Best Prom Looks 2016 – 3 Best Prom Looks For 2016

Over the years, proms have gotten more and more extravagant. With incredibly intricate prom proposals to over-the-top gowns, it”s definitely come a long way since my days in the “00s. Sometimes, though, less is more, as 2016″s most popular prom dress proves. According to Lyst”s findings reported to Fashionista, the most popular prom dress style is a simple, flowing, boho dream. It”s certainly not the glamorous, beaded look you”ve seen in the past. Instead, prom dress trends seem to be moving in a more simple direction, and personally, I think it”s gorgeous.

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Prom dresses have truly come a long way. Trends like duct tape dresses and spaghetti straps are definitely a thing of the past. Instead, fun and funky designs like crop top prom sets seem to be a major trend, and the sparkling, bejeweled dresses that have always been a traditional staple at prom do seems to still be having a moment. In today”s world of prom dresses, though, it does appear as though there are no limits on what you can wear.

Another trend in prom dresses? Online shopping, Lyst noted. While many women still choose to visit formal wear salons to make their purchase, many seem to be turning to the Internet for their gown. If you”re careful and have sound advice on how to online shop, snagging a dress online is a breeze, and that”s seemingly what”s led to 2016″s most popular prom dress: a frock purchased online from ASOS.


Needle & Thread Pink Strappy Backless Tulle Embellished Maxi Dress, $300, Lyst

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The most sought after prom dress is an affordable $300 purchase from brand Needle & Thread. According to Fashionista, women are spending upwards of $720 on their prom gowns, making this flowing, bohemian style frock a total steal in comparison. The site also explains that major fashion brands like Halston and Marchesa make up some of the top searches for prom dresses. Basically, a $300 dress is a bargain in comparison to some of the cash being dropped.


Needle & Thread Pink Strappy Backless Tulle Embellished Maxi Dress, $300, Lyst

While this most affordable dress should definitely be on your list for potential dress, one of the most terrifying things for women attending prom is the fear of rocking the same gown as someone else. So, if you love the look of this flowing frock, you”ll love these alternatives.

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Strapless Chiffon Prom Dress with Beaded Sash, $109.95, David”s Bridal

A little detailing on the sash, same sweet color, but without the straps. Perfect if you want to go strapless.

Short & Sweet


Needle & Thread Beaded Tulle Fit & Flare Dress, $369, Nordstrom

It”s no wonder this dress is such a great alternative. It”s by the same brand, but it”s got a super fun shortened hem perfect for dancing.

Spaghetti Strap & Exposed Back


Shine Bride Like a Diamond Dress in White, $325, Modcloth

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This dress may be part of Modcloth”s bridal collection, but it”s a near perfect alternative that still allows you be a bit different from all the others ordering the Needle & Thread gown.

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Simple & Chic

Needle & Thread Giselle Ballet Maxi Dress, $219, ASOS

This simple frock is totally chic, and you”ll stand out from the crowd for choosing such a cool, laid back dress.

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