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Top 11 Best Jungler LOL [Newest Meta]

There are many junglers in League of Legends, but which one is the best?

The jungle role has to be one of the most important roles in league. This player spends a lot of their time farming for gold and experience while also trying to protect their teammates from ganks. They have to balance all these things with playing aggressively when they see an opportunity or staying back and farming if that’s what’s needed.

Choosing the right jungler for your team can make or break your game. That’s why we made “Top 11 Best Jungler LOL [Newest Meta]” so you could easily figure out who was best suited for your playstyle. We hope it helps!

What is a jungler?

A jungler is a character who spends the early part of the game farming in the jungle for gold and experience.

Doing so can be advantageous because it allows them to hit level six earlier than their opponents, which grants them access to their full power rotation and summoner spells.

In League of Legends, a jungler is typically a character who has the ability to clear the jungle camps. In some cases, they may have abilities which help them do so faster than most others.

They also tend to have good sustain during the early game with their health and/or mana restoring abilities. Some rare examples exist of characters who do not fit that mold, but they are usually considered more niche picks.

Top 11 Best Jungler LOL


Shaco is a best choices
Shaco is a best choices

Shaco is a champion who has the kit of being able to farm the jungle more effectively than most other champions.

His Q ability can be used to instantly clear jungle camps, his W allows him to place boxes which slow enemies and grant gold upon their deaths, and his R ability and passive allows him to become invisible.

This, combined with his innate sustain and mobility makes him an exceptionally good pick for the role of jungler.

Lee Sin


Leesin has a very low mana cost on his abilities and high base damages, which makes it easy for him to farm the jungle.

He also has good burst damage with his Q and passive, which allows him to kill small jungle camps such as krugs and wolves without taking too much damage.

He is similar to Master Yi in terms of clearing speed, as well as having an attack speed steroid from his W ability. His E gives him a shield which absorbs damage, and its CD is reduced whenever he autoattacks.

Lee Sin also has the ability to catch up to enemies who are running away with his Q, or knock them away with his R. This makes it easier for Lee’s team to catch enemies, or escape from them.



Alongside Lee Sin, Karthus is one of the best champions for jungling. His Q ability allows him to clear camps very quickly, and his E gives him a shield which absorbs damage.

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In addition, he has an area slow from his W ability. His R passively grants him free resistances, and it can be used to give that area slow to allies, making it easier for them to catch up to their opponents.

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Nidalee – Best Jungler LOL

Nidalee has a unique kit for a jungler in League of Legends. She can poke enemies from long range with her Q ability, heal herself with several abilities, and trap enemies with her E ability. Her Cougar form gives her increased mobility and attack damage, making it easy for her to farm camps quickly.


Elise – Best Jungler LOL

Elise is a very mobile champion which allows her to farm the jungle faster than most others. Her Q and E abilities allow her to jump walls and do damage to enemy camps, while her W causes Elise and her Spiderlings (from her ultimate ability) to do extra damage and take less damage respectively.


Gwen LOL
Gwen LOL – Best Jungler LOL

Gwen is also a champion with high base damages which make it easy for her to farm the jungle. Her Q ability, combined with its passive, allow Gwen to do increased damage to enemies, making it easier for her to clear camps.

She can also re-position herself easily with her E ability, making it easy for her to escape from enemy ganks.

She is good at ganking with her E ability, which can be used to push enemies towards your allies. Her W also slows attack speed, making it easier for Gwen’s allies to kite enemies.


Irelia – Best Jungler LOL

Irelia’s true damage from her W ability makes farming the jungle very easy for her. Her E gives Irelia increased movement speed, allowing her to escape ganks with ease.

It also provides extra damage whenever she attacks enemies affected by it. Her R gives Irelia increased attack range, which allows her to farm camps safely without having to take much damage.


Renekton – Best Jungler LOL

Renekton’s early game dominance is where he shines the most. He can also jungle very well, and his high base damages make it easy for him to farm camps quickly. His E gives him increased movement speed whenever he last-hits a minion or monster, which makes it easier for Renekton to land his abilities on enemy champions.


Camille – Best Jungler LOL

Camille is one of the best champions for clearing jungle camps. Her Q ability, which is a skillshot, allows her to clear camps very quickly and deal damage to the monsters at the same time.

Her passive reduces the armor of enemy champions by a certain amount, which helps when it comes to dealing with jungle camps.

