Best pvp fusion rifle

Fusion Rifles are surprisingly powerful in Destiny 2. Whether you primary PvE or PvP, you"ll desire a couple of Fusion Rifles in your arsenal.

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Fusion Rifles are Destiny"s take on power weapons, firing a burst of power after a brief wind-up time. These tools might have longer ranges than Shotfirearms, however Fusion Rifles are hardly ever viewed in PvE or PvP content.

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These weapons can not be as simple to usage as many Special weapons, however Fusion Rifles sell a playstyle that no various other weapon have the right to offer. Thanks to its unique perks and also Exotics, Fusion Rifles are excellent tools to usage against majors, a lot of bosses, and also feature as solid holdout weapons in Crucible. Here are the best Fusion Rifles players have to have actually in Destiny 2.

Updated May 28th, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Seakid of the Splicer has actually offered Fusion Rifles a noticeable array buff. These weapons have now come to be a solid means of countering Shotgun rushers in PvP and also clearing out waves of opponents in PvE. Fusion Rifles additionally saw the rerevolve of the Reservior Burst perk, a fan-favorite that originated from Loaded Inquiry. Whether you love vooping enemies in PvE or PvP, these ten tools are worth using.


Destiny 2 Techeun Force Fusion Rifle
How to obtain: Last Wish raid.

Techeun Force is the only Special weapon in Destiny 2 that deserve to roll through Kill Clip and also Ramweb page simultaneously. When both perks are energetic, this weapon becomes a monstrous weapon for clearing out majors and also even bosses.

As fun as that sounds, it"s rather tough to store both perks up for even more than a couple of secs. Other perks for this weapon incorporate Under Pressure and also High-Impact Reserves, making it a solid Special weapon for PvP players. Techeun Force could not be the strongest Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2, yet its unique ability to roll via two damages perks simultaneously makes it a blast to use in PvE. Crucible players will certainly likely favor a High-Impact Frame or Telesto.

Recommfinished Traits:

Shaft One: Kill Clip, Under Pressure (PvP) Column Two: High-Impact Reserves (PvP), Ramweb page (PvE), Rangefinder (PvP)

9 Vex Mythoclast

Destiny 2 Vex Mythoclast
How to obtain: Vault of Glass rassist.

Destiny"s first rassist Exotic has made its method to Destiny 2. Awarded from the Vault of Glass rassist, Vex Mythoclast stands as a unique hybrid between a Fusion Rifle and a Liclose to Fusion Rifle that uses Main ammo.

Vex Mythoclast shares the same charge mechanic that Tarrabah offers, approving charges in the direction of a supercharged mode as you acquire kills. In Vex"s instance, the gun needs six stacks of Overcharged prior to it transforms right into a Liclose to Fusion Rifle for the following 3 shots. Each round from the LFR mode deals a surprising amount of damages, dealing slightly much less damages than Arbalest. This provides Vex Mythoclast a solid workhorse weapon versus red and also oarray bar enemies. If you deserve to get a Charged through Light construct for this gun, it becomes good as a hybrid Primary/Special weapon for PvE. Just be mindful that Vex Mythoclast also shares Tarrabah"s mechanic of shedding all stacks once you swap tools.

Unfortunately, Vex Mythoclast have to be avoided by many PvP players. It has a horrendous reliable variety of 21.5 meters, a range stat that"s on par through excellent SMGs and the majority of Auto Rifles. Vex"s time to kill isn"t enough to complete through those weapons. If you deserve to repeatedly land also two kills with this gun to activate its Overcharge mode, you can uncover success through this gun in 6v6 modes. For competitive PvP, Vex Mythoclast isn"t solid sufficient to contend via the existing meta.

Destiny 2 1K Voices
How to obtain: Drops from the last enrespond to chests in the Last Wish rassist. It has actually an escalating opportunity of dropping.

Have you ever before wanted to fire a focused beam of explosive fatality at your enemies? If so, One Thousand Voices has you spanned. As Destiny 2"s only Heavy Fusion Rifle, it packs one hell of a punch.

