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Destiny 2: Val Kladior and Optus Taxaat Locations Guardians need to take down 10 elite members of Caiatl’s Cabal army in Destiny 2’s Proving Ground Strike, including Val Kladior and Optus Taxaat.

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special cabal colossus target in land tank vehicle bay
The new Proving Ground Strike mission was recently added to Destiny 2 and has unlocked a few new triumphs for Guardians to complete. One triumph challenge tasks players with killing ten elite Cabal soldiers that have a chance to spawn in certain encounters of the Proving Ground Strike, with Val Kladior and Optus Taxaat being two of the targets in need of taking down.

With Proving Ground receiving praise from the Destiny 2 community in its first week, the Strike is now available to all players and is this week’s Nightfall Strike, which means players can give the Grandmaster version a go if they are a high enough power level. Proving Ground also formed a key part of the ongoing seasonal story in Season of the Chosen as it was the finale of the seven-part questline.

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The “Eliminate Caiatl’s Cabal” triumph requires players to hunt down 10 elite Cabal soldiers that have a chance of appearing in the Proving Ground Strike. To cross the Cabal targets off the list, players only need to contribute to killing each elite one and do not have to get the final blow or even kill them solo. Players should therefore coordinate with teammates and call out any targets they spot so that everyone can contribute to the kill.

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special cabal colossus target in land tank vehicle bay
Both Val Kladior, a Colossus, and Optus Taxaat, a Psion, can be found in the first part of the vehicle bay encounter inside Empress Caiatl’s Land Tank. Once players first get inside the large vehicle hangar, lots of Cabal enemies, including two Interceptors, will start spawning around the back of the area. It seems that Val Kladior always spawns on the back-left side of the vehicle bay around the large doors that the Goliath Tanks come from, while Optus Taxaat always spawns on the back-right side.

special cabal psion target in land tank vehicle bay
Destiny 2 players should know that during the Interceptor phase of the vehicle bay encounter, it is not guaranteed that either of these Cabal targets will spawn. Halphas Honorguard Centurions will frequently spawn instead, so players will likely need to run Proving Ground several times to find all the targets, although this will help players complete one of the seasonal challenges from week seven.

cabal centurion miniboss enemy aboard Land Tank
Eight other Cabal targets, such as Val Trekitus and Val Cempas, need to be killed to complete this triumph, which is also one of the 10 triumphs required to unlock the Season of the Chosen Seal and Title. Players still have plenty of time until Season 14 but they should definitely start grinding through the seasonal challenges and Battlegrounds activity to complete as many triumphs as possible.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the new Season of the Chosen are available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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