Whats The Best Melee Weapon For Excalibur Build 2021, Best Excalibur Build 2021

Excalibur is one of the three starter Warframes a beginner could select. One of the oldest and most beloved Warframe. It's quite difficult to get Excalibur Prime, you can get the prime version by purchasing the founder package. For a long time, you were only able to play with his normal version of him. He is a great Swordsman, and this is the main reason why a lot of players use him pretty early on. The passive of Excalibur is Swordsmanship. Using a sword type melee weapon, you will receive bonus damage output and attack speed.

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Slash Dash – The Warframe moves and smashes between enemies in front of him and cuts them with his exalted blade. The enemies that survive his strike will be knocked down. When there are no enemies, he will perform a dash in the direction you are facing. Using this ability will make Excalibur immune to damage and if you want to make a melee attack, press the melee attack button during the dash, and he will instantly equip with his melee weapon.

Radial Blind – This is the second ability and it releases an intense flash from his exalted blade. This blade will blind the enemies around him. The enemies affected by this ability will not be able to see you, but they can fire at the last known location or might run for cover. The enemies are vulnerable to melee finisher attacks.

Radial Javelin – Using this ability, the Excalibur summons several javelins that are launched against his enemies around him and will create high damage output. The enemies who are affected by the javelin will stun momentarily.

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Exalted Blade – With this ability, Excalibur summons his ethereal sword and uses it as a melee weapon. When this ability is active, you can use normal attacks, wall attacks and slam attacks. With each attack, the melee combo counter will increase. You can also use side attacks and will perform a smaller radial blind at the end at the cost of some energy drain. Activating this ability will give access to a unique melee stance along with its combat attacks. The blades will create an energy wave in the direction you are aiming with a good amount of damage output. The damage output may get reduced over the range. It also has auto-block to frontal attacks.

Modding this Warframe is a little bit problematic, but we are trying to show you some late-game builds here. When it comes to selecting an aura mod slot, Steel charge will be the best choice as it will increase the damage output of your ability a lot. Only a few groups of the mission will require an aura mod change, but going with the extra melee damage is generally a good choice.

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The Standard Excalibur Build focuses mainly on the Exalted Blade, that will give you a huge damage boost. It not only allows you to shoot your sword slashes through the map, but also gain a very strong sword that will kill the mobs in no time.

Chromatic Blade, a key mod that will give you high damage output and at least 180% strength ability and 100% status chance for your exalted weapon. Primed continuity helps you to deal with the energy pool and also increase the Radial Blind ability duration. Stretch, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with abilities it provides you a bigger radius for the Radial blind skill, which will help you in survival for certain situations.

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This Excalibur build is quite weaker when compared to the standard version, but can be super fun to play. It is just awesome to dash through the map and kill everything and everyone on the way. However, you get a good amount of range, strength, efficiency and good damage output against the enemies. Primes Flow will be a very important key mod to deal with the energy drain. Other survivability mods like Vitality or Streamline can be used instead of Steel Fiber. This Excalibur build is quite straight forward and will be fun until don’t use them with higher-level enemies.

For certain type of missions, this tanky Excalibur build will be useful and it can deal with a good amount of damage. This Excalibur builds tries to combine the benefits of standard build with a little more tackiness. Adaptation and Steel Fiber are good options while Hunter Adrenaline deals with the energy drain. Chromatic Blade and Primed Continuity will also help in dealing with energy drain and the duration of Radial Blind. Understand the strength and weakness of this Excalibur build before using it. When dealing with high-level enemies you need to know when and where you need to attack so that you might get some good timing and bonus on your abilities.

Creating the Exalted Blade Excalibur Build isn’t as simple as you think, because when you use Chromatic Blade you can get up to 100% status chance without using any +60% status chance mods. Increasing the status is very beneficial because along with Conditional Overload and augmented mod you will get a deal a lot of melee damage. Otherwise, you need to add two elemental damage mods or you need to equip with al damage increasing mods. To increase the critical damage, you can use True Steel and Organ Shatter and increase the attack speed use Berserker.

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You can find a lot of Excalibur builds on the internet. Being one of the three starter Warframes you can a lot with him, and he has some unique and great skill set. Once you get yourself with the Umbra version of Excalibur, you will know why everyone is so hyped about it. Find the Excalibur build that suits your gameplay and start experiment with it. If you have any better suggestion kindly let us know.

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