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Top 8 Best League of Legends Youtubers l Must Watch

How do you find the best League of Legends YouTube Channels?

There are so many LoL YouTubers out there, but it’s hard to know which ones will be worth your time. Some channels have great content, but others just go for quantity over quality.

We made this list of top 8 best league of legends youtubers to help people like you find the best League Of Legends content creators on youtube. Our team has spent hundreds of hours watching and reviewing these channels to make sure that they’re worth your time. This is a living document that will be updated as new videos come out or our opinions change about old ones. If we missed any good channels let us know in the comments!

Best League of Legends(LoL) YouTube Channels
Best League of Legends(LoL) YouTube Channels

Official League Of Legends YouTube Channel

Video Game Dunkey

Dunkey is a popular YouTube personality with over 3.5 million subscribers. Although he has not been in the video game scene for a long time, Dunkey is widely regarded as one of the most influential League of Legends YouTubers by both fans and critics alike.

In his videos, Dunkey usually talks about recent games that he has played with an emphasis on classic titles such as DOTA 2 and League Of Legends.

He also plays newer games like FIFA Online 3 . His superb game analysis skills have earned him many praises from numerous established esports members including Riot Games’ co-founder Brandon Beck.

Dunkey’s videos are mostly conducted in a comedic manner which makes them very entertaining to watch especially when it involves his hilarious analyses of various games.

Dunkey is most known for his League Of Legends playthroughs which are not restricted to one particular champion or role. He is recognized throughout the entire community as someone who plays anything he wants with great skill.

Despite being a video game enthusiast, Dunkey has earned himself some haters who accuse him of copying PewDiePie’s comedy method . Nevertheless, it is undeniable that Dunkey’s videos have made their way into the hearts of many gamers around the world.


Grasshyren is an incredibly popular League Of Legends YouTuber with over 784,000 subscribers. Not only does he upload mainly League content but he also occasionally makes videos about other games such as Hearthstone and Battlefield 1.

He is known for recording his gameplay with a webcam and then uploading it online unlike other YouTubers who record the gameplay footage first and then upload it.

His videos usually include his voice and face during recording which makes them stand out from other YouTubers videos. The clarity of his voice and video through the webcam make him seem like he is beside you rather than thousands of miles away.

Grasshyren’s main focus is to teach new players how to perform well in-game by providing them with various tips and tricks. Not only does he help new players improve, he also helps out the more experienced ones as well such as informing them of the most efficient ways to use a champion’s abilities.

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Siv HD

Siv HD is widely considered to be one of the greatest League Of Legends YouTubers because of his superb gameplays. As of today, Siv HD has over 469,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Although he primarily uploads League related content, he also occasionally makes videos about Overwatch and other games that are currently trending.

Siv HD is most well-known for his soundtracks. In every one of his videos, he uses a special soundtrack that he personally made to enhance the quality of the video.

He also provides other services such as teaching how to download certain songs so you can listen to them in your gameplays without having to buy them first.

Siv HD’s current main focus is to reach out to the Overwatch community and help them improve at the game. His video on “How To Overwatch” has been viewed by over 1,047,000 people as of today which proves just how influential Siv HD really is in the gaming world.


UnrankedSmurfs is a relatively new League Of Legends channel that specializes in comedic gameplays of newer games. Unlike other YouTubers, UnrankedSmurfs focuses on recording live commentary with his gameplay footage rather than talking over pre-recorded footage in post-production.

He posts videos almost daily which includes League Of Legends commentary and many other titles such as GTA 5 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

As of today, UnrankedSmurfs has over 74,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel who enjoy watching his videos for their comedic value in addition to the in-game content itself.


Sp4zie is a YouTuber who is known for his main focus of uploading League Of Legends related content. His videos include not only commentary on certain games but also tips and tricks for various champions similar to the likes of Grasshyren and Siv HD.

His video entitled “THAT’S TERRIBLE!! – Best Of Sp4zie” has been viewed by over 480,000 people as of today which is a testament to his popularity and influence in the League community.

Sp4zie has earned himself over 531,000 subscribers on YouTube and continues to post new content daily.

Sky Williams

Sky Williams is an American professional League Of Legends player who started his YouTube channel on July 22, 2011. His main focus was initially interviews with people in the League community but has since expanded to include comedic gameplays of newer games.

His videos are mainly recorded off-screen so that they are not limited by observational factors such as webcam quality and sound equipment.

Sky Williams has earned himself over 170,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel with the majority of his viewers originating from America.

Siv HD’s main focus is to reach out to the Overwatch community and help them improve at the game by teaching them how to use certain heroes effectively in-game. His video on “How To Overwatch” has been viewed by over 1,047,000 people as of today which proves just how influential Siv HD really is in the gaming world.


Instalok is a League Of Legends YouTuber that specializes in comedic gameplays of newer games. He posts recordings daily and has earned himself over 20,000 subscribers on YouTube due to his distinct upload schedule and soundtracks which he personally composes.

