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rs3 rod o matic


The augmented crystal rod includes the success chance modifier of the unaugmented crystal rod. It provides the same experience upon disassembly as the fishing rodomatic, but, unlike the rodomatic, the augmented crystal rod can only be used at fishing spots that would normally require a fishing rod, fly fishing rod, or heavy rod.

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rs3 rod o matic


Best gizmos for the Fishing rod–omatic? Originally, I was using Honed 4 and Furnace 2 on separate gizmo shells (been trying to get Honed 5 and Furnace 3 for a while now). Then I started using a Wise 1 and Enlightened 2 shell with Honed 2 and Furnace 2 shell and it …


Fishing rod–omatic: 22 Invention: 1 × Fishing rod 80 × Flexible parts 60 × Base parts 6 × Dextrous components 4 × Swift components key = 1 val = Lab coat legs key = userparam val = Dextrous components key = # val = 2 key = smw-resultqueryoffset val = 0 key = smw-resultquerycondition val = <> key = ?item val = Lab coat legs key = smw-resultquerylimit
The fishing rod–omatic is an enhanced fishing tool researched at level 22 Invention. It can be used to fish in most fishing spots when wielded. In spite of the animation played when using the tool, bait such as feathers or fishing bait are still required for the appropriate fishing spots.
Made from 1 Fishing rod, 80 Flexible Parts, 60 Base Parts, 6 Dextrous Components, and 4 Swift Components. Once augmented, the Fishing rod-o-matic will run on Divine charges. The drain rate for this item is 0.31 charges per second of continuous fishing.

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What items do you use to dissemble for fishing rod–omatic? Hi! I want to know the best and cheap items to disassemble for fishing rod o matic. Or would you recommend to siphon an augmented crystal fishing rod? I dont wanna blow my money so.. what is the best way? And what the best and cheap items to dissemble for fishing rod o matic..

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Fishing rod-o-matic taking 3+ hours to level 10? Everyone is telling me 2 hours is standard, but ive done 3 and each one has been around 3 and a half hours. Honed 5 and furnace 2 on the rod, but no other boosts. What am I missing here? 12 comments. share. save hide report. 67% Upvoted.
Another way of training Invention using the fishing rod–omatic. Perks I had applied to my rodomatic are: Honed 4 & Furnace 2, and because I had Honed 4, this meant that the catch rate is…

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