The Best Mogul Ski Boots For Moguls: Top 5 Products Review, The Best Ski Boots Of 2021

Ski boots are the most important purchase for any skier looking to have an enjoyable day on the mountain. When we’re talking moguls, a great pair of boots are even more critical because of the terrain difficulty when you’re maneuvering your way through the bumps.

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Moguls are the hard mounds of snow that you typically see on expert terrain because they’re the toughest trails to conquer on the mountain.

For this reason, making a decision on the best mogul boot for yourself can be a tough choice because you want to choose a boot that will optimize your performance, but also be comfortable enough for a full day on the slopes.

That’s why I have you covered to make a great purchase if you’re considering a new pair of mogul ski boots this season.

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Top Pick | Lange RX 120

Lange has rose to the occasion for mogul skiers by creating the RX 120. This is the best overall boot on the current market. Performance and comfort are the two most critical categories when deciding on a boot for the bumps and Lange doesn’t fall short in either group.

Width: 97 or 100mm





This model is designed from Lange’s RS racing boot. Racing boots are all about performance and lack in comfort to get down the mountain as fast as possible. They kept that performance in this boot, but also added an epic level of comfort to keep you smiling all day long.

It has four buckles and a power strap that fastens you into the boot. This design completely locks you in and has a very stiff feel that will allow you to confidently power your way down the toughest terrain.

This boot has a very quick response ability so if you hit an unexpected rough patch on the slopes, you’ll be able to react quickly and successfully make your way down any mogul run.

The performance in this boot is cutting edge, but as I mentioned before it doesn’t sacrifice comfort considering its stiffness rating. It has an innovative fit to appeal to all different foot shapes and its liner couldn’t be more comfortable. It will keep your warm, snug, and happy when your pushing it hard on the bumps.

There are not many flaws with this boot besides its price point. This boot appeals to mogul skiers of all abilities so for some people it may have too high of a price point. Despite this, there are more expensive boots on the market that don’t deliver like the RX 120 and for that reason it’s an easy choice for the top spot on the list.

Budget Option | Nordica Speed Machine 100

Budget choices usually come with some major flaws, but the Speed Machine 100 defies this stereotype. Nordica couldn’t have given us a better boot for the value. These are my current everyday boots and I couldn’t have been happier with them in every outing on the mountain thus far.

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Width: 100mm


The best part about these boots is the comfort level. They have a fairly high stiffness rating, but comfort is what Nordica prides themselves on in all their everyday boots.

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The liner in the Speed Machine steals the show. It’s extremely soft and warm thanks to PrimaLoft insulation technology. This will keep your feet comfortable all day while pushing hard through the bumps. The liner appeals to all different foot shapes and I haven’t heard anyone who has an issue with the feel of this boot.

Like the RX 120, this boot has four buckles and a power strap, but it doesn’t have the same performance level as the Lange model. You will still be able to respond quickly on the mountain and feel powerful in this boot, but Nordica took a performance hit to deliver on comfort.

This boot appeals to more of a casual skier, but I’ve been skiing for twenty years and I love this model. You won’t feel much of a hit in performance because these boots still allow you to dominate your way down the trail.

To top it all off, the price point on this boot is unreal for what you’re getting in comfort and performance. You won’t find a better budget boot that will give your feet the ability to ski from first chair to the end of the day on any mogul run.

Best For Advanced Skiers | Dalbello Lupo Pro HD

This is an epic boot, but it has an extremely advanced feel. The flex rating is 130 which is a race level stiffness where you’ll feel locked into this boot. You’ll be able to push your skis to the level your heart desires and not be shifting around when you’re powering through any bumps.

Width: 98mm

The stiffness can be an advantage for an expert to feel more under control, but if you’re not an expert I wouldn’t consider this boot. The weight of the boot itself is slightly heavy, but they compensated for this with their liner.

The Lupo comes with an ID Max Light liner which keeps your feet surprisingly comfortable considering how much these boots are built to perform. Dalebllo really focused on the feel of this boot to not sacrifice comfort for the high-level of performance and I think they did a good job.

The ID liner also custom forms to your feet for even more relief when you’re pushing hard down the slopes. The liner is another reason that these boots respond very well to the snow under your skis.

The Lupo Pro HD is an amazing boot. It sides more with performance, but every race style boot does this so don’t get discouraged by this fact. What you should possibly get discouraged about is the price point.

These boots can cost you more than a solid pair of skis so keep that in mind. Despite this, if you assess your ski ability and you feel this boot is for you, I know you will not be disappointed.

