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Hello! It is my pleasure to respond to your query in providing you with the best-available list of the top 100 playlists on Spotify. My findings are broken down into 11 genres with the playlists ranked by highest number of Followers, and can be found on this spreadsheet.

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According to an article on LinkedIn, Spotify’s own lists make up 92% of the top 200 playlists on the app, with only 8% of the top 200 playlists available on the app coming from outside sources (like DJs, personal users, etc). After searching extensively through Spotify and attempting to pull the most popular Spotify playlists, I realized that, with a free account (not sure about a paid account), this is not possible from any type of standard search perspective. In discovering this, I then searched each of the main categories – Browse, Radio, Songs, Albums, Artists, Stations, and Local Files from a variety of different aspects. None of these yielded any way to search for non-Spotify-created playlists with the highest number of Followers.
So, I searched for other ways to find the top Spotify Influencers/Playlists for you. There were dozens of articles on the top playlists – similar to those found and detailed by the original Researcher, however, they all featured Spotify’s playlists, not those of influencers or other users. So, this avenue was unsuccessful, as well.
On a continued search, I located an add-on called Playlist Miner, which pulls the top 1000 matching playlists based on keywords. Since there was no way to search either Spotify or Playlist Miner for the playlists with the highest number of Followers, I attempted to use the app to pull the top playlists – across the same categories/genres found on Spotify, including Pop, Mood, HipHop, Chill, and Latino, to name a few. I began by searching (on Playlist Miner) for the genre “Pop”. This revealed the top 1000 lists, as promised. I clicked on the #1 position, which was labeled “Pop 2016”. It was created by Spotify User Carlos Garcia and included 12 hours 43 minutes over 206 songs. To determine how many Followers Carlos Garcia had, I clicked on his Username. It showed 46 Followers. This allowed me to quickly determine that these lists were not ranked by popularity or number of Followers, so they would not meet your needs.
Next, I attempted a different avenue to answer your question. Also using Playlist Miner, I searched the top pop tracks – which revealed the top 100 played tracks for that genre. I clicked on the #1 song, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers to see if I could determine whose playlists it was listed on – and find top playlists from there. It did not prove to be a fruitful search.
So, I left Playlist Miner and went back to Spotify in hopes of being able to provide more than just a “this information is not publicly available” answer for you. I went to their Popular Playlists links (for several genres) and from there, searched through the entire list to find those that were not created by Spotify and had high numbers of Followers. Those findings are found on the indicated spreadsheet (ranked by highest number of Followers). Please Note: These do not represent a true “best of” list (based on highest number of Followers), because as stated, this information does not seem to be available in any searchable format on the app or from outside sources.

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The findings from this search are listed as follows: Playlist Title (number of songs), Playlist Creator, and Number of Followers. I have provided the top playlists from 11 genres (for a total of 100). These genres include: Pop (23), Rock (17), EDM/Dance (14), HipHop (15), Classical (2), Country (7), Reggae (2), Funk (4), Indie (10), Blues (1), and Jazz (5). They are ranked according to highest number of Followers. As noted, this does not represent a “best of” list, as that is not available publicly, however, it can be considered as a “best available” list, which hopefully serves your purposes.
As noted in the original query, contact information is not available for these individuals unless it is available to Premium Spotify Users (of which I am not one).
 Research shows that 92% of Spotify’s top playlists are curated by Spotify (rather than independent curators). Of the 8% remaining, there are no curated lists identifying top Spotify playlists or influencers, nor is there a viable method of searching the site (or related apps) for playlists with the highest numbers of Followers.
From available information on Spotify, I was able to sort and pull a best-available list of top playlists for 11 genres, including: Pop, Rock, EDM/Dance, HipHop, Classical, Country, Reggae, Funk, Indie, Blues, and Jazz. Within these genres, the most common popular playlist curators include: Filtr (US, UK, Sweden, Nederland, Espana, Legacy), Digster Playlists, Topsify, Spinnin’ Records, and Hits, among others.

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Thank you again for your question, and I hope this information gives you what you need. Please contact Wonder again for any other questions you may have!

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