Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking, Legendary Team Wars Viability Ranking

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking, Legendary Team Wars Viability Ranking

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking? A recent article by X has ranked the best Monster Legends Team Wars viability based on matchups and team compositions.

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking
Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking

Best Monster Legends Team Wars Viability Ranking 2021

1 VoltaiK


Extremely strong and very good at holding the team together. Plus shields. I”ve found a good move set for him:Armored TroopsAtum”s MaceEarth Army AssaultHard As A RockReally good moves. Hard as a rock goes good for when he”s almost dead or last one standing because it doubles his life + deals any damage he”s hit with back! I use him with Vanoss and MMONSTER and it works very well.

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I got Atum because he seemed like the “brick wall” type. My instincts were right again! Hard As A Rock and Armored Troops are a deadly combo with him! Here is an exploit, by the way. Use Hard As A Rock then Armored Troops for an insane shield life!

Probably the best Earth monster, he has AoE Stun, he applies Shields to all your friends for 2 turns, and his move “Hard As A Rock” doubles his health. Get him in team shop when he is available if you don”t have him.

Wow! His so good in battles. I would even buy him for gems, because I never use gems to get monsters. I just get monsters by breeding or in those things at the right side

3 General Thetys


My General Thetys is a 65, and it still is good. I take advantage of higher leveled monsters with Stamina Devours, an OP Move. I”d say to pair Thetys up with a monster that can Regen Stamina. Her Elite Sea Troops is also a good move, with that Damage Boost + Precision. Abyss Attack is a good 2nd or 3rd move, and it is a very good mid-game move since you can waste a turn on boosts. Tough is annoying, and it gets on your opponents nerve. I would never say to do any other rune sets than speeds. At least 2 Solo Speeds, but I would recommend 3 Solo Speeds.

She is a great monster, especially when fighting tougher enemies, because her stamina drain skill is inescapable. She can also refuel the team”s stamina and deal massive damage past level 40 or so. Really well rounded!

This monster has one good move; Stamina devours, and it isn”t even that good, other than that it is trash, freeze is good but crappy monsters like Frostbite and Ledovech have that. Call me a hater a bigot whatever you like this monster is complete trash

Best legendary ever! Great on bosses, her stamina drain move is an automatic lost turn on the big guy. I”d advise her with timoreon. His cool downs deactivated with elite sea troops= thetys can use multiple stamina devours.

4 General Darmith


Ew. Not my favorite monster. Dragon soul isn”t special, Thetys” Elite Sea Troops is better, giving stamina refill, precision AND damage. Don”t buy him, it”s not worth it

Best design no doubt, but not good monster, there are a LOT, or maybe, so MANY monsters better than him… he is… meh, mediocre.

Great stats and high as power, I versed him in multiplayer, big mistake! need I say more?

I have him and he is my best! Level 75 and his attack is 4,155 and health is 23,207

5 General Nishant


He”s not actually that good to me because I beat him with my Jasastur even though Nishant was higher level.

He is my second ever legendary monster and my first general so… I think he”s the coolest general even more than general darmith… I have him level 5 and his special attack is scary 😀

A really good attacker

Great strength, level 70 and 35K attack, health isn”t the best but still ridiculous compared to others

6 Barbatos


Barbatos, Barbatos. It”s a “hell” of an attacker in this game. Always open with Blood Covenant then a Hellfire. Corrupted Laceration is a good move with the Nightmares, and so is Master of Pain with the painful damage. Always put 3 strength runes (team or solo).

Ultra Powerful Blood Covenant+ Hellfire to wipe out opponents. PvP+ dungeons easy with him. I use him with VIII runes 115 so good and opponents almost always lose immediately. I recommend: Blood Covenant + Hellfire + Master of Pain + Corrupted laceration (Master of pain is 0 cool-down so you won”t need Demon Heart)

I have him at rank 3 with 2 level 10 strength runes and one level 10 life rune… I can take down a team pf level 100 legendaries sometimes with Blood Covenant + Hellfire followed by a decent AoE attack from someone else like Saulot or Petra Loa. I also use him with Cloud and use Cloud”s “Charge With Me” to give Barbatos an extra attack with double damage and precision. He is a game changer paired with Cloud or Rocigon and someone with a possession AoE like Saulot or Lumoona (who can also heal the team and protect the team from possession).

