Top 10 the best operator arcanes in Warframe. Ranked in 2021

I am looking for the best operator arcanes in Warframe.

What are the best operator arcanes in Warframe? Which one is right for me? 

A lot of people ask us this question, so we decided to make a list of our favorite operator arcanes in Warframe! We will update it every time they release new ones (which is often). And don’t worry – you’ll never get any spam or sales pitches from us. Here’s what we think about each one and why they’re awesome.

What are operator arcanes in warframe?

 Operator arcane mods are the penalties you can get in your operator when either when your warframe is equipped or not. Any operator arcane will cause you to be unable to use your operator abilities unless you unequip or replace the arcane.

Arcane arcanes are the same as regular ones, but they will not affect your warframe stats and abilities and they won’t be shown to you on the loadout screen. Functionality-wise, they don’t do anything. They will however allow you to increase the max arcane amps limit.

How do you get arcanes operator?

The way player can get them is by either:

  • Using an arcane catalyst on an arcane that already has one (duplication)
  • Having 4 or 5 of the same arcanes equipped (Max arcane amps limit)

A quick search on warframe wiki will reveal that there are currently 24 operator arcanes, each corresponding to a specific ability.

What are the best arcanes for operator?

Arcane Avenger

Arcane Avenger-  Top the best arcanes for operator
Arcane Avenger- Top the best arcanes for operator

When the player takes damage, Arcane Avenger gives them a chance to receive a buff that increases their critical damage.

It has a 10% chance of receiving the 30% additional critical chance for all attacks for 8 seconds. It increases the potency of your weapons and allows for critical hits.

This is useful for Warframes that can tank a lot of damage and deal it as well. You can get it from Hydrolysts.

Arcane Consequence

Arcane Consequence-  Top the best arcanes for operator
Arcane Consequence-Top the best arcanes for operator

Arcane Consequence is by far the best Arcane you can equip if you’re speedrunning missions or need an extra boost to your mobility.

You can do this at such a rapid pace that your enemies will be unable to catch up with you.

Instead of increasing your damage or survivability, this Arcane increases your character’s parkour speed significantly when you headshot an opponent.

The buff lasts 18 seconds and the headshot does not have to be lethal. The parkour velocity granted by this Arcane is not to be underestimated, as it grants a 60% increase in parkour speed.

Exodia Brave


Exodias are Arcanes that are only found in Zaw melee weapons crafted at Cetus. Because of Zaws’ raw power, this isn’t much of a disadvantage. Some players may find it difficult to give up their favorite Prime melee weapon to take advantage of this buff.

Zaws’ Arcanes range from additional combo counter build-up to summoning projectiles on air attacks. On a heavy attack kill, this Arcane grants a flat five Energy regeneration rate per second for four seconds. This arcane is always triggered when the enemy is killed.

The best part is that this effect can stack up to three times, granting a massive 15 Energy per second after three heavy attack kills.

Magus Elevate


Regardless of how frequently you use your Operator, Magus Elevate is a must-have Arcane. This Arcane is required for all Warframe players.

This Arcane has a 95% chance of healing your Warframe.  With Elevate’s 300 HP heal is instant and does not have a cooldown, so players can repeatedly heal their Warframe by spamming the Operator button. It converts your Operator transfer button into a panic heal whenever you need it.

Because this is a rare Arcane in Warframe, you must have enough currency to obtain it. This Arcane can be purchased from The Quills.

Magus Lockdown


Fans of Destiny will recognize this Arcane as the Nightstalker’s Shadowshot super.

The operator-specific arcane was used to drop a Tether Mine, which explodes when activated and deals massive damage to kill all nearby enemies.

When the mine explodes, the enemy is stunned, allowing you to easily escape the area with the help of Magus Lockdown. Up to two of these Tether Mines can be active at the same time, allowing players to secure entryways or small rooms with just their Operator. This level of crowd control is required for Steel Path missions or long endurance runs.

Arcane Strike


When you use Arcane Strike, your Warframe has a chance to gain a buff that increases your attack speed when you score a critical hit.

This works best when combined with Arcane Fury to maximize the melee prowess that the Arcanes can provide. You can use an attack speed Mod and this Arcane at the same time to melee enemies at dizzying speeds.

It not only increases damage per second but also improves movement due to the quick animations of your attacks.

