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How to Train & Hire Pawns in Dragon's Dogma An expert team of wise and hardy pawns will bolster any party. Learn how to train your own personal pawn and recruit many from around the world.

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Ranger aims bow in Dragon's Dogma
Capcom has been showing some recent care for Dragon’s Dogma. With a new animated show coming to Netflix in September, promotions for the game have been attracting new players. With both fast-paced combat and an array of enemies, it can be a bit tricky figuring out how to build a team. You can fully design your own main pawn but must hire the rest from the online Rift.

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Each Dragon’s Dogma Rift is console unique. If you send off your pawn for adventures on PlayStation 4, they will be completely inaccessible to Xbox One, Switch, or PC players. This also means your selection of available party members will depend on what other players have already synced to the server.

Pawns start as one of the three basic vocations: Fighter, Strider, and Mage, and can later unlock Warrior, Ranger, and Sorcerer at level 10. You can either use those first few levels to build into another class or compensate for weaknesses. For example, starting a Fighter so that your planned Sorcerer has more DEF and HP. Most skills on a weapon will work between vocations that wield them, such as daggers on a Strider may carryover many abilities to a Ranger. Augments will work on any vocation once they are unlocked.

Since your main pawn is always in the party, it should be an important member that meshes with your Arisen; possibly a melee tank like Fighter or Warrior, or a supporter like Mage.


Inclination is a pawn’s AI. They will aim for either their primary or secondary inclination, depending on the situation; all others will remain dormant. Aim to match inclinations with vocations, like Pioneer Warrior who charges ahead. Pawns can also be commanded to override their AI: “Go” will send them into battle, “Come” will return them to the Arisen, and “Help” will have the support.

Scather: prefers attacking strong foes, and using climbing tactics. Rises when the Arisen fights tough enemies but lowers when avoiding direct contact in battle.Medicant: prioritize buffing and healing. May increase when the Arisen uses items that take heavy damage or using the “Come” command. Can lower if the Arisen starts combat at low health.Mitigator: pawn prefers dealing with the weakest enemy. Increases when focusing on weak melee enemies. Can lower when fighting weak mages and archers.Challenger: targets ranged attackers first. Opposite of Mitigator: will rise when fighting mages and archers, but lower against melee foes.Utilitarian: pawn tries to exploit enemy weaknesses and stagger. Increases when the Arisen does strategic moves like grappling, buffing, or launching allies. Lowers when party members have debilitated themselves.Guardian: the pawn will stay close to the Arisen and defend them. Boosted when using the “Help” and “Come” commands. Lowers when using the “Go” command.Nexus: this pawn will prioritize carrying downed allies to the Arisen for revival. Increases when casting strong spells that heal the whole team. Lowers if grappled by the enemy, or if the Arisen stays far away during combat.Pioneer: the pawn will travel far ahead and possibly fight on their own. Boosts when using the “Go” command, and will lower when remaining idle for too long.

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Acquisiter: pawn will gather up loot automatically, even during a fight. May increase when you pick up items, gather, or open chests. Lowers when you ignore items and allow them to despawn.

Starting inclination is based on questions during pawn creation:

Which trait do you value?

Iron will: Mitigator+1, Utilitarian+1, Acquisiter-1Quick thinking: Scather-2, Mitigator+5, Challenger+1, Utilitarian+3, Guardian-1, Nexus-3, Pioneer-1Preparation: Scather-4, Medicant+1, Mitigator-2, Challenger-3, Utilitarian-4, Guardian-3, Nexus-4, Pioneer+3, Acquisiter+4Charisma: Scather+1, Medicant-4, Mitigator-3, Challenger+2, Utilitarian+4, Guardian-1, Nexus-2, Pioneer-4, Acquisiter+1

Which strategy would you prefer?

Kill all enemies: Scather+7, Mitigator+1, Challenger+3, Utilitarian-1, Guardian-3, Pioneer-3, Acquisiter-2Rescue comrades: Scather-3, Medicant+4, Mitigator-1, Challenger-2, Utilitarian-1, Guardian+4, Nexus+8, Pioneer-1Strike the strongest: Scather+2, Medicant-3, Mitigator-5, Challenger+8, Utilitarian-2, Guardian-2, Nexus-3, Pioneer-4, Acquisiter-4Call reinforcements: Scather-5, Medicant+7, Mitigator+2, Challenger-3, Utilitarian+2, Guardian+3, Nexus-2, Acquisiter+1

What would your follower say as they turn the tide of battle?

