Best Ram For 6700K ? Best Ram Speed For Skylake 6700K

Sorry if this question is dumb I am not great with this stuff. I keep reading that these CPUs only support up to 2133 MHz. Is there a reason to buy RAM higher than that? I see alot of 3000 and 3200 MHz RAM out there.

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2133MHz is the baseline clock for DDR4, anything higher counts as overclocked RAM and therefore not 'officially' supported.

Higher clocked RAM can give a slight FPS boost (we're talking single digits here) and as long as your motherboard supports the speeds they should work just fine.

However it's a negligible performance difference so it's not really worth it.

We have to say also that not all CPUs are able to set XMP in a stable way since IMC can't guarantee 100% compatibility like Phreec suggest. In my experience, I suggest to not push over 2666 that is also a good compromise between freq and latency.

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To support higher than 2133 you have to let the BIOS know it's over clocked RAM. Faster RAM isn't widely useful but games are finally starting to utilize it. You'll see a 10-15% FPS increase in some maxed out games going from 2133 to 3200. You'll see no performance gain in others. You'll also double your costs.

It's good to note that the benefits are marginal. The FPS improvement per Dollar is much better for GPU and CPU upgrades.

I feel like a good balance is to pick lower latency versions of RAM that isn't clocked at such a high speed. Yes, higher speed RAM will generally have demonstrably better bandwidth but CL12 2133 will also be a good bit faster than CL14 2133 without needing a clock speed increase and the cost might be less than the higher speed modules.

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Can you explain to a simple person why CL12 is better than CL14. It looks like all the new ram I am seeing has a higher CL number.

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