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Our rates and prices may change on November 1st. Please see the Boarding and Grooming pages for details.

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Luxury Cage Free Cat Boarding


Leaving town for the weekend or extended trip? Treat your cats to astay at one of LA’s most unique feline exclusive resort and spa, TheBest Little Cat House. This cat hotel is the ultimate in pet care andpet sitting. There”s also a Best Little Cat House in Pasadena. Here,cats can enjoy the freedom of home, away from home, in our cage freeplayrooms. We know you take better care of your cats than most people.Don’t they deserve to be spoiled even when you’re out of town? We evenhave controllable web cameras so you can see your kitty from anywherein the world, any time! Please feel free to stop by for a tour anytime. You can also view pictures in our web gallery.

Group or Private Boarding?

We offer both! The Best Little Cat House In Los Angeles is a totallycage free cat hotel with both Group Rooms as well as PrivateApartments. Our Private Apartments are spacious and clean and eachcomes with it”s own companion fish! Although we encourage most ownersto try their cats in our cage free group rooms, the choices yours. Feelfree to stop by for a tour or click on one of the web camera links tosee it live.

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Boarding Requirements

Our health requirements for boarding cats reflect our commitment tothe highest standards of safety for every one of our feline guests. Allboarding cats need a current FVRCP vaccine. In addition, Group catsneed to be blood tested within 12 months for FIV (FelineImmunodeficiency Virus) AND FeLV (Feline Leukemia) with a negativeresult. Ask your vet about the “Snap Combo Test” This is the leastexpensive way to go (around $40) and results take about 10 minutes. Wedo not require the vaccine for these and will not accept the vaccine inlieu of the test. For a printable vaccine/test requirements document toreview or take to your veterinarian, click HERE.

Professional Cat Grooming

A clean cat is a happy cat and clean cats also make owners happy!Our professional cat groomers offer a variety of clips and baths toreduce shedding and flaking skin. Regular grooming also prevents longhaired kitties from tangling and matting. See the Grooming Page for details and prices.

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Health Requirements

Click HERE to download a PDF of our Boarding Health Requirements.

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