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Dragon”s Dogma has a unique combat system that no other game can match. These are the skills that any Magick Archer needs to have!

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Dragon”s Dogma has a unique combat system that no other game can match. It takes the fun of open-world games like Skyrim with more Japanese-heavy combat models seen in Shadow of the Colossus or more intense fighting games.

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Just like Skyrim, there are plenty of builds players can choose on their adventure in Dragon”s Dogma, From warriors to mages, there is a class for everyone to try. Those who are interested in combining magical effects with archery should try the Magick Archer, considered by many to be one of the highest damage classes in the game. If you decide to try out this mystical class, here are 10 spells you need to use to crush the opposition.

You are not going to land all of your hits in Dragon”s Dogma unless you have inhuman reflexes. When you miss an attack, it can mean death if the enemy is strong enough.

Thankfully, there is a skill that can make missing attacks less painful. Instant Reset is a dagger skill that will immediately end your current animation and cancel out negative status effects on you, such as staggers or knockdowns. You can use this skill to recover after a missed strike, immediately end a knockdown effect, or cleverly use it in conjunction with multiple jumps to traverse massive gaps in the environment.

Few video games allow players to fire multiple arrows in a single bow shot. Dragon”s Dogma might be the only one that allows you to fire 9 at once.

Yes, you read that right. Ninefold Bolt fires nine ice bolts at the target at once. Not only does it look beautiful, but it deals a considerable amount of damage as well. If an enemy has low ice resistance, this bolt can kill them in a few strikes. You will need a Magick Bowman”s Ring or Band to use this skill, but the gear requirement is well worth the damage this bolt can dish out.

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Archery is one of the most powerful playstyles in Dragon”s Dogma thanks to its large array of skills and scaling. If that scaling isn”t enough to kill someone, why not sacrifice a companion?

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Great Sacrifice takes a pawn”s life to supercharge your next shot while slowing time. This arrow deals insane dark damage and knocks back nearly every foe in the game. Creating pawns is an easy process, but having to get new pawns every time you use this skill can get annoying. As a result, only use this as a last resort or when you know this will kill a boss you”ve been stuck on.

One of the first skills Magick Archers lear, Threefold Bolt fires three ice arrows towards your target. It fires in a spread before honing in where you aimed.

It isn”t as strong as Ninefold Bolt, but this also doesn”t require an upgrade or special item to access. This basic ability is fantastic against enemies weak to ice but does considerably less damage to those resistant to ice. For basic enemies or starting out as a Magick Archer, this skill is pretty powerful until you upgrade it to Sixfold Bolt later on.

Magick Archers are known for having rather low health pools, resulting in them dying if focused by a tough opponent. Skills like Scension can make these scenarios easier to deal with.

Scension is a dagger skill that sends forth a shockwave to damage enemies in a small radius. The damage you deal is then returned to you as life, giving this ability a life-steal property that can be invaluable in battles against clusters of foes.

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Seeker Bolt is mandatory for any good Magick Archer build. Seeker Bolt deals holy damage to up to 5 foes at a time, tracking targets through the air and dealing reasonable knockdown.

Besides dealing holy damage, the auto-lock nature of this skill makes it fantastic at long ranges and against fast-moving targets. Seeker Bolt can target multiple limbs on a target as well, letting you get 5 shots that are guaranteed to land for holy damage on bosses or large foes.

Daggers are typically associated with stealth gameplay in most RPG titles, but Dragon”s Dogma is no ordinary action RPG. In this game, daggers are rapid-attacking damage machines.

Thousand Kisses unleashes a flurry of blows with your daggers, dual striking targets per blow for good damage. You can chain this skill with itself for no additional stamina cost, making this great for staggering foes or quickly dispatching weaker targets. There are also ground finishers you can do with this, resulting in a roundhouse kick to knockdown enemies. If it misses, use the previously mentioned Instant Reset to get back into the fight.

Getting swarmed in Dragon”s Dogma can mean a quick death if you can”t rapidly take down the opposition. Skills like Immolation can help even the odds with its great area damage.

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Immolation is a fire skill that ignites you on fire, dealing blunt damage to enemies that get near you and also has a chance of burning them. You lose hit points while this is active, but skills like Scension can make this skill easier to manage. If it gets too hard to handle, simply jump to end this ability early.

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Since you can utilize Magick in your arrows and abilities, you can grant buffs to allies instead of dealing damage to your enemies.

Great Ward Arrow is a fantastic support ability that grants the Impervious status effect to all allies you hit for 135 seconds. It can target your whole team at once, granting everyone excluding you the status effect. As for the Impervious effect itself, it makes you immune to nearly every negative status effect in the game excluding unconsciousness. Burning, blind, sleep, and lowered stats are a thing of the past with this buff active.

When you are in a cramped interior in Dragon”s Dogma, few skills can compete with Ricochet Hunter. This insane skill grants bonus damage to your bolt the longer it ricochets.

It fires three lighting-infused bolts that ricochet off walls. This skill can ricochet up to twenty times, granting a damage bonus for every bounce. When used indoors, this skill can kill most targets in a few bolts. The bolts can also track targets around corners or areas the player cannot see, meaning it can clear ambushes on its own. Few skills are as useful and powerful as Ricochet Hunter.

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