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The database is dedicated to the funniest comedy movies, stand-up comedy and TV series.This section is for stand-up comedy byDane Cook. By default the stand-up sets are presented starting with those ranking highest on the laugh-o-meter, but you can also sort them by year, title or IMDB rating.

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About Dane

( wikipedia | imdb )I haven”t yet written a blurb about Dane.Dane Cook is said to have been born on Saturday 18 March 1972, which would make him 49 years, 4 months and 3 days old (if this date is accurate and he is alive today).

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Dane Cook was credited as writer and actor in the following stand-up comedy set.

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At the time, he would have been about 31 years old.


Dane Cook: Harmful if Swallowed2003 | USA | Laughs: 6.2 (Watch Once) | imdb:7.1 wikipediaThere”s something about a good George Carlin or Eddie Murphy show that makes you think “I wouldn”t mind watching that again someday”. Dane made me laugh, but I have no desire to see him ever again, probably because his show lacks a certain brilliance. It”s comedy for the masses, and indeed it feels like television: a young audience, an aggressive camera style, and a boyish performer who would be right at home on MTV: Dane puts a lot of energy into showing off his toned upper body. Actually, I really like that Dane acts out his jokes; he is very physical, sometimes a bit too much. For some reason, I”d say this is the kind of comedy that would go down well with a hamburger and a coke—foods I haven”t touched in years. Perhaps by coincidence, I really enjoyed Dane”s bits about working at a Burger King drive-through and about bathroom graffiti. Other good bits: what it would be like if we could spit acid; spelling toys of the 1980s. (Last viewed: September 2010)More About Dane Cook: Harmful if Swallowed:=> Read what people say on Amazon=> Add your own Review or Comments on”s full page for Dane Cook: Harmful if Swallowed
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