Best pokeball to catch rayquaza

I"m trying to catch a level 70 Rayquaza. I have actually a level 55 Kyogre equipped through Fast Clegislation.

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My gameplan is this so far: usage Ice Beam to get the Rayquaza to below 10% wellness, wait for the Rayquaza to use Rest to put itself to sleep, usage Ice Beam aobtain to obtain it to instrumental health and wellness, and finally chuck Ultra Balls at it consistently. However before, I have tried this for many repetitions without any success.

What improvements deserve to be made to my strategy to maximize the probability of successful capture?


I would recommend bringing a Pokemon that deserve to paralyze or put Rayquaza to sleep. Moves choose Thunder Wave or Hypnosis involved mind. These will boost your odds. (In enhancement, Rayquaza awakens from Rest after two turns while placing it to sleep yourself is likely to last longer, and also Rest is a headache to compete via anymethod.)

Besides that, you"re pretty much doing as much as you can, so store throwing Ultra Balls and hope for the ideal.

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Well utilizing this Record Rate Generator is seems prefer your finest bet would be to usage a ultra sphere. (Ultra Balls offer the best chance of capturing him). Placed the Rayquaza to sleep or to freeze him and also then usage a Dusk Ball. This will offer you around a 4.3% opportunity to capture him.

Another strategy that could work is making use of a timer ball. Timer Balls would give a 9.2% possibility of catching him after 40 turns. While this gives a high capture chance you would need to usage most items keeping your pokemon alive.



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