Best Seats In Wrigley – Shaded Seats At Wrigley Field

Late Afternoon – For an afternoon start at Wrigley Field fans will find some of the best shade in the sections which run along the third base line. Most Field Le…

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Early Afternoon – For a mid day start at Wrigley Field, the most prevalent shade is found in some of the less desirable viewing areas. Mezzanine (200 Level) and U…

More than half of all seats at Wrigley Field offer some type of shade or cover. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder.

Obstructed Seating

Section 210 – Column in Section 210, Row 6, Seat 24.Section 212 – Column in Section 212, Row 6, Seat 23.Section 212 – Column in Section 212, Row 6, Seat 110.Section 214 – Column in Section 214, Row 6, Seat 10.Section 215 – Column in Section 215, Row 6, Seat 5.Section 216 – Column in Section 216, Row 6, Seat 1.Section 217 – Column in Section 217, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 218 – Column in Section 218, Row 6, Seat 1.Section 218 – Column in Section 218, Row 6, Seat 20.Section 220 – Column in Section 220, Row 6, Seat 101.Section 221 – Column in Section 221, Row 6, Seat 19.Section 222 – Column in Section 222, Row 6, Seat 26.Section 223 – Column in Section 225, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 226 – Column in Section 226, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 227 – Column in Section 227, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 228 – Column in Section 228, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 229 – Column in Section 229, Row 6, Seat 2.Section 230 – Column in Section 230, Row 10, Seat 7.Section 231 – Column in Section 231, Row 16, Seat 4.Section 231 – Column in Section 231, Row 20, Seat 15.Section 221 – Right in front of a pillar.Section 210 – Worst seats I have ever had. – Worst seats I have ever had, especially if you are up high — I was in sec 213, row 21. I did not even feel like I was at the game at all. Totally enclosed by the roof and the overhead beams — can not see the scoreboard, the sky, or even fly balls. You just see a thin sliver of field. Even worse, the big columns block the pitcher, 1B, or the plate, depending on your seat. It would have been better to watch from home on TV. Section 205 – Clear infield views in rows 1-8 – While you need to consider the neighboring beams from rows below the beams themselves in aisles further down the line (202-204), in section 205 you begin to have a less extreme angle to the field. Section 206 – Less chance of obstructed views on the right side – Most views from seats higher than row 6 will have the risk of an obstructed view, but you can still find decent infield views if sitting in seat numbers 1-4 in rows 12 and lower. Without knowing the seat number prior to purchase, avoid rows 7 and higher whenever possible.

All Obstructed Seat Warnings

Know of obstructed seats? Help other fans and let us know!

Cubs Dugout & Visitor Dugout


Cubs Dugout – The Cubs players sit in front of 9, 10, 11 and 12Visitor Dugout – The visiting team sits in front of 23, 24, 25 and 26

To search tickets in these sections, select an event and apply the filter for home or visitor dugouts.

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Other Popular Seating Areas

More Seating Areas

Best Seats for Comfortable Viewing


When searching for a comfortable seat at Wrigley, we recommend sticking to the areas where you” have a good natural line of sight to the infield, and close access from the concourse.

Down the left field line fans can find some very good, and often affordable, options in the first 10 rows of Sections 202 and 204. Although near the foul pole, the seats are well angled at the infield minimizing the amount of head turning throughout the game. You” be close to the lower walkway and also have the sun at your back sooner than fans on the first base side.

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Just below, Sections 101-105 are similar options with good seating angles, but are closer to the field. Concourse access is always close by in these sections, and you again get to have the sun at your back earlier.

Another excellent option is Rows 1-6 in Sections 215-218 behind home plate. The seats keep you just steps away from the walkways and tunnels at the bottom, and have excellent straight away views from right behind the action. In the first 6 rows you will also be free of any of the 200 level viewing obstructions, while still getting good overhead coverage.

