe CeccoGiannelli

But obviously all of them are unreal setters. You can put Marouf, Brizard, Toniutti or Butko just under them.

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