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TOP 18 Best league of legends champions [2021]

Choosing the best league of legends champions can be confusing. There are hundreds of champs to choose from, and each one has different abilities that make them good for different situations.

Riot Games releases new champions every couple of weeks, which means you have to spend time learning how each one works. Then you have to figure out what items are best for your champion in order to succeed in games.

That’s why we created this list of our favorite top 18 best league of legends champions that are currently in meta (and not banned). We made sure these were versatile picks that work well no matter what team comps your teammates bring to the table!

TOP 18 Best league of legends champions
TOP 18 Best league of legends champions

Best league of legends champions


This blood thirsty behemoth is the perfect match for any player who plays to win.

No other League champion perfectly encapsulates this mantra better than Darius, the Hand of Noxus, who lives by it with every swing of his axe.

Few can match his brutality on the battlefield as he hacks through foes in a flurry of bloody strikes while laughing in the face of defeat. A paragon of Noxian honor, Darius inspires fear in all who wish to oppose him.


Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms is best league of legends champions with best attack damage.

He features a passive that allows him to ignore unit collision and increases his attack speed by dodge, with an ability that can be used to increase it even further.

Alongside this he has an ability that adds bonus magic damage on every third strike, allowing you to output massive amounts of damage.


Shen is the best league of legends champions with great defense in game.

He has an ability that allows him to summon a shield to absorb damage, in addition he has insane crowd control abilities and depending on the form you play him in (he transforms mid-game) his abilities vary.

He can be played either as a jungle or top laner, though his jungle can be a bit slow. Regardless, he is an effective tank and should not be played by the new player due to the steep learning curve of his abilities.


Maokai is best league of legends champions with best attack speed. Maokai’s passive allows him to heal himself by dealing damage, which makes up for his lack of sustainability in the early game.

His main ability is a delayed area of effect root that can be used to set up ganks or keep enemies off an ally’s back.

Maokai is best used as a counter initiator or to protect squishier characters, but can be built in the damage dealing role.


Morgana is still a very strong pick and has seen a bit of a resurgence with the addition of new items like NLR and Zhonya’s Hourglass. Her kit offers everything you could possibly want as an AP player, only her ultimate isn’t as good as it used to be.

That said though, Morgana is still strong enough to fit into most compositions and can be very hard to deal with when played correctly. She possesses the ability to clear the jungle quickly, which makes her an excellent pick for fast pushing strategies.

Morgana’s Q will also snare opponents for a long time thanks to its high AP ratio, allowing her teammates to follow up with their own crowd control at no mana cost.


Morgana’s passive is also very useful as it allows her to land free abilities on enemies affected by her W or Ultimate. Morgana can safely farm up for her first item if she exploits the jungle and keeps the pressure on early game objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald.


The goo man’s power has increased thanks to some buffs and recent nerfs to other junglers, making him a real threat in Patch 11.9.

Zac’s passive gives him bonus health and becomes even better when his abilities give him bonus health, which is often thanks to the active on his E and ultimate.

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Zac’s E is a point and click ability that deals damage to everything it passes through, including any enemies who are struck by the blob of goo as it extends.

Last but not least his ultimate is a massive AOE knock up with high base damage – so much so that you can often kill an enemy carry with this move alone.

The new Warwick skin is pretty awesome too, not only does it give him a bit of extra damage but he looks like an actual werewolf which can be enough to keep him alive in fights thanks to the bonus armour and magic resist you get from the passive on his R.

There’s no doubt Zac is one of best league of legends champions and can easily snowball games by dominating the early game and continuing to scale well into the late game.


Ahri best league of legends champions with best magic resistance.

Ahri’s passive allows her to deal extra damage to foes that are poisoned, while her main ability sends out magical essences to seek out all nearby enemies before slowing and dealing damage on impact.

This makes her a great character for chasing down opponents or fleeing from a battle that you’re losing.

Combined with her ability that best league of legends champions with best attack speed to increase the power of her magic penetration, Ahri’s damage output is monstrous.


Rengar  best league of legends champions with best movement speed. Rengar’s passive best league of legends champions with best attack damage allows him to leap at enemies or over terrain, making it easy for him to close the distance and quickly dispatch opponents before they can best league of legends champions with best attack speed away.

His main ability best league of legends champions with best attack speed best league of legends champions with best movement speed best league of legends champions with best attack speed best league of legends champions to best league of legends champions with best attack damage best league of legends champions.


Lux is best the best champion in League Of Legends because she can do a lot more than normal carries like Ashe’s frost shot or Caitlyn’s net trap.

She has 3 very mean spells best best best best best best league of champions best league of champions best league of champions best league of champions best league of champions best league of champions for killing, slowing and controlling enemies.

