Philly'S 8 Very Best Mani Pedi Philadelphia 'S Best Nail Salons

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Some may argue that there is no better luxury than a good mani-pedi. It’s a great way to be pampered without spending a week’s worth of pay. It will leave you relaxed and happy. Your hands will never feel or look better than right after your treatment. There are so many options in to find the best spas and salons that it can get overwhelming having to choose the one that is right for you. So here’s some help to narrow down the options for you, with everything from high-end spas, to reasonable salons where you are in and out in less than an hour. Pick the best nail salon that suits your needs and is convenient toyour location.

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Mi Cumbia Organica328 S 17th, PA 19103(215)

Mi Cumbia Organic Nail Spa offers quality Columbian work to all its customers. The spa has been named “Best Of” in Philly Magazine, Allure and on Yelp for consecutive years. Be sure to make an appointment ahead of time at Mi Cumbia, as this is a very popular location. Pick from a long menu with a variety of options. You may want to try the Bagazo de Coconut: Mani/Pedi where thetechniciansuse freshly shredded coconut meat along withwarm organic coconut oil for an unforgettable massage.

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Lacquer Lounge38 N. 3rd, PA 19106(215)

If you are looking to spend a little cash on a full nail makeover, then Lacquer Lounge should be on your “to-do” list. Make an appointment for a keratin manicure and pedicure, and give your feet and hands the nourishment they’ve been craving. The atmosphere is fun and funky, which just adds to the amazing experience you will surely have at Lacquer Lounge.

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Cinderella Nails4363 Main, PA 19127(215) 482-4255

Cinderella Nails is the perfect excuse to visit the quaint little neighborhood, Manayunk. Enjoy a relaxing foot and leg massage before you head out to explore the town. You will feel so good you may want to go back for seconds after your stroll down Main Street. The salon also offers luxurious hand massage, hot stone massages and many more services.

City Nails On Square221 S. 17th, PA 19103(215)

City Nails on Square is the perfect place to stop and get your nails done especially if you are short on time. This nail salon offers fast and professional service on any given day. The salon also has a huge selection of colors and different products that you can purchase at reasonable prices.

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Laurentius Salon815 Christian, PA(215)

If you are looking for a great manicure with unique designs, then Laurentius is the place to visit. Are you looking for a design that is personal to you? Laurentius’ technicians are the pros who will deliver. The nail experts are filled with ideas and talent. Your nails will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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