Who Are The Current Top 5 Best Passers In Soccer History, Top 10 Most Skilled Passers In Football History

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The player with most accurate passing in Bundesliga, Witsel is the maestro of Dortmund. Credits: BONGARTS

La Liga was once known as the home of Tiki-Taka, since the days of Johan Cruyff, to the era of Guardiola’s Barcelona. Even with Pep now managing Manchester City, in the Premier League table, there are still some traces of this playing style in some teams of the Spanish topflight.

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The tiki-taka style did not make fans all over Europe though, with some teams obtaining success from playing defensive football and fast counter-attacks. Still, the ability to hold possession and not being dispossessed often is one of the most relished ones in top football.

So we thought about looking up about who are currently the top 5 best passers in soccer in each of the top 5 leagues.

We focus on this thread on the stats of passing accuracy and not the number of passes: choosing quality, instead of quantity. We also only take into account players’ passes who have more than 200 minutes played in this season.

All stats are taken from WhoScored, so we retract from any incorrect information. Still, the players passes that we highlight in this article are noteworthy of your attention and some of them will definitely surprise you.

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La Liga

The player with the highestpassing accuracy in La Liga is Anuah Mohamed from Real Valladolid, with astunning 94%. However, he only played 47 minutes and was never a starter forhis team (he probably should?).

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Next is Franco Vasquez, fromSevilla, but the forward falls under the same category. He played only 99 minutesin this campaign, but with his passing and 2 goals already scored, maybeLopetegui should use him more.

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However, the real leader in passing accuracy is Toni Kroos. The German midfielder continues to be a discreet maestro in Real Madrid’s midfield, and he might be one of the main reasons for ‘Los Blancos’ staying at the top of La Liga table. He holds a record of 93.1% with his precise football passing routes for 656 minutes, with 3.5 being decisive ones.

Caught in the Kroos-Fire!

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