Top 20 Best Of Rise Against, Top 20 Best Rise Against Songs

Rise Against is a band that I have followed for quite some time now. I first discovered them back in 2003 when I came across the video for “Heaven Knows” from their second album Revolutions Per Minute. I have followed them ever since and, in my opinion, they have gotten better and better with each release. Like most bands, some people favor the “old stuff” versus the “new stuff”or vise versa.

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I think the entire Rise Against discography is outstanding and I consider them to be an underrated band, even now that they are considered one of the top rock bands going.

So what are the best Rise Against songs? Everyone probably has a different opinion – and the band probably does as well – but what I tried to do with this list is take everything into account and I aimed to appease fans of the old stuff, fans of the new stuff, and do the band justice at the same time. You can look at this list as ‘Rise Against’s Greatest Hits’ meets ‘if I had a $20 iTunes gift card to buy Rise Against songs, which ones should I buy?’

Research around the webHow well the songs charted on Billboard and similar chartsThe overall popularity of the songs (Youtube video views, top iTunes/Amazon tracks, lists I found on message boards and blogs, etc.)The sheer awesomeness of the songsSome elements of my opinion and people that I know who love Rise AgainstThe potential to fall in love with the songSongs that the band consistently play liveListen to the complete Top 20 list as a Spotify playlist here Watch the complete Top 20 list as a Youtube playlist here20. “From Heads Unworthy” (2008)

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13. “Life Less Frightening” (2004)

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