This Warframe Arcane grants a melee weapon attack speed buff of 60% for 18 seconds, occurring 15% of the time after you hit an enemy. When Arcane Strike is active, players can safely disable their attack speed Mod in order to equip additional elemental or critical damage Mods.

Arcane Pistoleer


Arcane Pistoleer is a special Aura mod that increases the odds of scoring rarer drops for the person using it, and those around them. When you take a Headshot from a Pistol, it provides infinite ammo for weapons, as the name implies. Arcane Pistoleer can be obtained through Arbitrations.

Arcane Energize


Arcane Energize is the special effect when rolling for an Arcane in the RNG urns. Arcane Energize is a free 100 energy that you get when you roll an Arcane. The color of the 100 energy that you get is based on the rarities

The arcane is automatically equipped after the effect triggers if it has a mod slot.

Arcane Guardian


Arcane Guardian is an Arcane Enhancement that increases a Warframe’s armor for every nearby Tenno and allied NPC currently in the same mission.

Each rank of this arcane increases the armor bonus and adds +1 maximum range to the aura. Applying this arcane to a warframe will also apply a special aura that Increases armor for every nearby Tenno and allied NPC currently in the same mission. 

The aura’s radius will increase with each rank of this arcane. Grants a special damage resistance debuff to enemies within range of the aura. This debuff is applied in addition to other existing debuffs, which results in a multiplicative increase in its effect.

The armor bonus granted by the arcane is affected by Ability Strength and Warframe mods. The aura’s radius will increase with each rank of this arcane, up to a maximum of 25 meters at Rank 4.

Arcane Grace


Arcane Grace is a somewhat underused, but still very powerful mod in the Operator’s favor. It has many uses in Defense and Interception missions where you aren’t forced to do direct combat with enemies. With the mod active, you are able to refill your energy for free at any given time.

If you’re using an Operator (any of them) and the mod is active, you can focus more on what’s happening outside instead of inside your Warframe


Why to choose arcanes operator in warframe?

Arcane Enhancement — Transmute — allows players to change their weapons and/or companions into a completely new item. Transmuted items can be improved even further by placing their respective Arcane Enhancements on them. 

Transmuted items have the same Mastery Rank requirement as their original counterparts, but they can have different polarities from each other, and very often have improved stats over the originals. A prime example of this is Rhino’s Roar. The base version is a common drop from enemies around level 40-45. The Transmuted version is a much more efficient version of this ability, because it gives additional armor (one of the few abilities in Warframe that scales with enemy level) and has both improved range and duration over its original counterpart.

Other operator arcanes in warframe

There are a variety of the Operator Arcanes, including 

  • Super Powered Battery Charger: These are the best operator arcanes in Warframe, providing up to 18% increased damage for your next ability. We will be comparing these to other arcanes in the article.
  • Super Powered Strength : This arcane provides up to 12% additional damage for your next use of an ability.
  • Super Powered Dexterity: This arcane provides up to 12% additional damage for your next use of an ability.
  • Super Powered Agility: This arcane provides up to 12% additional damage for your next use of an ability.
  • Super Powered Intellect (Arcane Energize): This arcane provides up to 12% additional damage for your next 2 abilities.
  • Super Powered Fury (Arcane Rage): This arcane provides up to 6% additional damage for your next 3 abilities.
  • Super Powered Vigor (Arcane Momentum): This arcane provides up to 6% additional damage for your next 3 abilities.
  • Super Powered Celerity (Arcane Accelerate): This arcane provides up to 6% additional damage for your next 3 abilities.
  • Super Powered Resilience (Arcane Adaptation): This arcane provides up to 6% additional armor for 30s.
  • Super Powered Recovery (Arcane Renewal): This arcane provides up to 6% additional health regeneration for 30s.
  • Super Powered Overcharge (Arcane Voltage): This arcane provides up to 6% additional damage for your next 3 abilities.

Is arcanes operators worth buying?

Arcane are upgrade modules which can be installed on the Operator, to enhance the operator’s abilities. They are created from blueprints acquired in the Void. These blueprints are installed at the Operator section of the Orbiter, and each one will occupy a slot (maximum of 4).

The Arcane operators must be installed before it can be used. You can choose an arcane in the arsenal section of your operator, and this will allow you to use it.



If you’re a Warframe player, then it’s likely that at some point or another you’ve been on the lookout for new operator arcanes. The problem is there are so many of them and they all have different effects – which ones should you go for? This blog post will help guide your decision-making process by listing out what we think are the best operator arcana in warframe. Here goes! 

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