Best Place To Farm Helium Filaments ?: Destinythegame Best Destiny Helium Filaments Farming Route

Looking to purchase Masterwork materials or Upgrade Modules? You”ll want to farm these planetary materials first.

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Destiny 2 Resources
Planetary materials are a unique, diverse currency type in Destiny 2 that”s required to purchase Upgrade Modules, Masterwork materials, and certain weapons from the Exotic Kiosk. Needless to say, having a steady income of each planetary resource is paramount to a smooth game experience.

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Unfortunately, Bungie has vaulted some of Destiny 2″s destinations with the release of the Beyond Light expansion. Some destinations are still in use despite their inability to be farmed. Fret not, as season 13 will prevent NPCs from accepting these vaulted materials, effectively removing them from good. If you”re somebody in desperate need of resources, you”re in luck. This guide will cover where to find every planetary resource in Destiny 2, vaulted or not, and the best ways of farming them.

The Spider, Season Pass, And Region Chests

Before you go venturing off to farm Patrols and other planetary activities, consider checking your Season Pass or the Tangled Shore”s Spider vendor for planetary materials. If you”ve exhausted both options, collect the Region Chests from each planet.

The Spider

Destiny 2 Spider Material Exchange
The Spider has a stock of random planetary materials Guardians can purchase. This stock rotates daily. Planetary materials are sold in bundles of five and cost either 5,000 Glimmer or one Legendary Shard. Check his stock daily to see if he is selling any materials you need.

Destiny 2 Season Pass Resource Cache
Season Pass ranks can grant destination materials if you have purchased the current season. Named Destination Resources Bundles, this package grants 25 of every non-vaulted planetary material in Destiny 2 when claimed. They are granted at the following ranks:

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Rank 8 Rank 19 Rank 29 Rank 39 Rank 49 Rank 59 Rank 69 Rank 79 Rank 89

A total of nine Destination Resources Bundles are granted from the premium track on the Season Pass, totaling 225 of every non-vaulted planetary material. Be sure to claim these before the season ends.

Region Chests

Destiny 2 Regional Chest
If both the Spider and the Season Pass don”t have what you”re looking for, consider grabbing the Region Chest on the destination you need materials from. Region Chests are marked on the map of every destination and grant five planetary materials when opened. While you can”t farm them, they are a guaranteed source of planetary materials.

Destiny 2 Ghost Shell Resource Farming Mods
Every destination has two main methods of farming materials:

Grinding Lost Sectors and daily bounties Grabbing resources from the patrol space

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Specific locations are detailed in each material listed below, but we wanted to provide some general farming tips that make the grind a little easier.

Use a Sniper Rifle while patrolling a destination. Zooming in increases the distance of the Treasure Hunter Mod, marking chests and materials hundreds of meters away. Equip the Bountiful Harvest Ghost Shell Mod. Harvesting any planetary resource has a chance of giving one extra material. Grab daily bounties from the planetary vendor. All daily bounties from destination vendors grant planetary materials upon completion. For clarity, repeatable bounties do not grant materials.

Alkane Dust

Destination: Titan


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Vaulted: Yes

Alkane Dust is the planetary material found on Titan, one of Destiny 2″s vanilla locations. As of the Beyond Light expansion, this planet is currently in the Destiny Content Vault.

When it is available, collecting Alkane Dust from the patrol space is the fastest way of earning them.

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Destination: Dreaming City

Vaulted: No

Baryon Boughs can be found on the Dreaming City. Farming the Aphelion”s Rest Lost Sector in The Strand is a good way to stock up on them. Equipping a Treasure Hunter Ghost Shell Mod and patrolling the zone also works.

Destination: European Dead Zone (EDZ)

Vaulted: No

Dusklight Shards can be found in the European Dead Zone, EDZ for short. Pick up daily bounties from Devrim Kay at Trostland, then farm the nearby Widow”s Walk Lost Sector to quickly earn Dusklight Shards.

Destination: Tangled Shore

Vaulted: No

Etheric Spirals can be found on the Tangled Shore. Grab some daily bounties from Spider—not his Wanted bounties—then head to The Empty Tank Lost Sector just outside his hideout. Farm this Lost Sector for easy Etheric Spirals.

Destination: Europa

Vaulted: No

Beyond Light”s Europa destination has Glacial Stalwort as its planetary material.

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Running laps around Cadmus Ridge, Eventide Ruins, and Asterion Abyss is the best farm. Equip a Treasure Hunter Ghost Shell Mod and a Sniper Rifle to find Glacial Stalwort from an absurdly long distance.

Destination: Moon

Vaulted: No

Helium Filaments are tied to the Moon, similar to how it was in the original Destiny. Obtaining Eris Morn”s daily bounties and farming Lost Sectors is the best way of farming this material. Most players gravitate towards Sorrow”s Harbor”s K1 Revelation Lost Sector for its enemy density.

Destination: Nessus

Vaulted: No

Microphasic Datalattice can be found on Nessus. There are two popular farms on this planet:

Grab bounties from Failsafe, then farm The Rift Lost Sector located outside her ship. Spawn at the Watcher”s Grave. Traveling north, you will notice an active Vex portal near the tree Xur spawns at. Enter the portal and run through the next two rooms, grabbing any Datalattice you see. Backtrack to the portal entrance and repeat.
Destination: Io

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Vaulted: Yes

Phaseglass Needles can be found on Io. As of the Beyond Light expansion, this destination has been sunset.

If it ever returns, farm the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector right across from Asher Mir. Grab daily bounties before doing so.

Destination: Mars (Hellas Basin)

Vaulted: Yes

Seraphite can be found on Destiny 2″s version of Mars, located in the Hellas Basin quadrant. As of the Beyond Light expansion, this destination is sunset.

If it ever returns, farm the Core Terminus Lost Sector in the BrayTech Futurescape area while you have Ana Bray”s daily bounties. Escalation Protocol farming can also yield a surprising amount of Seraphite.

Destination: Mercury

Vaulted: Yes

Simulation Seeds can be found on Mercury. As of the Beyond Light expansion, Mercury is sunset.

If Bungie ever brings this destination back, equip a Treasure Hunter Ghost Shell Mod and run laps around the destination. Grab any materials that pop up on your HUD.

Spinmetal Leaves

Destination: Cosmodrome


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Vaulted: No

Spimmetal Leaves can be found on the Cosmodrome. As was the case in the original Destiny, players can farm this material quickly by running laps around the patrol space with a Treasure Hunter Ghost equipped. Skywatch and the Forgotten Shore arguably have the best layouts.

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