Attacks do insane amounts of damage at the cost of a little bit of life, but that”s not a problem with a good healer like Nemestrinus or General Alces. Furthermore, his self buff gives him an extra turn, essentially giving him double damage and stamina regen at all times (again, at the cost of some life).

7 General Shannara


Is crazy good with demise and can one shot entire teams at a time!

8 Griffin


One of the best monsters I have had, my set of skills: Stunning pecks, huge pecks, blinding pecks, griffin thunder, VERY OVERPOWERED. he can stun without cooldowns, do heavy damage without cooldowns, and is very fast too, he is a damage dealer, I recommend 2 strength and 1 health rune or 1 strength one speed and one health!

Griffin is very powerful. It has an AOE bleed and Huge Peck deals 60% damage with no cooldown! Stunning Peck deals 45% damage and stun without cooldown.

Griffin is OP and can have great nicknames! Bleeding pecks and griffin thunder with massive peck too much power to handle

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Griffin is my first legendary and he is over powered! He also deals a lot of damage and has really little cool down

9 Cavenfish


If you would let me pick between Varuna and Cavenfish, I would say Cavenfish everyday. Round Rain and Bullet Rain must be in your attacks, both are AOE”s and prevent a turn to monsters (if they are not immune). Board Her is a really good supporting move. And I don”t really care if you pick one over the other (Cavenfish”s Curse and Corsair Offensive) because both are good. 3 speeds (team or solo) and 2 speeds (team or solo) and 1 strength are my runes that you should put on Cavenfish.

This is a very good monster, lead rain + round rain is extremely OP. Freeze and stun? Its insane, equip the strength runes you have got a very good monster

I don”t know why people tell others to put strength runes on him. He”s a denial. 3 Speed, you”re welcome.

This guy is awesome with aoe stun and then aoe freeze right after. He should be in the top 15 at least

10 Timerion


I don”t have any comment other than its very annoying. Put 3 SX Strength + Life runes on this Timerion and I”m filing a lawsuit on you. Looped Damage, it can reflect attacks. Cooldowns Activated can be annoying, but there is no way you are going to use it on a Fenrir. I would say that Time Stop should always be in your 1st 3 moves. And Space-Time will always come in handy because of Evasion. My runeset? 3 Stre- I mean 3 Speed runes.

His stop time move is OP, it puts a turn skip on a monster of choice, and gets an extra turn to support with his move space time, which will basically have your team dodge all of the opponents next attack. He is a great setup and his equalizer move is also OP. Timerion has bad hit points, and equalizer will make a monster of the opponents team (of your choice) have equal HP as Timerion.

This monster is only for the advanced players. Also, this monster is designed from Social Point to be the most effective and well… the best monster of the game… and it is. Trait: Atrifact – All the status effects are useless against it! Timerion is immunity to EVERY effect… enough said! Power: 2.310 –Low? Nope! Life: 26.239 – Its mediocre, althought Timerion doesn”t needs much HP. Speed: 3.388 – Timerion is slow for Denier, but it”s Trait makes up for it. Skills: Cooldowns Activated: A skill that activates the cooldowns from all the enemies… not only unresisted, but if you”re lucky, you can immobilize the enemies for several turns! Space Time: Makes all the ally team “invicible” for the next turn, which this is simply amazing especially at Team Wars… you can save your low rarity monsters for endless turns. Stop – Time: Applies Time Stop(unresisted stun), may gains extra turn… this skill “stuns” an enemy, and gains extra turn! How OP is that?! Just imagine, starting off …more

Timerion is extremely dangerous to monsters with skill that have high cooldowns since he can activate them with CDA. Stop time will give timerion an extra turn at the same time, denying the enemy. CDDA (cooldowns deactivared) DOES NOT GO THROUGH ITS 4-turn cooldown! Once you activate the skill it will be available in the next turn again considering the amount of stamina you have. Equalizer is good for adventure map and tanks like Cryotan. Space Time and Looped Damage are capable of defending your whole team, making timerion a very good support if used at the right correctly.

