The Best Natures For Eevee ? Help With Eevee Natures (Sorry

I am fairly new to Pokemon. I have played with Let's go and have been playing Sword and Shield. I know there are suggestions for her evolutions online for past gens but not all moves are used in this game or relevant. I started breeding and am creating all eevee evolutions because I love all of her forms. I wanted some suggestions on the movesets/natures/abilites/egg moves/EVs or any advice is welcome! (:

So far I have breaded all the evolutions for her natures and perfect IVs:

Jolteon- Timid

Glaceon- Modest

Flareon- Calm

Espeon- Timid

Leafeon- Adamant

Vaporeon- Calm

Umbreon- Bold

Sylveon- Modest




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You can use this site to see builds from previous generations to get some ideas, but obviously this is a different game with a different sandbox and definitely a different meta. However the Sun/Moon builds won't be crazily different from how they'll probably be for Sword/Shield with some exceptions like Umbreon since it lost access to Toxic.

Eeveeloutions are definitely going to be something to watch out for in competitive, I'd wager. Sylveon was slightly outclassed last gen but monotype fairy with Pixellate and hyper voice seems like it should have a lot of potential against all the beastly new dragons.

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Really appreciate your advice! I will look into the smogon movesets.. I completely agree, Sylveon with pixellate is going to be good!

**Edit: As I am looking at Glaceon's move set they have “celebrate” as a move, which looks like nothing. Any advice?

I’m currently leveling all 8 of the Eeveelutions up now. I started with breeding for egg moves on them. Wish, Yawn, and maybe Curse (I just went with Wish and Yawn). Then I bred for hidden ability. Once I had an Eevee with the egg moves and HA I started breeding for good IVs. All in all I ended up with 4 full boxes of various Eevees lol. My final Eeveelutions though are all 5-6IV with appropriate egg moves and appropriate abilities and natures (maybe 2 or 3 mints required). Now the leveling process is just as grueling, in the 70s now.

As for move sets and natures I based mine on the Smogon suggestions which I believe the first commenter already linked to you. I play doubles so I have Protect all mine except for Espeon. Jolteon was the only one I left Yawn on. Vaporeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon all have Wish. Vaporeon and Umbreon lost access to toxic unfortunately so you can substitute for another move. I chose Haze as my substitute on Vaporeon. Obviously you want the HA on Sylveon and Espeon at the very least. I also chose to have the HA for Glaceon.

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I don’t want this post to be too long winded so if you have anymore specific questions then I’ll gladly answer if I can. I’m not an expert per se but I did just research all this on the Eeveelutions very recently.

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