Best Restaurants In Napa Valley Yelp, Top 10 Best Restaurants Downtown In Napa, Ca

“This place was recommended to us by 2 different people at wineries, so we thought we had to check it out. A fairly small space with a bar ambiance and communal seating with a handful…” more

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“I went here for a work function. Having never heard of it I wasn't sure what to expect but my colleagues usually pick some good stuff so I was excited. As we pulled up it looked more like my grandmas house (in a…” more


“One of the best tapas restaurants I've tried. They were really busy the day we stopped in. The orders were a little slow coming out but we'll worth the wait.…” more


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“We had an amazing dinner here during our trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma. FARM is a beautiful restaurant located in a hotel resort in the beautiful Carneros…” more

“It's our second time back at Ristorante Allegria and wow–the pappardelle does not disappoint. Every member of our party had a great time, the service was…” more

“Do not make a reservation with them. I had an emergency pop up on the day of my reservation and they charged me $50 to cancel. That is a really terrible way to…” more

“It seems impossible that my last Bottega review was in 2012. How? Talk about an influential restaurant with longevity! I have been dining in since 2010.…” more

“I'm not from the US but it must have been in the late 90s that I read something or other, and Mustards was at the center of discussion. Since then, I've been…” more

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“In one sentence, don't step out of this place without trying the Cassoulet. The dish is creamy from the butter beans, PACKED with smoky flavor from the pork…” more

“Came here for a girls brunch to start our wine weekend, did not disappoint for our first meal! We mainly ordered appetizers and sides, but they were all…” more

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“This must be the PF Chang of Japanese food. One thing in common at this place ..the chef made sure to kill everything 3 times.Duck fat fried rice….my…” more

“I give this place a 5 star rating. My wife and I celebrated our 13th anniversary by having dinner at Gaucho. We had never been here, so had no idea what to expect except from reviews…” more

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