Rows 1-10 in Sections 203 and 204

Seats angled towards the infield for a comfortable viewWithin 10 rows of the lower walkwaySun at your back sooner than the 1st base side

Sections 102, 103 and 104

Never far from an entry tunnelGood viewing position with seats angled comfortably towards the infieldSun at the back during the afternoon

Rows 1-6 in Sections 215, 216, 217 and 218

Just a few rows from the concourse entry tunnelExcellent straight away views of the gameOverhead coverage without any viewing obstructions


Unlike some other ballparks, Wrigley Field doesn” have a dedicated family section, however there are some areas we recommend over others.

Along the third base line, Sections 210 and 212 are not far from the Cubs dugout, and also put you close to Clark” Clubhouse (home of the Cubs new mascot, found on the third base concourse ramp). Nearby you will also find a number of concession stands and a merchandise kiosk. Stick with seats in Rows 1 through 6 to be close to the entry tunnels at the bottom of the aisles and you” also avoid the viewing obstructions from the support beams. Seats here will be under cover of the upper deck, and get the sun at their back sooner.

Upper Deck Seating

On the upper deck there is a good concentration of concessions located behind the seats on both the first base and third base sides (Sections 312-309 and 321-324), along with both men” and women” restrooms. Seats nearby will make sure everyone in the family has something to choose from, and trips to the restrooms shouldn” require a very long walk. Seats in Sections 319-322 will have unobstructed views of the field and no more than 10 rows to walk to reach the seats, but do not have any overhead coverage. If you prefer more protection from the weather, consider the first 5 rows of Sections 423-425 where you will be under cover while staying close to the amenities (just be sure to avoid seats near the aisles which is where the viewing obstructions are most noticeable).

Bleachers Seating

While the Bleachers are among the best places for getting a game ball as a souvenir, we would recommend not bringing the kids out there as the Bleachers are known more for a party atmosphere and see the most sun during day games.

Rows 1-6 in Sections 208 and 209

Close to Clarks Clubhouse Overhead coverage from the upper deck aboveGood number of family friendly concessions nearby

Rows 1-5 in Sections 419R, 420R and 421R

Quick access to nearby concessions and restroomsGood overhead coverage and shade for summer day gamesBe sure to avoid seats close to the aisles as you may have obstructed views


Getting a ball at Wrigley Field has gotten a little harder with the addition of extended netting to protect fans from foul balls during the game. However some creativity and good placement can help you bring home a souvenir.

The front rows of Sections 9-12 and 23-26 keep you right up against the dugouts, where you not only have incredible views, but will also be remarkably close to the players. It used to be that you send the guys a few well placed compliments and a request or two, and you would get tossed a warm up ball over the roof of the dugout. Unfortunately, the home plate netting has extended in front of these sections. We have seen players pass balls under the netting but it is no longer as easy as it was before. For a ball between innings, the best place to be now is a few rows back in Sections 9, 12, 13, 22, 23, and 27 where the players typically pass by after the third out.

If it” a foul ball you” after, you” want to be in either Sections 108-106 (down the third base line), or Sections 127-130 (down the first base line). These seats are in prime territory for foul balls over the netting with very good views of the game to go along.

Getting a Home Run Ball

For a home run ball, the only option is out in the famous Wrigley Field Bleachers. Left center (below the new videoboard) is a hot spot for the big hitters, and if you can get a seat in the front row you” also have a chance to pick a long ball out of the baskets. The Bleachers are also a good option for getting tossed a ball after warm-ups between innings, so you also might want to stick close to the outfielders.

Sections 103, 104, 105 and 106

Prime foul ball territory down the third base lineWalk down near the Cubs dugout during pre-game warmups

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Sections 127, 128, 129 and 130

Prime foul ball territory down the first base lineWalk down near the visitors dugout during pre-game warmups


Left center is a hotspot for home runsSit near the outfielders for a chance at a warm-up ball


When it comes to impressing your guest at a Cubs game, the best options are all the brand new clubs that have been added at Wrigley Field in recent years. These include the 1914 Club, The W Club, Marker” Mark Barrel Room, and The Catalina Club. Most of these clubs have all-inclusive amenities including alcoholic drinks.