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This weapon fires a beam of energy for a 2nd, exploding multiple times quickly afterward. Players can conveniently aim in between targets in the middle of the beam firing, providing this weapon an absurd amount of add clear. Crafty Guardians have the right to make this weapon generate Warmind Cells by making use of the Wrath of Rasputin mod. You deserve to also usage Fusion Rifle Finder mods to spawn Heavy bricks for One Thousand also Voices after a collection variety of kills.

With how effective this weapon is, why isn"t One Thousand also Voices our number one pick? Well, it"s a Heavy weapon, for starters. Players will need to sacrifice both their Exotic and also Heavy slots for a weapon that has excellent add clear but mediocre single target DPS. Its reliance on Heavy ammo means it"s rarely offered in PvP, making it not worth the Exotic slot in that sandbox. In PvE, One Thousand Voices is an underrated gem.

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7 Trinary System

Destiny 2 Trinary System Fusion Rifle
How to obtain: Gambit matches and also Engrams.

Obtained from Gambit matches, Trinary System is among the only non-suncollection Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifles left in Destiny 2. This archetype has never before been particularly excellent in PvE or PvP, yet Trinary System does not abide by the status quo.

With a whopping 24 traits to roll from, Trinary System has among the a lot of functional perk pools out of any kind of Fusion Rifle. Firmly Planted and Tap the Trigger makes this weapon a beast in PvP for those that have the right to get supplied to sliding. If you just play PvE, this is the just various other Fusion Rifle besides Coriolis Force that deserve to roll through One for All, drastically improving this weapon"s damage output. Pair One for All with Feeding Frenzy to make a destructive workequine weapon. Every single perk combination that renders a Fusion Rifle great can roll on this weapon.

Recommended Traits:

Pillar One: Firmly Planted (PvP), Feeding Frenzy (PvE), Killing Wind Pillar Two: Tap the Trigger (PvP), Swashbuckler, One for All (PvE)
How to obtain: Trials of Osiris matches and also Engrams.

For clarity, this entry refers to the Seachild of the Chosen variant of Exile"s Curse, not the variation from Worthy to Hunt. This particular variation has a brand-new perk pool that has actually given Exile"s Curse a more distinct identity.

Do not be fooled by Exile"s Curse"s base stats. While this weapon seems unworkable from a stats perspective, Exile"s Curse has actually some of the the majority of powerful perks a Fusion Rifle deserve to roll via for PvP.

Slideswarm and also Kickstart is an absurd combicountry, providing you a enormous boost to stcapability, variety, damage, and charge rate whenever before you slide. In significance, Exile"s Curse turns right into a Shotgun via a modeprice delay before firing, disintegrating targets from well beyond Shotgun ranges. Perks choose Quickattract and Back-up Plan have the right to roll on this weapon for Guardians that reap making use of Fusion Rifles as a respond to to aggressive players. There are much better Fusion Rifles for PvE, yet it"s tough to discover a Fusion Rifle that lets you gain away via being this aggressive.

Recommended Traits:

Column One: Slideswarm (PvP), Killing Wind Obelisk Two: Kickstart, High-Impact Reserves, Vorpal Weapon

5 Jotunn

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. It expenses 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Microphasic Datalattice, and also 1 Ascendant Stough.

Jotunn is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that fires tracking Solar projectiles, instantly killing Guardians and most PvE enemies achoose. It could look more prefer a toaster than a Fusion Rifle, yet this weapon packs a serious punch.

After a long charge time, this weapon fires a slow-moving projectile that kills nearly eextremely non-boss opponent in a solitary blast. If the target lives, a burn DoT is applied to keep the damage going. Jotunn can not deal enough damages to use in pinnacle PvE content, yet its ease of usage makes it a staple Exotic for some Crucible players. Set your sights on a targain, fire a projectile, then wait for the firebevery one of death to make call. From 6v6 Control to Trials of Osiris, Jotunn is a disastrous pick.

