Best Place To Farm Circuits Warframe Circuits Farming 2021 Guide

I”ve had a look, but after the most recent changes it”s hard to know where the best place is to farm circuits.

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Has anyone found anywhere that rewards more than 2-300 a run?



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I run the survival on venus, it takes a while to scale up to any annoying difficulty and you will collect a good several hundred circuits a run as long as you hold out for a while, i have gotten so many as 700 from a run before run of about 25 min.

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I”ve noticed that void missions will drop them in good amounts. You can also try the suggestions in this guide which are updated frequently:


Good luck ! =>





Ceres missions in general are good for circuits if a little high in level, averaging about 200 per run – Varro takes the cake however, with anywhere between 300 and 700 circuits in the first 5 waves, which is amazing for grinding. Stuck around for 15 waves there and came out with about 1500+ circuits; not a guarantee on the “ridiculous circuits” (have also had runs with around 400 circuits after 10 waves), but easily one of the better missions for them to drop.You can also throw an extractor on Venus to slowly accumulate Circuits – whenever one brings them in it tends to cough up about 400ish, which is nice.

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