Her passive gives her a shield that absorbs damage, which is very useful when going 1 vs 1 in mid lane.


is best league of legends champions with best attack speed. He is a great melee champion and can easily escape from any situation thanks to his 2 abilities that allow you to dash away, either in your chosen direction or towards enemy champions.

His main ability allows him to deal even more damage when combined with his Q ability.



Ryze is best league of legends champions with best attack speed. Ryze’s passive allows him to add extra damage to his spells, making them very powerful when stacked together.

His main ability empowers all of your abilities at once, combining their effects and dealing massive amounts of damage in a cone facing the targeted enemy.

This makes Ryze a very strong and resilient champion, and one that should be played with care as missing abilities can leave you vulnerable.


Karthus best league of legends champions with best attack speed. Karthus allows you to deal damage in an area, killing minions who are low on health and allowing him to quickly farm up items when facing a siege from the enemy.

His passive also lets his abilities deal more damage depending on how much mana he has at his disposal, allowing him to deal high amounts of burst damage.

His main ability best league of legends champions with best attack speed best league of legends champions with best attack speed best league of legends champions with better critical strike chance, meaning that Karthus can dish out a lot of damage in the late game, especially when you combine his passive and active abilities together.


Katarina is best league of legends champions with best attack speed.

This champion is very mobile and allows you to jump around the map stunning enemies as she goes, picking up gold and now allowing her to take down towers quickly too.

The main thing that makes Katarina powerful is her ultimate, Sinister Steel.

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When activated, this sends all her other abilities back to their original cast time, allowing you to quickly pull off a combo and take out your opponent in seconds.


Galio was an incredibly popular pick last season, but at the start of this year he fell off a little as players are yet to figure out if he’s better in the jungle or bottom lane.

Despite falling out of favor with many League Of Legends players, Galio is still one of our most recommended mid lane champions. He’s a tanky champion who can do some reasonable damage while also being able to block incoming enemy spells.

Galio’s ultimate is incredibly powerful, allowing him to deal damage in an area of effect around him which scales with his own bonus health.

It’s also on a pretty low cooldown compared to other champions, meaning you can spam the ability in teamfights.


Jinx is one of the most popular ADC to climb with. She can be a top-tier bot lane pick in virtually every meta and that’s for good reason too.

Despite being known as a hypercarry, her early game isn’t all that bad. With Switcheroo!, she can dish out a surprising amount of damage against opposing bot lanes.

And with her rocket launcher and Zap!, she can be annoying to deal with early on with just a single item. Her Flame Chompers! also allows her to zone enemies or keep them at bay.

Jinx is also extremely strong in lane as well. With titanic range and high early damage, she can bully out most ADC, especially those that lack early game power like Twitch or Varus.

Her Fishbones! ability also makes Jinx extremely waveclearing capable which means she can freeze lanes and deny her enemy laner CS if need be.


And with the damage scales off AD, Crit chance and attack speed, she can quickly ramp up in the mid-game, knocking out enemy tanks and squishy carries alike with very little effort.

In fact, she can often deal more damage than a hypercarry ADC because of this, making her one of the strongest early game ADC in the current meta.


Trading a few points of range for more early damage, Tristana is a great choice if you’re looking to have an aggressive laning phase while still being able to scale into the late game.

She has huge burst against immobile tanks thanks to her Q and ultimate but can also get free-damage off on squishier targets thanks to her Smoke Bomb.

While you need to be wary of your positioning against assassins or other ADCs, Tristana’s W is great at mitigating damage and can even help out-trade most early damage threats.

Her steroid on E only gets more powerful as the game goes on making it easier for her to dish out huge DPS numbers.

While she isn’t the hardest champion to play against, there are some things that can shut her down especially with how mana-hungry she is.

But if you want a strong laning ADC who works well in most compositions and win conditions, Tristana will do just fine.


Finally, some recommendations for supports. Most of these are fairly safe picks but still great in the right situation.

Leona is one of the oldest champions in League who has received a ton of attention recently with some buffs to her passive and E. Her main strength is her all-in potential, especially on marksmen that are weak early or in a 1v2 situation.

Her passive also gives her a ton of free tankiness and can allow you to win an otherwise lost lane, but she does need specific items in the right situations.

After all, Leona is only ranged when using her Q so positioning is key for an ADC who needs all the help they can get.


But if you’re looking for a support who brings heavy disengage and great crowd control, Thresh is the guy you want to take up.

One of the best engages in the game with his Death Sentence, he also has an insane amount of CC with both Flay and The Box that can lock down multiple enemies or zones that could potentially put a squishy carry in danger.

His Dark Passage allows him to peel for his ADC or save them from otherwise lethal situations, while his passive is invaluable when it comes to protecting your ADC from being killed 1v2 thanks to the shield which also absorbs damage.

On top of all this, Thresh has the highest base health regen in the game, making it very difficult for the enemy to poke you out of lane.

