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Top 5 Best LOL Announcer Packs [Must-hear]

It’s hard to find the best LOL announcer packs. There are thousands of LoL announcers but only a few that actually offer quality and value for money.

The best lol announcer pack is here! We have carefully selected the most popular and highest-quality announcers in one place, so you can easily pick up your favorite ones at an affordable price.

Top 5 Best LOL Announcer Packs
Top 5 Best LOL Announcer Packs

What are announcer packs, and what are the different types of them?

Custom announcers are additional voice packs you can use to best suit your own needs and preferences. This includes the announcer’s name, as well as their style and tone of voice. An example would be if a certain character threatens and swears more than its original counterpart, this would require an R-Rated pack.

There is also an option of changing how often you want the announcer to speak. If not wanted, this can be turned off completely in the game’s settings.

There are many different types of announcers in League of Legends, and there is a large variety of all sorts. Not only do you get the professional eSports announcers like Phreak, but you also get cute little robot announcers that wish you best of luck and remind you what’s going on in your game.

Why use an announcer pack for League of Legends?

A voice pack is a great way to add a bit more flavor and feeling into the game. You can change up your announce by doing this for free, best of all. If you want to introduce best lol announcer packs too, you’ll get even more benefits from this guide!

In addition to customizing League of Legends announcers, you can best lol announcer packs and much more for best results.

You could also benefit from finding the best League of Legends skin offers and bundles, as well as best lol builds! You can buy LoL account with many skins or even a champ to level up fast!

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List of best R-Rated announcers for League of Legends:

  • Draven
  • Lucian
  • Garen
  • Leona
  • Jarvan IV

How to install a new announcer pack in League of Legends

For best results, you should start with the basics by adding the announcer pack to your game. The best place for you to do this is within custom games where you can best experiment, as there will be no effect on any ranked matches.

After launching League of Legends and opting into a custom match, head over to the champion select lobby and enter the champion selection screen. When you’re there, click on “Add Announcer”, which best lol announcer packs and best best alternative announcers for League of Legends!

The best way to see if your announcer pack is working or not is by pressing “T” and listening to what they say. If all went well, congratulations; you can best announcer pack for best results!

Best lol announcer packs – our top picks!



If you’ve ever wanted to give your game an extra boost of hilariousness, then this is the pack for you! Get ready to be Rickpaced on the rifty with all-new announcer sounds that will instantly recognizable as characters from League Of Legends.

Featuring classic lines like “Yo what up my glib globs?” and “Calm down Morty!” just wait until they hear themselves in voiceover mode during gameplay footage against computer generated foes or human opponents alike; these guys are sure not afraid performances so get Schwifty while saving time by letting our sound designers do all their work for them.

Rick and Morty fans have been waiting for a Rick voice pack to hit consoles. Now you can get the authentic, in-show sound of one of their most beloved characters with this new announceerery – perfect if you want that delightfully clueless intelligence from around these parts on every kill!



The League of Legends community is in for a treat with the next Big Shaq pack. This time around, it’s all about Man’s Not Hot and its hilarious lyrics!

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With high-quality sound effects from songs past as well as custom voiceovers by your favorite internet meme sensation himself – Big Shaaq himself – this announcer package has everything needed to spice up any game without even trying too hard or going overboard because there are no limits when you’re advocating for “Overreacting.”

Including the popular lines “Man’s not hot, man can never be hot” and “SKRRRRRRRA PA PA”, you’ll have a hard time trying not to laugh while dominating. The pack actually gets funnier as kills increase especially for triple or quadruple kill sounds that are made with great difficulty!

If you use this announcer pack, then remember: man can never be hot.



DJ Khaled is the coolest League of Legends announcer pack because he has lots of motivational sayings to help you win. For example, when something goes wrong mid-game or someone else takes your kill it’s “I’m sorry bruh!” The best part about this custom soundboard are all these other catchphrases like “put this money in your savings account” which will motivate even more people into playing!

Do you want to add ANOTHER ONE to your kill streak? Well you’re bound to with this announcer pack. Click the link above and follow the instructions to download and install this beautiful announcer pack on your game.



If you’re a Heimerdinger player in League of Legends, then this is the perfect pack for your character. Featuring various phrases from Imaqtpie himself as well as hilarious quotes about TF2 and other games he plays on stream– these sayings will have all players laughing out loud with each one heard!

Whether you want to swear or just have some fun, the King has come to your rescue! This pack includes sayings such as “HEY GET BACK HERE!” and is perfect for players who love when their mood gets a little toxic. Download this announcer’s package above so that when GG Metro presides over matches with his royal tongue he can be at one of your sides in an easy way – simply by listening on YouTube (link below).



The Tyler1 pack is the final League of Legends announcer on our list. If you don’t know who he is, then clearly your never played LoL for long enough!

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Known far and wide as an outrageous streamer with extreme toxicity – people love to hate him in game or watch his live streams where it seems like everyone has something fun and entertaining to say about what’s going down (even if they’re not really involved). He even got ranked #1 last season by playing mostly Singelplayer Ranked games…a rarity these days.

If you’re new to League of Legends, then this Tyler1 pack is for you. For those who have been playing long enough and want a little more spice in their lives from one the most popular players on Twitch-TV? You might just enjoy him as an announcer too!

Unleash some toxicity into your game with the rage of an announcer pack and leave yourself pumped to max. Imagine how great it would feel, knowing that no one can ban you for using such content in a video or on stream!

Pros and cons to using an LOL announce pack

Pros: You can best lol announcer packs similar to that of best best alternative announcers in League of Legends.  The best thing about having a custom announcer is the fact you can pick your favorite one out there and use it in game! This will also save you money, as there are hundreds of best announcer packs for League of Legends.

Cons: There are best lol announcer packs, but overall you should alternative announcers in LoL to enjoy it more!  This guide will help you choose the best ones out there, which makes this process even easier. Have fun!


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