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You seem to have stumbled upon my Sociopath/Infiltrator guide, thanks for stopping by. Whether you somehow found it scrambling through the steam guides, or you are trying to find help about the deck – you may or may not find what you’re looking for.

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Disclaimer: Despite the fact I use the deck to the point it did form bad habits on me, I’m not an expert on the decks itself. I’m just more or less trying to encourage people to use them.

You guys are credit to team!

First off, I would like to start to thank a few people and stuff.-Don’t Shoot I’m g*y for giving me advice and his sniper build-Sweegy for the DPS build and advice-Casual m8 also for advice-Melonium for giving me the deck-SolidGrinch which his guides Introduced to me that Dodge builds are not the only way to play the game-The entire Wiki for the good stuff and information-Theresa “Midget” Apocalypse for general idea of a guide format-KevKild for the Bible Guide to DSOD


Owning the Decks

Infiltrator is part of the Dragan Character pack. Most you guys likely have owned the deck by purchasing the Ultimate Edition Legacy Collection or buying the DLC out right.Owning Sociopath on the other hand is weird. Someone probably thought “Hey, rather than putting the DLC on Payday’s DLC list that (for the most part) adds content for Payday 2, we put it on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number’s store page instead.”The DLC itself is NOT on the Legacy Collection. So yea, the deck’s here:, I can’t confirm whether if you need the base game in order to use what the DLC provides.Personally it’s a good game so go buy it

Overview (Sociopath)

Sociopath is a deck where its main survivability is about being in close range with your enemies. While It has the less damage reduction than Infiltrator, It makes up for it with its peusdo armor gating and Panic.Sociopath’s armor gating on kill and Panic allows the deck to sustain itself by being aggressive and the Panic comes in as crowd control. However, compared to Anarchist where its armor gate activates on hit, Sociopath requires to be on kill. Having to kill instead of a hit could most likely cost you a down if you’re being too aggressive.In order for Sociopath to have 3 hits of ICTV from Heavy units on DS, it requires the use of Frenzy; the major downside leaving you with 1/3 of your health. It might be favorable for some people to ditch Frenzy in order to take full advantage of their health and First Aid Kits.Comparatively to Anarchist, Sociopath gives armor gating that allows higher potential. However, the 2s Invinciblity that Anarchist provides is really good for survivalbility and having its max potential using Suit. Sociopath on the other hand is practically forced to use armor to make use of its armor gating value for efficiently.Anarchist only requires any form of dmg, awhile Sociopath requires confirmed kills to proc armor gating, meaning you proc Sociopath less in practice.(Post Production here – Despite Sociopath’s CD is 0.5s faster than Anar, Anar is way safer thanks to Card 1 (Blitzkrieg Bop)’s passive regen and also provides 2s invincibility that’s completely ripped from Armorer.)

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Overview (Infiltrator)

If you remember what I talked about OVERDOG being Underdog Aced in a deck; Infiltrator’s entire deck can be summed up as: Underdog Aced in a deck. With a total amount to 36% damage reduction, this allows for a 2 Hit ICTV at base. However, like Sociopath 3 Hit setups, you need Underdog Aced + Frenzy Aced to reach 3 hits – but It isn’t worth using due to not armor gating like SociopathMajor downside however is you lose both the peusdo armor gating and the Panic ability that Sociopath provides. It’s because of this that the deck itself is designed to be played passively. Going for extreme plays might as well be Cheems sending you to horny jail.Infiltrator’s OVERDOG has an unlisted upside of increasing its OVERDOG duration to 7 Seconds; meaning while Sociopath’s case of going against a Bulldozer with your melee requires you to fully commit to the kill itself, Infiltrator provides time for you to retreat before going in for a second hit.Card 9 is Where Infiltrator provides you 20% of your health on melee hit. Awhile it heals more and not having to commit to a kill, It has a downside of a 10 second cooldown.Infiltrator can arguably be compared to Armorer purpose-wise where the survivability comes in passively. Although (for the most part), It’s more favorable towards PiC setups.The most optimal way to run Infiltrator is to pair it with Partners in Crime Aced to increase survivability. Using a Frenzy setup could potentially work by having more DPS, but it’s really dangerous without armor gating.

Damage Reduction Calculation (But Not Really)

Incoming Maths and stuffI genuinely am confused on how DR is meant to be calculated but I’m calculating from 2 methods that seems to be accurate, so take this with a grain of saltDR calculation goes by descending order. We will take 3 Hit ICTV Sociopath’s 45% DR as an example.We start with Frenzy’s 25% DR, take 225 and divide it by 0.75 (1-0.25)22.

