Best Quotes From The Wire Quotes In 2020!, What Are The Best Quotes From The Wire

 “The bigger the lie, the more they believe.”

Since it”s inception, HBO has been the gold standard for innovative storytelling with shows such as The Sopranos and Game Of Thrones. Perhaps the shiniest jewel in HBO”s crown is their epic crime series The Wire. If you”ve seen it, there”s a very good chance it”s one of your favourite ever shows and with good reason.

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Inspired by creator David Simon”s time as a crime reporter, the show began as a study of the cerebral game of cops and robbers in Baltimore”s criminal underworld before expanding into an study of the city, it”s inhabitants and life itself. Over five seasons and sixty episodes The Wire explored everything from addiction in the streets, frustration in the police service, corruption in City Hall, the hopelessness of the US school system and the erosion of the American working class.

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While the show”s drama chops are undeniable, it”s the cast of colourful characters and their insights into the human condition that leaves the greatest impression. Here”s a few examples of the wit and wisdom of some of Baltimore”s finest….

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“Do what you feel! But you best be prepared to finish what you start!”



“Don”t matter who did what to who at this point. Fact is, we went to war, and now there ain”t no going back. I mean, it”s what war is, you know? Once you in it, you in it. If it”s a lie, then we fight on that lie. But we gotta fight.”

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“A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It”s what happens while you”re waiting for moments that never come.”



“The bigger the lie, the more they believe.”





MCNULTY: You know what they call a guy who pays that much attention to his clothes, don’t you?THE BUNK: Mmm-hmmm. A grown up.

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