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Nightblue3 is a YouTuber who has a main focus of League Of Legends related content. His videos include commentary on certain games as well as in-game footage itself.

His most notable uploads are “how to become Challenger in Solo Queue Ranked” and “Top 5 Plays #5”. Both these videos have been viewed by over 1 million people each which proves Nightblue3’s popularity and influence within the League community.

As of today, Nightblue3 has earned himself over 191,000 subscribers on YouTube through his entertaining style of his gameplay videos and comedic commentary.

How can I watch best league of legends youtubers

Not only you can watch them on youtube or twitch, but actually – they are playing in different tournaments against other teams.

The biggest one would be League Championship Series (LCS) which takes place 3 times per year. This tournament consists of 10 teams from USA, 9 teams from EU and 1 team from Korea/Taiwan region. Each season lasts for about 6 months.

Every team competes with each other twice per split, meaning that every LCS player plays around 60 matches during the whole season! Keep in mind that there are also shorter tournaments called Challenger Series (CS) where 8 teams compete with each other in a best of 3 matches in order to get into LCS, but it’s way less demanding.

Moreover – there are also international tournaments called Worlds , where the strongest teams from every region compete with each other for a big prize pool.

What other content do they provide

Youtubers who only upload a video of them playing games are not included in this list. While I do love watching those videos, what you will mostly find on this list is content that they produce outside of their main channel.

Who else should I be watching that’s similar to this youtuber

I’ve always enjoyed watching Pro LoL, but it’s definitely not the only good youtuber out there for this game. The best I can recommend off the top of my head is PsiSyndicate (he does very in-depth breakdowns about the pro scene that are pretty entertaining to watch).

Another great youtuber is ExposeD (we actually did an interview with him a while ago, which you can check out here ). Lastly, if you’re into just straight up gameplay then either Scarra or Imaqtpie will be your go-to guys for that.

If you want more suggestions I would say try checking out some lesser known people like Dignitas Khaled or Shy , these 3 are probably my top recommendations though.

What can I expect best league of legends youtubers doing?

There is not much difference between what pro’s and casual players do. The whole point is to play LoL as much as you can and remember that the more you play, the better you will get at it! You just can’t learn one day to be a good player, so keep on playing every day if you want to become pro.

What can I expect best league of legends youtubers doing?
What can I expect best league of legends youtubers doing?

However, if we’re talking about professional players here – their jobs are a lot harder than yours may think. They have a lot of obligations to fulfill in order for them to stay on top of the League of Legends scene.

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First of all – they need to spend around 8-10 hours per day training their mechanics, practicing different tactics and strategies with other members from their team(s). In the end, not only they’re at the top of solo queue ladder, but their whole 5 man team is usually considered to be better than other teams in the said region.

Secondly – it’s really hard for them to stay on top of their game due to how busy they are with practicing and improving themselves. They really need to play around 12 hours per day if they want to stay on top of their positions.

That’s why you see very few players playing more than 20 games per day, as it is nearly impossible for them!

Last but not least – even tho it may seem like pro players are having a lot spare time too play LoL, there’s actually just a few hours left after all the obligations have been fulfilled, so they need to use it wisely!


Who are the best League of Legends YouTubers?

As of December 2016, the top three are Nightblue3, Trick2g and Imaqtpie respectively. They are all known for their high-level gameplay in solo queue ranked matches.

Nightblue3 has over 1 million subscribers on his channel whereas trick2g has over 700k subscribers on his channel and imaqtpie has 500k subscribers on his channel. The three also collaborate each other to host a podcast called “Trinity Force Podcast”.

Who is the number 1 ranked YouTuber?

The number 1 ranked YouTuber is the Game Theorists’ MatPat. He was elected top ranker because of his presence in many different games, but mainly for his expertise in the game League of Legends (LOL).

MatPat has over 4 million subscribers and has made videos about Easter eggs in LOL. He also analyzes different characters abilities and their relations to one another.

ReShade for League of Legend - YouTube
ReShade for League of Legend – YouTube

One video he did gained a lot of hype on Reddit forums by unveiling Tristana’s hidden ability “Rapid Fire” which increased her attack speed instead of lowering it.

Lastly he hosts a podcast called GTLive where he sits down with famous people who are gamers themselves or have played League of Legends at one point or another.

These podcasts gain hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners including famous YouTubers such as Markiplier, Paulsoaresjr, and others.

Is League of Legends popular on YouTube?

You bet it is. With over 70 million likes on their official channel , League of Legends has the most subscribers out of any game on YouTube, even gaining more than Pewdiepie himself! However, there are also numerous other YouTubers who upload videos about LoL.


In this blog post, we have shared our thoughts on the best League of Legends youtubers. They are a great resource for new and experienced players alike who want to learn more about playing LoL at a high level.

We hope that these YouTube channels will help improve your gameplay as well as offer entertainment during those long solo queue games! If you would like to follow us or get updates from us when we publish other blogs, please subscribe below.

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