Best Place To Farm Titanite Shards Dark Souls, Upgrade Material Farming

Hi, I'm currently trying to get all weapon ascension achievements. And in just wondering where good places for farming are. I know b-town is good for green shards, new londo dickwraiths are good for chunks and the stone giants in the dlc are good for twinkling titanite. Working on divine and fire at the mo. Already have crystal, strongest, raw and lighting. Next i will try and get the all rare weapons achievement. Have some rare one but not all unless someone here wants to do a quick trade, for me to hand back once the achievement pops up. I'm on xbox lvl 115 and gamer tag is the same as my user name here. But yeah looking forward to everyone's response, cause this is pretty damn awesome.

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Click each material to get a list of how to obtain it.

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Thank you for the link, now to figure out the best defense for kaathe. Any tips there? Or for.manus?

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Titanite shards – best off just farming the others and buying with the souls. Balder knights at Parish drop them.

Large Shards – Giant Leeches in Blightown and sold by Giant Blacksmith. Rusted Iron Ring is advised; ignore the poison. Also great for Green Titanite Shards.

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Titanite Chunks/Slabs – Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins.

Red Titanite Chunks/Slabs – Chaos Eater's in Lost Izalith.

Blue Titanite Chunks – Crystal Golems in Crystal Cave.

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Blue Titanite Slabs – Moonlight Butterfly in Crystal Cave. Dw about corpse falling off, item gets given.

White Titanite Chunk – Mini Pinwheels before Nito. Bone Towers too.

White Titanite Slab – Mini Pinwheels again.

Twinkling Titanite – Maneater Clams near Seath. Also sold by Giant Blacksmith.

Demon Titanite – Prowling Demon near Lost Izalith shortcut. Respawns and drops 2 at a time.

Dragon Scale – Drakes in Valley of Drakes. A ton to be found in Ash Lake.

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Remember to have 410 item discovery by using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, being human and having 10 soft humanity. Kiln of the First Flame is also pretty good for farming coloured Chunks as they are 100% drops.

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