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x 0.75 = 168.75We will take the results from Frenzy and multiply it by the second highest DR: Sociopath’s 20%.168.7. x 0.80 (1-0.20) = 135The final step we will use Underdog Aced’s 10% DR13. x 0.90 (1-0.10) =121.5These calculations prove that Sociopath can reach 3 hit ICTV with Frenzy and UnderdogBut If all of these calculations are for absolute nothing, use any Infohud that provides DR calculation Such as WolfHud or VanillaHudplus as they are way easier to calculate.22. x (1-0.45) =123.75Somehow calculations come out differently and I’m not sure why. (Max Damage Reduction for Sociopath is 45% according to VanillaHudplus despite Both Dmg Reduction skills added with Sociopath Adds up to around 55%)

Melee Choices

Alot of Melees in Payday 2 are either reskins or outright powercreep over others. You’re free to use any form of melee you’d like, assuming you’re not optimizing for absolute perfection. (Maybe due to cosplay reasons)On the topic of optimization, The 2 major factors are followed for a good melee weapon to use:-70(450) Melees-Quick attacking melees (Primarily for Sociopath’s short OVERDOG duration)In this case, The Katana is undoubtedly the best option for melees. However, you lose out on a tiny bit of concealment. For low DR setups, the Ice Pick would be the better option if you can’t spare the extra detection risk. Anyone who doesn’t own either DLC are recommended to use the El Verdugo which allows both decent concealment, melee range and damage.

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Modifications:-Competitor’s Compensator-Auto Fire (Optional)-LED Combo-War-Torn StockWeapon Alternatives:-100 Dmg SMGs Tatonka (Gage Russian Pack) Krinkov (DLC-less) CR 805B (Biker Character Pack)

Meme builds (Mostly DPS Sociopath)

Builds when you’re higher than Mr. Krabs on Ketamine and are trying to make bad builds.(Seriously why are you using these?!)Sociopath is used in all of these builds as DPS rewards the deck by armor gatingSweegy is responsible for proving DPS sociopath can workSweegy’s Build: -KSP / KSP 58 with Competitors Compensator / Stubby Compensator for threat -Krinkov as backup due to reload and generally higher DPS(Camera Man’s notes: Sweegy said both threat and Panic can proc together and easily secure kills. I don’t have much knowledge on threat so I’m not gonna say much)-Overkill (Aced) + 65% Crit Suit: Izmah (For concealment) Judge (Proc Overkill with concealment) Loco (Alternative to Judge) Whatever Smg that’s concealable for Low Blow (If using Aced)-Bows with Smg Secondary: -Airbow due to mag size and not needing low DR (Other bows/Crossbows should work fine as long your aim is pretty good) -Any 60 SMG (Kobus / Heather / Mark 10 / Etc.)-Overkill Aced + 65% Crits + Berserker:“Living and helping your teammates – what’s that?” (For Concealment)-100 Dmg SMGs for Dozers ( Krinkov / Tatonka / CR 805B ) -60 Dmg SMGs for consistent use ( Kobus / Heathers / Mark 10 / Etc.)

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How to use Brain

CoverThe most basic tip of all of them applies to any deck you’re using. Going outside on DS without preparation would result in you being snapped out of existence. No, this is not Stoic, so please go to your hiding spot and just have patience for your armor to recover. Even more so with Infiltrator.When to use your MeleeAs strong as your melee can potentially be, you use it to easily take out most units unit in 2 hits.You’ll need 13 Bloodthirst charges to take out regular Dozers without charging your attack in 2 hits.(With Bloodthirst + Pumping Iron Aced)Don’t run into a crowd exposed with your melee. For the sake of safety, let the Bulldozers come to you.Medicswhen meleeing cops, Look around for a second.Are there Medics around. Yes?Take them out first. If your supposed victim doesn’t die, you’re the next one dead.You look around and there are no Medics?As long you don’t run 10 meters away just to kill someone; sure, go ahead.“Na, do it, p***y” – Editor’s note (don’t tell Camera I added this)


Sociopath and Infiltrator – while not exactly great decks compared to metas – are personally my absolute favorite deck to play with.If you really enjoy a deck’s play style but aren’t great at DS, you’re free to stick to it and improve with them out of enjoyment. Don’t let it not being meta push you away from using it, even if you’re gonna die a lot in pubs and get your a*s carried by your teammates.I don’t consider myself competent or having great build knowledge in general – so if possible – point out the flaws in the comments. I’m not perfect in any way, but I could give my reasons for it.

By Camera Man

Hope you enjoy the post for PAYDAY 2 How to Melee Decks on DS (Infiltrator/Sociopath Basics and Builds), If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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