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Hi, old wow player giving legion a go and this time around i will not join the top tier guild and go ham, clear all content in 2weeks then got bored and quit for 1year as i have done last 3 expansions…..

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This time around i will focus on the PvP insted! so im looking towards the healer aspect of PvP this time around.

So far my plans are Druid, could someone who have done pvp in WOD / PTR-Legion give me a reason why not, or why some other class might be good aswell ?

Like some Pros/Cons on the diff speccs?

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Whichever spec has the better tuning numbers and PvP talent adjustments on release day.
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He's not asking “who's the stonkest” he wants to know why people like the healers and the basic feel of each spec will pretty much stay the same. This is definitely a answerable question.

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I played disc priest, hpal and mw monk throughout WoD pvp. I recently started playing a resto druid while getting ready for Legion. I'll give you a little info on why I do/don't like each class:


Pros: SHIELDS! So many shields, and penance is a great spell for doing dmg. Overall, I liked disc because of the mobility that priests have with angelic feather and the decent amount of damage you can do with Holy Fire/Shadow Word Pain/Smite.

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Cons: Can be very squishy, you get focused a lot, like more than any of the other healers I played, and unless you blow all CDs on yourself, you're probably going to die.


Pros: Paladins in general are just very strong right now, but holy is ridiculous. It's like they took a DPS class and said, let's give you a bunch of heal spells too! Main pros are – bubble, denounce, SHITTONS of dmg output

Cons: Pally's can be a tricky class. Once you blow your bubble, you've lost most of your defense, so it can be hard to stay alive after that. Overall, their single target healing is great, but when doing RBGs it was difficult for me to heal the raid (might just be user error, idk)


Pros: holy shit this is hands down the most fun healer to play. You get a don't die shield that's only on a 45 second cd. You have hots and direct heals, but what I think makes them most fun is their mobility. MW monks are the most mobile healer, hands down, and that makes for some super fun and annoying (to the other team) gameplay.

Cons: Seems like they don't heal as much as other classes, even when fully geared. If you do get locked down, which can happen, you're pretty much dead. You can delay the inevitable with your caccoon, but if it's down and you can't get a way, kiss your HP good bye. You wear leather, so, yeah…

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Pros: also a very mobile class, and personally, i love hots. You can just apply them and then forget about that person until the hots run out. To me, this gameplay style is pretty cool, because you can output a shit ton of healing on numerous players at once. Druids are top tier PVP healers with paladins.

Cons: Only 1 direct healing spell and it's a 2 second cast with no haste. THis can be a problem, especially if you get nature locked. This leads in to their playstyle. Druid playstyle can be hard if you're used to something like an hpal. It's a lot more running around, LoS and just applying HoTs. Sure you can use healing touch, but you're likely to get locked up if you stand still for 2 seconds. So, it can be something that people either love or hate, because you just end up running around the whole time and not directly attacking the enemy.

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Cons:Out of the healers I've played, it felt like druids had the least amount of dmg output as the other healers, but that might be my gear deficet, as i just started playing this class.

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