This way!: Medicant-2, Challenger-2, Guardian+3, Nexus-1, Pioneer+3Leave them to me!: Scather+2, Medicant-4, Mitigator-2, Challenger-3, Utilitarian-2, Guardian-4, Nexus-3, Pioneer+1, Acquisiter+2Strike the final blow!: Scather+1, Mitigator+2, Utilitarian+1, Guardian+1, Nexus-2, Pioneer-1, Acquisiter-3After them!: Scather+1, Medicant+1, Mitigator+1, Challenger+1, Utilitarian+3, Pioneer-1

Which gift would please you most?

Potion of youth: Medicant+3, Challenger-3, Nexus+2, Pioneer+3, Acquisiter+6A hero successor: Scather+1, Mitigator+3, Challenger-2, Utilitarian-3, Guardian+2, Pioneer+1The perfect spouse: Scather-1, Medicant+1, Mitigator-1, Challenger-1, Utilitarian-1, Guardian+5, Nexus+3, Pioneer-2, Acquisiter-2White steed: Challenger-1, Utilitarian+3, Guardian-2, Nexus+2, Pioneer+5, Acquisiter+3

If you are unhappy with your pawn’s inclination you can also purchase Inclination Elixirs from Johnathan in the Encampment. Each of these potions will cost Rift Crystals, and may increase or erase inclinations.

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Inns and Uploading

Inns are where you can converse with your main pawn via the Knowledge Chair. You can suggest different inclinations, manner of speech, and more. When you sleep at an inn (or other location) your pawn will be synced to the online Rift to be hired by other players. This includes whatever equipment and skills they had, so make sure they are proper before resting.

When you awake, your pawn will share any adventures they have gone on. This will include a report and grade from other players, new knowledge, gifts, and Rift Crystal payments. Note that you can only receive 10 items from another Arisen at a time; if they try to send 11 or more before your first receipt, those extra items will be lost. When playing offline, the game will also sometimes send simulated reports.


As your pawn fights and completes quests they will gain details about enemy weaknesses and solutions. Once they have this knowledge, most pawns are prone to shout unsolicited advice. Since your pawn will go on adventures with other players, they may have knowledge they can’t articulate yet. But when that quest is activated, your pawn may already have the answer.

Hiring Rift Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma

You can hire any pawn wandering around Gransys, or browse for them inside the Rift. This location can be accessed via any Riftstone; if for some reason your main pawn died, they can also be revived here. Inside, several pawns will idle about, mostly from your friend list, pawns your main pawn knows, or suggested pawns. Capcom has even made their own offline pawns, some based on their other franchises.

Hiring a pawn of equal or lower level is free, but higher-level pawns will cost Rift Crystals. However, pawns from your friend list will always be free, allowing you to play together. Note that Steam and GOG are considered different platforms for this feature.

Vetting a Good Pawn

Hired pawns will only be temporary members: they don’t gain EXP or Discipline Points to improve and upgrading equipment is extremely expensive. You will want to first cover your tank and support roles before filling in non-mandatory tasks, like Ranger or Sorcerer damage vocations. Their inclination will not change when hired, so make sure they are proper for your goal. In fact, overtime their inclination will rub off on your main pawn.

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Carefully look through the pawn’s skills as these can’t be updated on your end. Having maxed out skills per weapon, core skills, and augments is a good sign. You will also want abilities that actually help, say Anodyne and Halidom on a Mage. You can also see how well ranked they are in a vocation, or if their player only recently changed classes.

Look for a pawn that has a good bit of knowledge, either for the quest you are undertaking or the enemy you plan to fight. Conversely, you can purposely bring along a low knowledge pawn to teach them the ropes.

Gifts and Dismissal

Hired pawns come with their own set of equipment. You have the option of upgrading their gear, but the item will be awarded to that player as a gift. This can be very costly to donate to strangers. However, when playing with a friend’s pawn you can send them back with old gear and items you don’t need. If you have multiple usernames you can even trade with yourself.

When you are ready to part ways with a hired pawn, you can dismiss them. You can give them a rating out of five stars on their appearance, battle performance, and helpfulness; a brief comment, and an additional gift. This gift can be normal items but excludes those purchased with Rift Crystals (like elixirs and cosmetics). If a pawn dies in battle or from hazards they will automatically be graded three stars.

Because pawn uploads are governed by other players it can be hard to predict who will be available. When you go to rehire a great pawn they might be stagnant and the exact same level, or have possibly jumped dozens of levels in hours. Still, keep a good lookout for new members that fit just right for the present quest.

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Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Arisen are available for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Switch.

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