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Did you know that the BPA is build-in in windows server 2012. In the old days you need to download al the BPA

But now in 2012 the BPA is build-in this is a great feature but did you know this I see al lot of items and some IT admins did not know the BPA feature.

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You can check the BPA in powershell or in the GUI

The gui verson :

Go to the service manager and check local server  ( this is my test demo server so plenty of errors here )




Click on task ans click the BPA scan. and the output will be a nic listing of config items.







But there is more did you know you can do this with powershell .

Find the BPA Models are available


Get-BpaModel | Select Id

Id — Microsoft/Windows/ADRMS Microsoft/Windows/CertificateServices Microsoft/Windows/DHCPServer Microsoft/Windows/DirectoryServices Microsoft/Windows/DNSServer Microsoft/Windows/FederationServices Microsoft/Windows/FileServices Microsoft/Windows/Hyper-V Microsoft/Windows/LightweightDirectoryServices Microsoft/Windows/NPAS Microsoft/Windows/RemoteAccessServer Microsoft/Windows/TerminalServices Microsoft/Windows/UpdateServices Microsoft/Windows/VolumeActivation Microsoft/Windows/WebServer


SO all these models can be run on your server build-in easy and quick some scans are quick and some take a little time.

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Invoke-BpaModel Microsoft/Windows/WebServer








View a summary of the BPA results by Severity

Get-BpaResult Microsoft/Windows/DNSServer| Group Severity


You will see a list with all the items in the console.









View the details for all results with “Warning” severity level :

Get-BpaResult Microsoft/Windows/DNSServer| ? Severity -eq “Warning”

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and if you want to exclude items

Set-BPAResult -IdSpecified Model Id-Exclude $true


these are just samples on how to start more options are available

yes easy if you know all the Command lets.

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it is not that hard to start

get-comand *bpa*







these are all the commands you can use for BPA.

Cmdlet          Get-BpaModel                                      BestPractices Cmdlet          Get-BpaResult                                      BestPractices Cmdlet          Invoke-BpaModel                                 BestPractices Cmdlet          Set-BpaResult                                      BestPractices

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