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Mixed martial arts is spreading like wildfire, and it”s evident in the UFC”s expansion throughout the world. Not long ago, MMA had a couple of main hot spots in the United States, Brazil and Japan, among other places.MMA outreach has become rapid, spreading to places that are now MMA-crazy. The sport has blown up, with fighters looking to make their way in the MMA world.For four days this week, we are going to examine four of the newest hot spots in MMA. These are places where prospects and stars are starting to pop up, and they have a chance to provide great talent to the sport. We have chosen Ireland, Poland, Mexico and Russia for this series, as they seem to be the biggest hot spots right now.Russia may be the hottest of spots for talent in MMA right now, as it has a mixture of seasoned vets and super prospects. It was almost impossible to narrow them down because there is so much talent, but we settled on 15 for right now.Here are those 15 prospects this MMA hot spot could send to the UFC soon.

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Weight Class: Lightweight

Record: 16-1

Gym: Fight Nights Team

A veteran of Bellator and a member of the Fight Nights team in Russia, Murad Machaev should have a foot up on most of Russia”s talent pool right now. Fight Nights has provided some good talent to the UFC.

Machaev, known as “Strangler,” has just one discrepancy in his 17-fight career against Marcin Held, something he shouldn”t be ashamed of. He is a terror on the ground and lives up to his nickname, having incredible chokes and an overall scrappy ground game.

He fights Saturday in Russia against Islam Begidov, which means he has another chance to show off for the UFC in an attempt to snag a contract.

Weight Class: Welterweight

Record: 32-7

Gym: Fight Club Berkut

Beslan Isaev has jumped onto many MMA fans radars recently because of his wrecking of Cody McKenzie with a violent knee strike. That attention is warranted, as he is a devastating striker who is a well-rounded fighter from Grozny.

Isaev has consistently faced tough competition overseas, from guys like McKenzie to Jose Gomes to Xavier Foupa-Pokam. For the most part he has passed with flying colors, owning a high finishing rate and doing that in brutal fashion.

When he”s not knocking your block off with a brutal punch or a violent kick/knee, he”s finding a way to strangle the life out of you. Just know stepping in the cage with Isaev that you will be sore tomorrow.

Weight Class: Featherweight

Record: 13-1

Gym: Krepost Fight Club

Oleg Borisov has been one of the Russian fighters who have kind of flown under the radar of bigger names, but rest assured, he is nobody to play around with. He”s built like a tank and has the firepower to accompany it.

Borisov has won 11 straight fights and has beaten up any man who has tried to challenge him. He has sledgehammers for firsts and extreme power, which allows him to scramble brains on command.

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Like Machaev, Borisov has a chance to continue showing his rough brand of fighting Saturday. He fights undefeated Beslan Afoshagov in a bout that could push him toward the front of the line in terms of Russian priorities the UFC should ink.

Weight Class: Welterweight

Record: 11-0-1

Gym: Fight Nights Team

Another member of the Fight Nights Team, 23-year-old Marif Piraev goes by the nickname “Piranha” and for good reason. He is a finisher; once he smells blood in the water, he goes for the quick kill.

Piraev is young but has a high finishing rate and success in the cage thus far. He has stayed active the last couple of years, gaining much-needed experience and seasoning along the way.

Like the aforementioned Machaev and Borisov, Piraev will also be competing Saturday against Kirill Sukhomlinov. He will be at an experience disadvantage, but he overcomes his opponent this weekend with his skills.

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Record: 9-0

Gym: Barbarians Fight Team

Look at a picture of Aleksei Butorin. His sheer size and girth should be a forewarning not to mess with this violent, brute.

Fighting out of St. Petersburg, Butorin has dominated since coming onto the scene, running a perfect 9-0 record. He has yet to go to a decision in that time, as the striker prefers to beat opponents senseless with his precise, powerful striking.

With the UFC in need of new bodies at 205 pounds, it”s almost a foregone conclusion that it should give this man a contract. He has the ability to wreak havoc in the light heavyweight division.

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Record: 15-4

Gym: Academy MMA

Speaking of light heavyweights the UFC have to keep an eye on, Abdul-Kerim Edilov is another one, as the young Russian is continually getting better and has big days ahead of him. He is just 23 years old and has the makings of a future star of the division. 

The front end of his career was a little less consistent, as Edilov was getting his feet under him and taking in experience. However, since his last loss, this skilled fighter has won nine straight, all of which have come by knockout or submission.

There”s nothing to dislike about this kid. He has decent size (6″3″) for the division, is exciting and has killer instinct. What else could you want?

Weight Class: Flyweight

Record: 9-0

Gym: Crossfight

Outside of Ali Bagautinov, there aren”t many flyweights from Russia, nonetheless elite ones. The exception to that is Magomed Bibulatov, a skilled 26-year-old Chechen with immense power for his size.

A grappler by trade, Bibulatov is efficient in getting opponents down quickly and brutally pummeling on them like a pinata. His raw power and brutality could make him an attraction at flyweight, a division that many don”t associate with big-time power.

His nickname is “Gladiator,” and he lives up to it. He conquers his opponents with seeming ease and is rarely ever in trouble, something that would make him a commodity at 125 pounds. 