11 MMOnster


This Monster Sucks, You Only Like Him Since he”s based off PopularMMOS, admit it, I Wanted him so bad at first when I Had the opportunity, but now I Put Him In A Legend Habitat Unused, definitely a monster to waste your money on! Oh, And On Bosses, Equalizer And A Kaih The Eradodctator (Highest Power In Game) Can Kill A Boss!

He isn”t that good for PvP or Team Wars, he is much better for adventure map monster. His move that takes 30% of the enemy”s health is good for fighting bosses with over 100,000 health. On a scale of 1 to 10 he”s a 6.

He was my first legendary, super good. At level 40 he was out damaging my level 55 epics. Definitely one of the best legendaries around and I highly suggest you get him whenever he is on sale.

This monster is amazing! He should most definitely be in at least the top three. His health, attacks, and special skills are super cool! If only I had him…

12 Lagerchaun


Wait, he”s here?! Absolutely not. Lagerchaun is the worst legendary to ever exist. It”s worse than Vandamagma for pete”s Sake!

He is worse than some flipping epics get him in last place every time I see this list I”m like “what! ”

I reported him 3 times and nothing happened. This guy is probably worse than Thundehare.

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No! He actually a really good monster! at least at level 40, being 1 of my only 4 at that level.

13 General Alces


I also have general alces my general alces is level 30 and it beat 3 rares which are level 40 like what the heck he should be in the top 10!

He can heal and attack. Period.

Should be top ten period

Who made this list

14 Lord Moltus


I like him as I”m in early game but I think there will be better fire monsters than him as he is so easy to get.

I”ve always dreamed of having him. Looks awesome, been attacked by him, and attacks awesome.

Rador, Kaih “The Eradicator” and him have break the limits of damage!

How do you get him? By the way he is SO col!

15 Killeraptor


If you guys are looking for a strong monster that will help you with adventure map levels, (not bosses though) you should get killeraptor. He does an amazing amount of damage and he will help you level up very quickly in the adventure map. just give him strength runes and he is OP on damage. He can also be bought for a low price so after all this guy is totally WORTH IT!

Mine”s level 53 and he”s my best monster but my second highest leveled. He is really strong and good for people who need a legendary. The runes on mine are strength level 4, team strength level 5, and team strength level 4.

This guy is a killer… Mine is level 100 and one shots almost everyone in the adventure map with his pterodactyl control move!

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First legend, and also O.P., even against higher level monsters. Also Stampede so O.P., along with his special moves!

16 Metalhead


Brilliant all stun, insane damage move, best shield move in game, and shouting for vengeance is epic for magnetizing and special move kills ALL in four turns.(Kill them all, Ace of hearts, in the darkest hour, shouting for vengeance and the fatal countdown are the moves I”m talking about)

Best metal monster by far. He has AoE Stun, Possession, and great stats. If you ever get a chance to get him, GET HIM. Don”t miss out on the opportunity to own him!

Can deal 4 types of damage, dark, metal, fire, and special. His skills look cool too!

There may be monsters with more health or stronger AoE moves… but seriously: there is a god reason this guy is in almost every good pvp Team

17 Glitch


I don”t have a Glitch, but based of what I have seen it is powerful. Be careful when playing with that “Kill Switch” button, because the next thing you know you might have gave your enemy triple damage without the corruption. DDos is a fine move which can do the negative status effects. Backdoor Intrusion is fine, it can heal Glitch a bit. Removal Bug is also fine, but it is SUPER HANDY when removing Triple Damage or Mega Taunt. My recommendations for this is all speed. At least 1 Solo Speed.

I love glitch, I use glitch all the time, glitch is able to possess every monster and bypass their special possession trait. Glitch is able to heal itself by using backdoor intrusion, I use it at stage 400. Extremely strong, DDos gives random damage to every enemy :o!

Should Be on a higher rank, kill switch, ddos, removal bug and backdoor intrusion, only weakness are the herdened monsters, I use with speed runes, he doesn”t need to be strong. With minotaurus (strength runes) and Varuna make a great team, just feeding voltaik to repl minotaurus.

