The Best Order To Play Birth By Sleep, The Best Order To Play The Kingdom Hearts Series

My parents have always liked Kingdom Hearts from a concept perspective, so I have been trying to run them through the series before 3 comes out. I am coming upon my BBS and would like to know your preferred play order for story purposes. Do I play each character simultaneously and switching after each world. Or do I play through each character thoroughly. I want to avoid confusion as much as possilbe so any information or tips would be most welcome.

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Terra -> Ven -> Aqua is the officially recommended order, and IMO the order that works best in terms of gameplay (going from a slow character to a fast one is easier than the other way around). Aqua's story should absolutely be last, regardless.

Play through them individually. Personally I'd start with Ven even though his is the most difficult in my opinion. Then Terra, followed by Aqua. Aqua is the easiest but gettin the secret chapter will flow better if you just came off of Aqua.

Mentioning the secret chapter reminded me. It's been forever since I have played, what difficulty should I do to get it the easiest?

Narratively speaking, it's prefferable to go Terra —> Ventus —> Aqua. But do keep in mind that Terra's story is arguably the hardest out of the three as he has the toughest bosses and he's a slow heavy-hitter.

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I've seen the majority and did this myself. Terra, Ven and then Aqua.

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Personally Ven and Terra can be swapped around however Aqua should always remain last in anyone's playthrough due to the ability to unlock the end game content that sets up 0.2 and it's a great end game sequence. Probably one of the strongest moments in all the KH games that for anyone playing blindly, I wouldn't want to spoil as the atmosphere and various other elements for that portion was well executed.

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When I played it With my gf, i played it in order that it would make most sense, meaning the first three words With terra -> Ventus -> Aqua, and after that I followed the timeline the Game offers you once you beat it.

Especially in Deep Space and towards the end, paying attention to the 'correct' order was a way more conclusive experience than Beating one story and then starting the next

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