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View all info of Man-O-War assault rifle in Call of Duty Mobile here! Know Man-O-War best attachment and all the skin advantage.

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Man-O-War Overview

You need to reach player level 52 to unlock Man-O-War assault rifle.

COD Mobile Man-O-War Assault rifle guide -

Man-O-War is in assault rifle class of COD Mobile, Man-O-War has very high damage, good accuracy and highest mobility. Overall a very good gun to use in close and long range combat.

Man-O-War Stats – Damage, Fire Rate, Accuracy, Mobility, Range

Man-O-War Stats & Tier
Damage: 49
Fire Rate: 50
Accuracy: 69
Mobility: 59
Range: 56
Controls: 53
Tier: A

Best Gun in COD Mobile Season 6

Man-O-War Loadout – The Best Attachment for Man-O-War

Here is a recommendation on building the best attachment for Man-O-War Assault Rifle:

Muzzle:OWC CompensatorBarrel:OWC RangerLaser:OWC Laser – Tactical.Underbarrel:Tactical Foregrip A.Rear Grip:Granulated Grip Tape.

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This Man-O-War attachments increase overall Accuracy, Range, and Reduces recoil control make the gun easier to spray down the target.

Here is the stats after using attachments above:

Man-O-War Stats
Damage: 49
Fire Rate: 50
Accuracy: 85
Mobility: 52
Range: 62
Controls: 63

Gunsmith Attachments Detail

Best Perk For Man-O-War – Class Setup

Here is the recommendation for Man-O-War perk class setup:

Icon Description
Light Weight perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Lightweight Sprinting speed increased by 10%.
Toughness perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Toughness Reduces players flinch when being shot by 60%.
Dead Silence perk in Call of Duty Mobile.Dead Silence Silent movement.

This perk class improve Man-O-War sprinting speed, reduce flinch, and no footstep when running.

Man-O-War Skin – Effect, Price, & How to get

Man-O-War Enteroctopus

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Enteroctopus -

Name:EnteroctopusRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Enteroctopus:Unlock this skin in Deep Squeeze Crate.

Man-O-War Bloodbath

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Bloodbath -

Name:BloodbathRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Bloodbath:Unlock this skin in Deep League Crate.

Man-O-War Sakura Storm

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Sakura Storm -

Name:Sakura StormRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Sakura Storm:Unlock this skin in Sinking Spirit Crate.

Man-O-War UAC

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: UAC -

Name:UACRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Coalition:Featured Event: Warrior”s Path.

Man-O-War Five Knights

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Five Knights -

Name:Five KnightsRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Five Knights:Featured Event: Warrior”s Path.

Man-O-War Death Scythe

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Death Scythe -

Name:Death ScytheRarity:LegendaryHow to get Man-O-War – Death Scythe:You can unlock this skin in Eternal Rest Draw.

Man-O-War Circuit Board

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Circuit Board -

Name:Circuit BoardRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Circuit Board:You can unlock this skin in Reinforced Soldier Crate.

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Man-O-War Circuit Board Loadout:

Perk:Sleight of Hand.Laser:RTC Laser 1mW.Ammunition:30 Round Extended Mag.Rear Grip:Rubberized Grip Tape.

Man-O-War Ice Crystal

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Ice Crystal -

Name:Ice CrystalRarity:EpicHow to get Man-O-War Ice Crystal:Crevasse Crate.

Man-O-War Pack Leader

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Pack Leader -

Name:Pack LeaderRarity:EpicUnlock:Season 13 Battle Pass Premium (Tier 1).

Man-O-War Dark Flare

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Dark Flare -

Name:Dark FlareRarity:EpicHow to unlock Man-O-War Dark Flare:Get Man-O-War Dark Flare in Rifle Steamroller Seasonal Event (S12).

Man-O-War Tiger”s Eye

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Tiger

Name:Tiger”s EyeRarity:EpicUnlock:Trophy Collector Crate.

Man-O-War Cardinal

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Cardinal -

Name:CardinalRarity:EpicUnlock:Evil Science Crate.

Man-O-War Zilch

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Zilch -

Name:ZilchRarity:Epic (Purple)Unlock:Crossed Swords Crate.

Man-O-War Record Scratch

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Record Scratch -

Name:Record ScratchRarity:Camo (Green).How to unlock Man-O-War Record Scratch:Get Man-O-War record scratch in Stashed Cache crate.

Man-O-War Nuclear Fallout

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Nuclear Fallout -

Name:Nuclear FalloutPrice:N/AWeapon skin advantage:

Increases weapon firing range.Kills broadcast with effects.

How to unlock Man-O-War Nuclear Fallout:Get Man-O-War Nuclear Fallout in Solstice Awakened Event.

Man-O-War Industrial Revolution

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Industrial Revolution -

Name:Industrial RevolutionPrice:N/AWeapon skin advantage:

Increase weapon firing range.Kills are broadcasted with effects.

How to unlock Man-O-War Industrial Revolution:Get this gun by reaching Master 1 in MP ranked match of Season 4.

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Man-O-War Dream Crystal

COD Mobile Man-O-War skin: Dream Crystal -

Name:Dream CrystalPrice:N/AWeapon skin advantage:

Get extra ammo when killing enemies at close range.Your kills are broadcasted with effects.Death effects of Dream Crystal series weapons.

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