How to obtain: Earn packeras throughout The Dawning.

Bungie can"t fool the community; this gun is Erentil FR4 with some accessories attached to the barrel. It has actually equivalent stats to Erentil, is component of the exact same High-Impact archeform, and even rolls through perks that made Erentil so significant.

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While it can not roll with scopes, Glacioclasm still maintains the exact same degree of accuracy and lethality as its Year 2 counterpart. Under Pressure and High-Impact Reserves permits this weapon to kill enemies from hilariously long ranges in PvP. If you"re an extra aggressive player, think about a roll through Killing Wind and Swashbuckler. Kills will ramp up your selection and damages output, enabling this weapon to shutdown Supers with ease. It"s not a poor weapon in PvE either.

Recommended Traits:

Column One: Killing Wind, Under Pressure (PvP), Slideshot (PvP) Column Two: High-Impact Reserves (PvP), Swashbuckler

3 Plug One.1

How to obtain: Nightloss reward (rotates weekly).

Plug One.1 is just one of the finest PvE Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2. It"s one of the only Fusion Rifles via Reservoir Burst, a perk initially found on Loaded Concern. The first shot of your Fusion Rifle will certainly deal raised damages and reason beat targets to explode, making it a fantastic weapon for clearing red bars and majors achoose.

Unchoose Loaded Inquiry, it"s possible to chain Reservior Burst with each kill by using the Bottomless Grief perk. So long as you"re the only member of your fireteam, this weapon will certainly automatically repack itself after eextremely kill, enabling you to chain Reservior Burst. Alternatively, you can just usage Feeding Frenzy.

If you sophisticated PvP, Plug One.1 is surprisingly excellent versus Guardians. It can roll via Heating Up and Kickbegin, allowing you to play quite aggressively with this weapon while maintaining good accuracy. Killing Wind and also Back-up Plan likewise make for a solid panic weapon when you obtain ruburned by a Shotgun user. Overall, Plug One.1 is among the finest Fusion Rifles in Destiny 2, provided you"re qualified of farming Nightdrops for a great roll.

Recommended Traits:

Obelisk One: Feeding Frenzy, Heating Up (PvP), Killing Wind (PvP), Bottomless Grief (PvE) Pillar Two: Reservoir Burst (PvE), Kickbegin, Backup Plan (PvP)
How to obtain: Exotic Engrams uncovered via Xur or world drops.

Telesto fans frequently speak to it the "besto" of Fusion Rifles, and also they have actually a point. Telesto is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that, once it"s not breaking Destiny 2 in some obscure way, stands as among the ideal Special tools in the game.

This is thanks to its Exotic perk causing Telesto to fire Void projectiles that stick to objects. While it have the right to be provided as a typical Fusion, it deserve to additionally create traps in PvP or turn a player right into a walking bomb in PvE. Its potential for mayhem is endmuch less and also is certainly worth the Exotic slot. Telesto can additionally spawn Warmind Cells if you usage this season"s Warmind"s Decree Artireality mod, turning Telesto right into an S-tier PvE weapon.

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1 Bastion

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. It prices 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Etheric Spirals, and 1 Ascendant Sdifficult.

Many type of members of the Destiny 2 community vastly underestimate Bastion. Supposedly the player character"s favorite weapon, according to Saint-14, Bastion is a competitor for among the finest PvP Exotics in Destiny 2.

Damage falloff on Bastion starts at approximately 20 meters, which is a lot even more than a lot of Fusions. Instead of firing one burst, Bastion fires 3 in quick succession. The amount of damages this weapon does per shot is enough to shutdown Supers and also any kind of Shotgun rusher. If players want to make this weapon a true terror, pair it via an Empowering Rift via Lunafactivity Boots to organize dvery own an objective. It"s a powerresidence in Trials of Osiris and also Competitive Crucible. It can not be the finest Fusion Rifle for PvE, but this weapon is so solid in PvP that it had to take the top spot on this list.

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