Best place to farm oxium


This form of alloy which is of Orokin origin is one tricky resource to farm, especially once you are brand-new to the game and also it is sometimes considered one of the a lot of annoying resources to farm.

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Oxium is essential for many kind of items that can be crafted which range from tools to Warframes and also are even necessary through crafting with gems.

Having a great supply of Oxium is great as it deserve to be supplied for many blueprints that you can achieve in the future when you progression throughout the game.

How to Farm Oxium?

Oxium Osprey

The best place to farm Oxium would be wherever before you might uncover many Oxium Ospreys as these are the opponents that drop Oxium.


Oxium Ospreys are Corpus units and deserve to be uncovered on missions wright here you fight against the Corpus.

Oxium Osprey are largely found in objectives located on planets that the Corpus are in control of and also it is even feasible to attain Oxium in Dark Sector objectives.

There are a lot of Corpus goals however determining where Oxium Ospreys would generate will certainly aid you select where is the finest area to farm Oxium.

So much tright here are a few locations wbelow we would go to farm Oxium and take note that it is finest to hunt in a group especially one through Hydroid and also Nekros.

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Wbelow to farm Oxium?

IO (Jupiter)


Ever considering that some changes were made and also such as the infinite capture adversary spawning was resolved, Io has end up being among the ideal areas to farm Oxium.

There surely are various other Corpus defense objectives however IO is great for relic farming too. So, I would indicate farming below rather for multiple benefits.

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A good number of Oxium Osprey generate in IO and players can team up to rise the number of adversaries and in order to complete waves much faster.

Elara (Jupiter)


For those who wish to farm various other resources along with Oxium, Elara provides a great substitute for IO yet tbelow is no guarantee of the same total variety of the resource that deserve to be obtained.

Players will eventually stumble upon Oxium Osprey in Elara and also depending on just how many players tbelow are in a squad, more will certainly be obtainable to kill.

Its necessary to bring allies through you when farming Oxium as every drop counts and even more players intend even more drops.


It’s a great concept to invite friends or to join a public mission in order to have actually even more players to rise the chances of gaining even more Oxium.Only objectives via Oxium Osprey will give the opportunity to acquire Oxium, this must be noticeable after 5 minutes or much less a lot of of the moment.Using Warframes that can force loot from adversaries have the right to be a huge aid once farming Oxium such as Nekros with Desecprice or Hydroid through Pilfering Swarm.


Tright here are few devices that need Oxium yet sometimes you will certainly require this reresource in big quantities, which renders it essential to understand wbelow to farm Oxium.

Players have to always attempt to farm in groups due to the increase in opponents based upon the amount of human being in a squad.

It is widespread for players to think Oxium cannot be fequipped in certain goals, but this is only specific if there have been no Oxium Osprey spotted.

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For an extra comprehensive guide on just how to farm sources, click here to see the different means to farm and a guide on what deserve to be supplied to farm successfully.

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