Kill Switch Beats MMOnsters don”t Forget to Subscribe, 200% more damage even though no precision, who needs that am I Right?DDoS = Moderate And 1 Random Effect AoE?!?!?! Too OpTop 3 definitely

18 Treezard


This. This thing is amazing. Treezard is a god. Above any attacker I”ve ever seen- Cain, Hookuai, Nitroblaster, you name it – I will always choose the massive legend known as Treezard. I”ve never actually won against one, and am still trying to breed one today (I”ve been trying to breed him three years straight). Every entity here who has a Treezard and uses him, you are an absolute legend. A legend like Treezard. Thank you for existing.

He can literally heal ally by 50% and give regenaration. He can heal all allies by 35% and remove negative status effects. I have him at rank 2

Can you please stop making stuff up even though its an obvious lie it still lowers the reputation and authenticity of the entire list… not to mention some people may actually believe you

There is no other match for this monsters greatness it is one of the easiest monsters to get altough it is so powerful it is ridiculous, I once 3v1ed it and was amazed by it”s power.

19 Uriel


It is one of the most powerful monsters in the game. It”s opening in 65 level and his stats are amazing!

His moves are incredibly powerful and you can only get him at level 60, proving he”s even better.

I think this should be way higher on the list then largerchaun, largerchaun is out ranked by epics! Largerchaun sucks!

He is the best supportive kind of monster.

20 General Uria


This monster should be ranked 1st!

He is fast and strong

Strong just strong

Charged boom is SO good even at level 70 it dose 7009 and more to griffin why do people hate him

22 Frostbite


This is a very annoying Live Duel monster when paired with good enough allies. It leaks a lot of Stamina, gets a lot of Stamina and lots of Freezing, including an AOE freeze. I would say Speeds would do the job for runes.

Great deny monster. Can often immobilize the whole party along with 1 person losing 2 turns because you have frozen them AND taken their stamina.

Freeze moves have good accuracy, so you normally have 2 whole rounds without being attacked. Even without double damage move, he is awesome.

He is arguably the best denier with 100% steam leakage plus other two stunned. AOE stun and AOE double damage. Arguably one of the best for the attack team. Ehhh for defense.

23 Varuna


I don”t have a real opinion on this monster. Its pretty good, don”t get me wrong. But I get Varuna”s and Cavenfish”s moveset mixed up. Hefty Anchor and Cascade Blast are good, but that”s the only real outstanding moves it has. If you”re dealing with a Cryotan/Gelotron type of monster, Hefty Anchor and Cascade Blasti both are not fit for the job. As for how to play it properly, Brutal Tsunami is a must-have 3rd move. Stamina Leakage can come in handy in situations, and so can healing. Cascade Vortex needs to be your last move. Its an attack move which heals 30% of HP. I say put it with all speeds, or 2 speed 1 strengths.

All freeze, will be great combined with Thetys! He also have stun, his ultimate is stun for all, he can heal him self. What do you need? More stamina? His skill can also recover stamina. Tell me more why don”t you use him yet?

This guy was my first legendary and I always get the first turn! It freezes everything while doing INSANE damage at the same time! I literally NEVER have to recharge because all of his attacks give him stamina.#TOTES THE BEST

My 1st legendary.. Have good stat and ability to regenerates Health and Stamina.. And freezing enemy.. My level-70- Varuna can beat Level-100 monster..

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24 Alpha Cliviast

He has an AoE stun and poison and an AoE Death Countdown, plus incredible life stealing skills. A must have for dungeon bosses, and for the Cryotan + Ourus + Igursus monsters. 100,000+ hp, but they”ll all die after 3 turns.

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In Team Wars, players from all over the world join forces to battle it out against other teams in an attempt to earn coveted War Coins. These coins can be used to purchase exclusive monsters and powerful items that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. Team Races are a bit different; instead of battling it out against other teams, players are placed on an island and tasked with completing quests and winning battles within a specific time window. In the end, the team that finishes first typically wins a high-ranking monster egg that can’t be found anywhere else.


The best Monster Legends Team Wars viability ranking has been released! The rankings are based on the team’s overall strength and how likely they are to win.

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