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This ability to mitigate damage is also fantastic when playing defensively to make up for your lack of disengage.

Thresh can even flex into a more aggressive support role with his play-making potential while still keeping all the strengths that we just discussed.

Top Lane Tier List

Optimal (S-tier) = Lillia, Mordekaiser, Sett, Tahm Kench, Urgot, Dr. Mundo, Garen, Malphite, Nasus, Wukong, Yorick

Great (A-tier) = Camille, Irelia, Aatrox, Fiora, Kled, Ornn, Illaoi, Kayle, Shen, Singed, Cho’Gath, Jax, Quinn, Teemo

Good (B-tier) = Gnar, Riven, Vayne, Yone, Darus, Kennen, Poppy, Maokai, SIon, Volibear, Warwick

Jungle Tier List

Optimal (S-tier) = Ekko, Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Jarvan IV, Master Yi, Nocturne, Rammus, Trundle, Vi, Warwick, Zac

Great (A-tier) = Evelynn, Kha’Zix, Lillia, Shaco, Mordekasier, Dr. Mundo, Jax, Nunu + Willump, Shyvana, Skarner, Volibear, Xin Zhao

Good (B-tier) = Lee Sin, Zed, Elise, Ivern, Kindred, Talon, Gragas, Graves, Kayn, Poppy, Viego, Diana, Olaf, Sejuani, Wukong

Mid Lane Tier List

Optimal (S-tier) = Irelia, Yasuo, Anivia, Ahri, Akshan, Graves, Kayle, Sett, Annie, Lux, Malzahar

Great (A-tier) = Katarina, Ekko, Talon, Vel’Koz, Viktor, Xerath, Yone, Corki, Fizz, Pantheon, Swain, Brand, Diana, Neeko, Ziggs

Good (B-tier) = Sylas, Zed, Zoe, Cassiopeia, Taliyah, Vladimir, Kog’Maw, Karma, Lissandra, Malphite, Morgana, Seraphine, Tristana, Veigar

ADC Tier List

Optimal (S-tier) = Draven, Vayne, Jhin, Swain, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Ziggs

Great (A-tier) = Ezreal, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Kai’Sa, Samira, Kog’Maw, Senna, Twitch, Jinx, Seraphine, Tristana

Good (B-tier) = Lucian, Caitlyn, Heimerdinger, Xayah, Veigar

ADC Tier List
ADC Tier List

Support Tier List

Optimal (S-tier) = Xerath, Zilean, Blitzcrank, Brand, Leona, Morgana, Nami, Sona, Soraka, Zyra

Great (A-tier) = Alistar, Braum, Lulu, Swain, Taric, Amumu, Janna, Karma, Lux, Maokai, Nautilus, Rell, Yuumi

Good (B-tier) = Pyke, Thresh, Bard, Rakan, Shaco, Taliyah, Vel’koz, Senna, Seraphine


Who is the strongest League of Legends champion?

This question has been asked and answered many times before, and there is no shortage of opinions and distinctions to be made.

Some may prioritize versatility, others raw damage output or tankiness. Champions that are too strong in the current meta might be deemed as not strong enough if you look at their performance years ago. And then we have those who stick to the rule of cool.

Which champion to choose in League of Legends?

One way of going about this is to simply take a look at all the champions’ statistics, across a variety of categories. You could weight the categories according to your preferences and come up with a final score that indicates how strong a champion is overall.

This method has been used by many others in the past ,  and for several years it has worked well. It’s also the basis of many champion tier lists, both official and otherwise.

However, Riot Games decided to take a different approach when they published their early thoughts on the subject in 2016 . Instead of focusing on an overall score or ranking, they compared champions’ performance along several categories directly. This allows for easier comparison between the power levels of the champions.

What are the top 10 League of Legends champions?

The following list ranks all playable League of Legends champions by their strength in the six categories Riot Games used:

1.  Waveclear, split pushing and dueling potential

2.  Siege / sieging potential

3.  Utility in team-fights or when roaming

4.  Mobility / getting to objectives quickly

5.  Teamfighting with their ultimates

6.  Early game power

One thing to keep in mind is that organizations such as the LCS will often prioritize a champion’s strength in a certain category over others, for example by banning out waveclear-heavy picks from the opposing team to allow their own splitpusher to thrive.

This can skew rankings and statistics toward a certain type of champion. The same goes for the playstyle of teams and which champions they most often pick.

As such, this article is meant as a general guide to help you understand where each champion stands in terms of power across the five categories Riot identified, rather than an absolute ranking per se.


Hopefully this blog has helped you to find the best League of Legends champion for your playstyle. We’ve gone over a wide range of champions and their abilities so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you!

From there, we also recommend some tips on how to improve as a player in order to maximize your enjoyment with whichever champion it may be. Best of luck out there summoners, and remember—we’re always here if you ever need help!

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