Outside of club seating, you can find undeniably unique experience in the first five rows behind the Cubs dugout in sections 9-12. Not only are the views of the field amazing from so close, you will also get some great face time with the Cubs players as they enter and exit the dugout.

Should you find yourself lucky enough to sit in the first 6 rows of Section 18, these seats have an amazing view from right behind home plate and are a part of the 1914 Club. Its also one the very best spots in the park to get yourself on the TV broadcast.

Cree Lighting Club

Although not as close to the players as other options, the Cree Lighting Club is another area where you will have no problem making a lasting impression on your guests. These seats are located on the Suite Level down the third base line, and offer a premium all-inclusive experience and are among the very best in luxury at Wrigley field. Finding single game tickets here is extremely rare, so we recommend acting fast if you find these seats available for purchase.

Rows 1-5 in Sections 9, 10, 11 and 12

As close it gets to the Cubs dugout – within just 5 rows!Great views of the players as they enter and exit between innings

Rows 1-7 in Sections 13, 14, 15 and 16

Access to the 1914 ClubComfortable seating with the best views of the game and fieldOne of the best spots for getting on TV during the game

Rows 1-2 in Sections 13 and 14

Incredible views of the Cubs hitters taking swings in the on deck circleFrom the first two rows you can even sneak a peek inside the Cubs dugout

Rows 1-2 in Sections 21 and 22

Incredible views of the visiting hitters taking swings in the on deck circleFrom the first two rows you can even sneak a peek inside the visitors dugout

Assurance Club

All-inclusive food and beverage with access to the luxurious climate controlled loungeWatch in the comfort of padded indoor/outdoor seatingTop shelf bar and full concierge service

Sections 315L, 316L, 317R and 318R

Home Plate viewsAll-inclusive food and beverage

Sections 308L, 309L, 310L and 311L

Lakefront buildings and Sheffield Ave rooftops in the backgroundGreat lines of sight to the iconic center field scoreboard and right field videoboard

Sections 408L, 409L, 410L and 411L

Lakefront buildings and Sheffield Ave rooftops in the backgroundGreat lines of sight to the iconic center field scoreboard and right field videoboardAvoid seats near the walkway aisles as these can have obstructed views

To search tickets in these seats, select an event and apply the filter labeled Neighborhood Views.

Best Seats for Partying and Socializing


For those looking for a social outing at Wrigley Field, the Bleachers are absolutely the place to be. Known for years as the top spot among party goers at the ballpark, the Bleachers are an ideal option for soaking in the sun and the suds. And as a general admission seating area during the regular season, there are a few different options for where you might want to be.

Left Field is the better option for snagging a home run ball, and while you can find smaller seating areas near the foul pole to make it easier to move from the seats to the beer stands, it also means less fans nearby to mix it up with.

In Center Field you can sit either in the lower or upper portion. Lower center bleacher seats are the most convenient options for grabbing that next round of beverages as you” be right by the vendor stands, and very close to Platform 14 behind the iconic Wrigley scoreboard. You won” see many home run balls land nearby and viewing the video boards is difficult, but all that shouldn” matter as you come here to party it up!

Right Field is a great choice for an energetic outing at Wrigley. Large seating areas leave you with a lot of neighbors, and unlike left field which has the Porch located above the seats (reserved for private groups), right field has standing rail above the seats – prime real estate for a party atmosphere at the ballpark.

If you can get to Wrigley early enough, a seat in the front row of the bleachers is always a good time. You can lean up against the small wall just in front, reach for a home run ball if it lands in the baskets, and heckle the opposing outfielders.


Legendary for enjoying a few beers and soaking up the sunGeneral admission seating during the regular season lets you pick your own spotClose access to unique food and beverage at Platform 14 behind center field

If you” at Wrigley to cheer on the visitors, there are a number of excellent options which keep you right by your favorite players.

Often the best place for a visiting team fan to sit is right behind the dugout, however these seats also come with a higher price tag. Sections 23 through 27 put you right by the dugout, offering impressive sights of the team running on and off the diamond. While the new protective netting has separated players and fans a bit more, be sure to wear your best visiting team gear sitting in these seats and you may still be able to get a souvenir.

