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Destiny 2: 10 Nightstalker Hunter Pro Tips For PVE Nighstalkers can become one of the deadliest PVE classes in Destiny 2 given the right handling. Use these pro-tips to get better!

The Nighstalker subclass returns in Destiny 2 to complement the Arcstrider and the Gunslinger. Moreover, like its Destiny counterpart, the Nighstalker Hunter brings their attachment to the Void to strike from the shadows. As such, players of Bungie”s hit MMO who want to focus on stealthy engagements should consider the Nighstalker subclass for their Hunters.

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The Nighstalker Hunter specializes in debuffing enemies, leaving them vulnerable to the player”s allies. Moreover, depending on the specialization, Nighstalkers can either set up traps, enjoy extra mobility, or increase damage dealt with enemies. Additionally, Nighstalkers can become one of the deadliest PVE classes given the right handling. However, how can Guardians give their Nightstalkers the pro treatment?

10 Choose Nighstalker For Raids, Strikes

Thanks to the Nighstalker”s skillset, they make perfect companions for Strikes and Raids. Moreover, their various Grenades emit constant PVE while their Dodges either reloads their weapon or generate Melee energy while dodging. To summarize, Way of the Trapper takes advantage of setting up traps to start ambushes and assaults. Moreover, tethered enemies become much easier to track and dodging can render Nighstalkers invisible. Guardians aiming for massive DPS should opt for a Nighstalker.

The Way of the Wraith specialize in eliminating various enemies. Staying on top shape grants buffs to the Nighstalker, while their other abilities enhance their evasive abilities while attacking viciously. Meanwhile, Way of the Pathfinder encourages taking down enemies together. Nighstalkers can enhance the effects of their grenades and smoke bombs while buffing them when attacking tethered enemies with a Shadowshot spam.

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9 Trap Enemies For The Ambush

Nighstalkers who want to set up ambushes for the rest of the fireteam can opt for the Way of the Trapper. They rely on their Snare Bombs to slow down and disorient enemies upon detonation, leaving them open for a quick assault. Moreover, Deadfall converts Shadowshot Void Anchors into traps.

Additionally, Keen Scout enables Nighstalkes to sneak and sprint faster, along with a better tracker. Lastly, Trapper Nighstalkers can turn invisible with Vanishing Step, enabling them to escape aggro and reposition. This skill tree becomes especially deadly in PVP, but also work just as well with PVE with overwhelming numbers.

8 Finish Mobs With Invisibility

Meanwhile, Nighstalkers with a flair for single-target combat can go for Way of the Wraith. Flawless Execution grants melee range boost, truesight, and invisibility when in full health. Thanks to this ability, melee attacks weaken enemies (Shattering Strike) and a smoke bomb can deal damage and slow enemies over time (Corrosive Smoke).

As a bonus kicker, Spectral Blades summon two void blades and hides the Nighstalker. This ability replaces Shadowshot as the Nighstalker Super, where attacks not only become deadly melee strikes but also grant invisibility.

7 Strike As A Team

Alternatively, Nighstalkers can buff their allies with invisibility and additional resistance with the Way of the Pathfinder. Instead of Snare Bombs, Pathfinder Nighstalkers use Smoke Bombs to turn themselves and other allies invisible. When used with Lockdown, they can enjoy prolonged smoke and grenade effects.

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Moreover, tethered enemies generate more Orbs of Light when killed and increase overall Resilience, Recovery, and Mobility for allies. This ability makes Nighstalkers helpful when putting down mobs with Moebius Quiver (spam Shadowshots).

6 Do Recon With Snare Bomb

Nightstalkers strike fear in PVP for their quick maneuvering and sheer mobility. However, in PVE, Nighstalkers can serve as saboteurs with the right skillset.

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For instance, Nightstalkers can go full ninja by throwing a Snare Bomb on their feet. The smoke this creates renders the Nightstalker invisible for a short period, enabling them to rush past enemies undetected and head to crucial locations. Nighstalkers can use this tactic either to reach points they have to activate or hack in raids, or simply reposition themselves as snipers or prepare their Supers.

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5 Disrupt Mobs With Shadowshot

The Nighstalker Super ability Shadowshot doesn”t just deal massive damage, it also tethers an enemy in place. In PVP, this ability makes a great deterrent for stronger enemies who rely on melee. Nighstalkers can simply interrupt a Super with a Shadowshot and have their allies swoop in for the kill.

Likewise, Nighstalkers in PVE should use Shadowshots against mobs instead of boss. In large boss fights, it”s the mobs that kill the entire team most of the time and not the boss in itself. As such, Nighstalkers should tether enemies with Shadowshot and finish them off much quicker.

4 Master Terrain With Jumps

Unlike other classes, Nighstalkers dominate the battlefield, not just with their invisibility but also with their sheer ability to use the environment to their advantage. As such, Nighstalkers enjoy three Jump variations. High Jump enables them to reach greater heights with a second jump. Meanwhile, Strafe Jump lets them to a second jump with greater directional control. Lastly, Triple Jump gives Nighstalkers the ability to jump for a third time.

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However, most situations call for either Strafe Jumps or Triple Jumps. Strafe Jumps allow Nighstalkers to cover horizontal distances much faster. Lastly, Triple Jumps lets Nighstalkers evade much better, letting them peek on corners and then jump their way back.

3 Strafe Jump Can Set Up Great Escapes

Strafe Jumps don”t just give Nighstalkers horizontal map control. Rather, Strafe Jumps let them jump much higher, enabling them to potentially lose line of sight from enemies. Nighstalkers being chased by enemies can use Strafe Jumps on tight corners or turns. They can use this with skills like Vanishing Step. Moreover, they can use this time to prep for an attack.

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Unfortunately, Strafe Jump can become predictable as it only covers the horizontal direction. As such, Nighstalkers should consider alternating their mobility controls with both Strafe Jumps and Triple Jumps.

2 Time Dashes Carefully

Aside from Jumps, all Hunters have access to Dodge abilities that take advantage of both their mobility and tendency to keep enemies on their sights. These dodges are the Marksman”s Dodge and the Gambler”s Dodge. The Marksman”s Dodge does a twirl animation that automatically reloads their weapon as they dodge. Additionally, this ability makes it extremely helpful for Hunters to get out of cover and dash back to the firefight.

Meanwhile, the Gambler”s Dodge gives the Hunter a dash animation that gives them melee energy when dodging near hostiles. This dodge becomes extremely useful when retreating away to cover.

1 Map Awareness Is Key

One of the most important aspects of being a Nighstalker is map awareness. As a mobile class, Hunters need to be wary of where they”re going and what enemies they might encounter, which is why the most terrifying Nightstalkers seem to “know” things in advance. They aren”t clairvoyants, though – they simply understand the map well enough.

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Nighstalkers with great map knowledge can anticipate enemy movement, especially thanks to radar. If they have radar retention, they can anticipate when to activate Shadowshot and potentially tether two, three, or even four enemies at once for allies to finish off. In PVP, Shadowshot can easily set up an ambush for the team to wipe up the enemy with a well-timed Super.

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