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Best For Intermediate Skiers | Atomic Hawx Prime 110 S

I love Atomic gear. I’ve said it in some of my previous gear reviews, but Atomic is an iconic brand that never disappoints. I think that’s why so many skiers on the world level trust this brand.

Width: 100mm

The Hawx Prime 110 S give intermediate skiers the ability to cruise through the bumps for a great price point. They’re light boots that have a sturdy feel which allows any skier to push hard on mogul terrain.

Since Atomic introduced this model, they have been a best seller in the medium foot width category because of everything they’ve packed into this boot. Since last season, they have improved the fit while lowering the weight and expect Atomic to continue this innovation for years to come.

Like most boots, the Hawx have a four-buckle system along with a power strap. At a 110-flex rating, these are right towards the high end of an intermediate skiing ability, but Atomic made these boots skiable for any intermediate on the slopes.

The liner in the Hawx is made from memory foam so it may take a little time to contour to your foot, but after a few trips you’ll feel like these boots were custom shaped for your feet.

The negative of this boot is performance. As you improve, you will want more performance and this boot doesn’t deliver like the Lupo Pro HD. With that being said, the Hawx Prime are nearly half the price and many expert skiers would be happy in this boot.

This boot is great for intermediates and has the ability to grow in performance as a skier improves in the bumps. For that reason, it’s a great choice for all intermediates.

Runner Up | Salomon S-Pro 100

The Salomon S/Pro 100 is a great boot, but it fell just short of the top spot because it doesn’t live up to the Lange RX in any category. Don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t a great boot because it may be a better choice for some skiers on the slopes than the Lange model.

Width: 100mm

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The Salomon X Pro series has been very popular and the S/Pro is a better version of this line. The liner can compete with any top-level boot on the market. It will keep your feet warm while eliminating foot pinching in the boot.

They redesigned the shell to lighten the weight of the boot which allows intermediate success on the slopes by giving skiers more control. The 100-flex rating in addition to the four buckle/power strap system is a perfect combination for skiers of all abilities. This model allows predictable control on rough mogul terrain which couldn’t be more important for a safe trip down the trail.

The negative with this boot is that it can compete in comfort with the Lange, but it doesn’t perform nearly as well as the RX 120 and an expert probably wouldn’t be content in this Salomon model. The Lange can grow with a skier’s ability where the S/Pro has a cut-off point when attacking mogul terrain.

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With that being said, the S/Pro comes at a slightly lower price than the Lange RX, but this still didn’t sway me from awarding the runner up to the S/Pro.

What to Look for in Mogul Ski Boots

There are tons of boots on the market that would thrive in the bumps so if none of the models I mentioned fit you, here’s what you need to look for in a pair of mogul ski boots.

Flex Rating

The first thing to consider with a pair of ski boots for moguls is the flex rating. Moguls come on intermediate/expert terrain so you will need a pair of boots that fit this qualification. In bumps, you want even more control so I would say to begin your boot search at a 100-flex rating.

100-110 is made for an intermediate, 110-120 is an advanced rating and 120-130 is an expert flex. A higher flex means that a boot is stiffer. Stiffness allows for control and power with expert skiers, so a stiffer boot is key for success in moguls.

Height and weight play a role in flex choice as well. A bigger person will want a higher flex to be able to powerfully control their boots.

Flex is recommended by your skiing level and body, but stiffness is really a personal choice. I would recommend testing some boots with varying flex ratings and seeing what you’re comfortable with on the slopes.

Width or Last

Boots are measured in length, but manufacturers also account for foot width. Choosing a boot with the correct width (last is an interchangeable term) is key for all day comfort. You never want boot pinching and correct width choice can prevent this from happening.

There are three categories of last: narrow (97 to 98mm), average (100mm), and wide (102-106mm). I recommend a boot technician at your local ski shop measuring last for you to get the correct fit because this is such a major component for comfort.


I believe price does and should play a huge role in mogul ski boot choice.

Anything that nears $1000 is a very expensive boot so don’t look for models in this ballpark unless you’re an expert. I would say that you can get a great pair of boots for $400 and anything up to $600 is a solid purchase for an intermediate to advanced skier.

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You’ll get more technologically advanced features with higher priced boots, but in the end of the day the skier makes the boots. As long as a boot feels powerful enough for you to ski it through the bumps, the skier is the main factor in boot success.

Don’t let high prices make you think that the boots will make you a better shredder because the skier always makes the equipment.

I hope this was helpful in your search for a perfect boot. If you think about what your goals are as well as your skiing ability, you won’t go wrong with whatever model you choose!

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