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Sitting in the 1914 Club

Some of the most expensive, but most impressive seats for a visiting team supporter are in the first seven rows of Section 22. These seats are within just a few rows of the field and part of the 1914 Club which has some of the best amenities Wrigley Field has to offer. Beyond that these seats have absolutely stunning views of the on deck circle and batter” box. After crossing home plate, it feels as if the players are coming right at you as they make their way back to the bench. At the very front of Section 22 (Rows 1 and 2) you can even see right into the dugout.

Visiting Fans in the Bleachers

And then there are the Bleachers, a hallmark of Wrigley Field which provides a unique experience unlike any other in the ballpark. The party atmosphere is second to none, and its a great opportunity to catch a home run ball, but visiting fans should be prepared to throw a long ball back if it doesn” come off of a Cubs bat. Bring your thick skin if rooting for the visitors, as you are sure to get some heckles from the Chicago faithful sitting nearby.

Rows 1-5 in Sections 23, 24, 25 and 26

No more than 5 rows behind the visitors dugout!Close up views of the visiting team as they enter and exit the dugout between innings

Rows 1-4 in Sections 21 and 22

Directly beside the visitors dugoutVisiting players pass right in front after crossing home plateAmazing view of the visitors on-deck circle


The most well known seating area at Wrigley FieldLegendary party atmosphere with unique general admission seatingBe prepared to get heckled when cheering for the visiting team

Baseball purists will find some of the best spots for watching a game at Wrigley in upper rows of the Field Box (100 Level) seats. Close views and near perfect seating height are a big plus, and the smaller sections with entry tunnels both above and below the aisles ensure less time away from the game.

Opt for seats in Rows 10 and higher in Sections 110 through 115 for amazing views on the third base line. Though they are behind the extended netting, these seats are close to the Cubs dugout and offer beautiful views of the entire playing field. On the first base side, Sections 123-127 offer a similar experience in Rows 10 and higher for those who want to be closer to the visitor dugout.

Best Home Plate Views

For those looking for that scout style view (right behind home plate), Rows 10 and above in Sections 115 through 120 are an excellent choice. You will be behind the netting from here, but will have a great vantage point for watching the entire field. Additional bonuses include straight away views of the scoreboard and good angles to both video boards.

So why Rows 10 and higher? Not only will you be closer to the upper entry tunnels and have a great viewing height, but you” also be up enough to see over fans passing by in the walkway at the bottom of the aisle.

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However if the budget doesn” allow for a lower level seat, there are still some good options to consider on Wrigley Field” upper deck. The last 5 rows of Sections 310-314 (Rows 4 and higher) are some of the best from the upper tier thanks to the great positioning near home plate, and will keep you far up enough where the front railing doesn” impact your view. Sections 319-323 offer similar benefits in Rows 6 and higher, and they are near the visitors dugout. These upper tier options are all very close to the entry tunnels as well, making for quicker trips away from your seats.

Rows 10-15 in Sections 108, 109, 110 and 111

Excellent viewing height while staying close to the fieldWell above the lower walkway where views can get obstructed by foot traffic

Rows 10-15 in Sections 116, 117 and 118

Great seating height with views from right behind home plateViews are clear of the foot traffic on the lower walkwayPerfect viewing angle to the scoreboard, and great angles to both videoboards

Rows 4-8 in Sections 316L, 317R, 318R and 319R

Good straight away views from behind home plate on the upper deckHigher in the section to prevent the front railing from impacting the viewAccess to the Catalinia Club

Rows 6-10 in Sections 310L, 311L and 312L

Straight away views of the pitchers mound and middle of the infieldCloser to the Cubs dugout on the upper deckNo more than 5 rows from the entry walkway for quick trips to and from the concourse

Rows 6-10 in Sections 323R, 324R and 326R

Good head on views of the pitchers mound and the middle of the infieldCloser to the visiting team dugout on the upper deckEntry tunnels are no more than 5 rows away for quicker trips to the concourse

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