Weight Class: Heavyweight

Record: 13-4

Gym: Sambo Piter

Russia is good for divisions that the UFC is lacking in like light heavyweight and heavyweight. Denis Goltsov is one of those fighters who could truly add depth to those shallow pools of talent.

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Though he is a smaller heavyweight at between 225 and 230 pounds, Goltsov fights like a bigger man. He might have to move to 205, but seeing as he is riding an eight-fight surge at heavyweight, maybe his more compact body allows him to bank on his quickness and agility against slower, plodding opponents. 

Goltsov will be back in action next month when he fights kickboxer and Bellator vet Peter Graham. Another impressive showing could certainly sound alarms on the UFC radar. 

Weight Class: Middleweight

Record: 18-1

Gym: Alexander Nevsky Club

You don”t run an 18-1 record as a professional mixed martial artist fighting scrubs. OK, you definitely can, but that is not the case with Anatoly Tokov, who is one of the brightest talents coming from that region right now.

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The middleweight is a physical specimen with huge knockout power and the submission chops to match. His most recent fights have seen him beat better competition, but seeing that he”s on an 11-fight win streak, all of his wins have been impressive.

Tokov is another one of these fighters who will be competing this weekend when he takes on tough Pole Adam Zajac. Given the lack of middleweight prospects in the world and that Tokov has been making waves overseas, a ticket punching to the UFC could be in order with a victory. 

Weight Class: Welterweight

Record: 9-1

Gym: Fight Club Number 1

A 23-year-old Russian who hasn”t lost since his debut, putting him on a nine-fight win streak? Sign me up, especially considering the young Eduard Vartanyan is a busy fighter who looks better and better every fight.

Vartanyan has taken eight fights in the last two years, showing that he is not a big fan of taking time off. He has fought good opposition as well, proving that he may be ready to take the leap to big leagues.

He definitely has time, but Vartanyan is a blue-chipper that the UFC needs to keep an eye on. With his rate of development, he could be a star in no time, especially with his exciting brand of fighting.

Weight Class: Light Heavyweight

Record: 18-6

Gym: Strong Style Fight Team

If there is a light heavyweight not signed by one of the big three MMA promotions who is ready for the big show, it”s probably Maxim Grishin. He”s a well-traveled veteran who has fought some solid talent to great success.

In addition to beating former Bellator heavyweight champ Alexander Volkov, Grishin has defeated UFC veterans Trevor Prangley, Rodney Wallace and Mario Miranda. He is also a proficient finisher, as the striker puts away most of his victims via knockout.

It”s like beating a dead horse, but adding Grishin to a thin light heavyweight roster would be beneficial for both the Russian and the UFC. He could be a good piece to the UFC”s puzzle right now.

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Weight Class: Welterweight

Record: 13-1

Gym: K Dojo Warrior Tribe

Given his skill and overall achievement thus far, it”s kind of surprising how Khusein Khaliev has remained under the radar. He”s an absolute savage with a bright future ahead of him.

A finisher like many others on this list, Khaliev is notorious for his brutal submission arsenal. While his chokes are good, it”s his arm and leg locks that have caused many victories.

He has been training in the United States recently and could be looking to make headroom with a major promotion. He has all the tools to be a terror at 170 pounds for years to come.

Weight Class: Welterweight

Record: 26-3-1

Gym: Champion

A native of Dagestan, Shamil Zavurov is just one of many prospects from that region who are making waves in MMA right now. He has been a pro since 2004 and has long been coveted by MMA fans to jump to a major MMA promotion.

With 30 fights under his belt, Zavurov offers a ton of experience and seasoning that complement his rounded skill set. That skill set has carried him in his biggest victories, which include names such as Juha-Pekka Vainikainen, Yasubey Enomoto, Tom Gallicchio and Abner Lloveras.

He”s a welterweight who could fight at lightweight. Regardless of his division, he could add a talented body to wherever weight calls he calls home.

Weight Class: Lightweight

Record: 15-3

Gym: Fight Club Berkut

A guy who has stormed onto the scene in recent years, Musa Khamanaev has consistently been one of the best fighters from the Russian MMA scene. He should be a highly sought-after commodity.

Khamanaev has one-punch knockout power and a good submission arsenal. That skill set has carried him throughout his career and in his current seven-fight win streak, which has seen him beat Eric Reynolds, Niko Puhakka and Bellator contender Daniel Weichel.

His rave reviews, reputation and overall ability are enough to warrant a shot in the UFC. He could follow in the footsteps of countrymen like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Rustam Khabilov, who have taken the company by storm.

Weight Class: Middleweight

Record: 26-2

Gym: FightSpirit Team

Why Bellator ever let Vyacheslav Vasilevsky walk away, I”ll never know. He”s a world-renowned middleweight with world-class skills who could add legitimacy to any promotion”s 185-pound class.

His striking is powerful, his ground game is refined, and his overall ability to finish bouts before the judges get involved is elite. Add to that the fact he has wins over Ramazan Emeev, Trevor Prangley, Victor O”Donnell, Tomasz Narkun, Xavier Foupa-Pokam and Maiquel Falcao, and you have a guy who is proven against top-level competition.

He rematches Emeev in his next bout in an anticipated fight pitting two of the best middleweights against each other. If Vasilevsky manages another victory over the skilled Emeev, there is no doubt he should get a call from Joe Silva.

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