She has good mobility with her E ability and an attack speed steroid from using her W ability. This makes it easier for Camille to both farm jungle camps and gank enemy champions in their lanes.\


Evelynn – Best Jungler LOL

Evelynn is a champion which deals high amounts of damage to jungle camps. Her E ability, which allows her to deal bonus magic damage whenever Eve recast it on the same enemy, makes it easier for her to clear camps.

It also provides her with an attack speed steroid and reduces nearby enemy vision. Her ultimate slows nearby enemies’ movement speeds, making it easier for Eve’s allies to kite them or catch up to them.


Viego – Best Jungler LOL

Viego is a champion with high base damages which make it easy for him to farm the jungle. His Q ability, combined with its passive, allow Viego to do increased damage to enemies, making it easier for him to clear camps.

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He can also re-position himself easily with his E ability, making it easy for him to escape from enemy ganks.

He is good at ganking with his E ability, which can be used to push enemies towards your allies. His W also slows attack speed, making it easier for Vigo’s allies to kite enemies.

How to play as a jungler

The most important thing about playing as a jungler is knowing your role in the team. There are four types of roles that a jungler can have: carry, tank, peeler and assassin.

A carry focuses on being able to deal lots of damage to enemy champions while being able to escape from danger ricks of being a jungler

If you are playing on blue team, go to red buff and ask your mid laner for the blue buff. The same goes if you’re playing as purple team , ask your mid laner to give you the red buff. This is done because junglers level up faster than other champions and their buffs ricks for playing as a jungler

Tips and tricks for playing as a jungler

If you are playing as a jungler, then it is advisable to pick champions that have fast clear speeds because this means that they can solo camps effectively during the early game.

For example, Rengar has one of the fastest jungle clears in the game due to his ability to consume large monster camps instantly, which leaves him with enough time for ganking or contesting other neutral objectives before backing .

One of the main goals when jungling is taking out enemy turrets as quickly as possible so that your team can take control of key map objectives like Dragon and Baron.

It is worth noting though that pushing too far ahead will leave you vulnerable if the enemy decide to make a play for an objective like Rift or Dragon.

You should always have an escape plan in mind before pushing too far up the map, even if you notice enemy champions are not near any of their turrets.

Jungle pathing and jungle camps – what you should be doing in your games as a jungler

The best times to gank are when the enemy has pushed up too far away from their turret, or if they are trying to take down a turret themselves. This is because they will have less room to retreat after being CC’d by your teammate and you can both follow them towards their base for kills.

If you are wondering where to go next in order to get ahead of the enemy jungler, look at what camps they have taken so far and whether it makes sense for them to be invading your jungle or sitting in one spot waiting for respawns.

This information is most useful during the first 5 minutes of the game but it’s always better to be safe than sorry when moving around the map! So just stay alert about what is going on around you at all times.

If the enemy jungler is fast enough to move from camp to camp before you can kill them then it may be beneficial for your team if you take their camps instead.

This means that the enemy will have a harder time getting on top of you in terms of levels and gold, so they will usually stay away or retreat unless they are very confident.

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You can also use this strategy if your laners need help because the enemy has over-extended too far up the map with low health.

Counter-jungling, invading, and ganking – how to do it right!

Junglers are especially effective when it comes to ganking because they have the element of surprise on their side, allowing them to easily catch out an enemy who is either too far up in lane or pushing a wave by themselves.

While ganking you should try to approach the target from behind (or use Flash if necessary) and slow them with your abilities while bursting damage onto them with auto-attacks and more abilities if necessary.

Landing any crowd control will allow you to start dealing high burst damage without much fear of retaliation because there’s nothing they can do while under its effects.


Who is the best jungle in wild rift?

One thing people seem to forget about when talking about tanks is that they’re not supposed to be hard carries.

Sure, Amumu might have a decent late game, but he’s not the one you need to worry about. You can’t ignore him, but he isn’t what will kill you.

The real problem is the carries on the other team, and that’s an important distinction.

As a tank, it’s your job to protect those guys by drawing fire and initiating fights at a time when they’re relatively unscathed.

You need to do well enough in the early and midgame that you can survive your carries dying and still win fights, but not so well that you come online before them and start snowballing.

Who is the most popular Jungler?

We’ve all seen the results of this poll that was posted recently, but I believe you should not judge a champion’s popularity by their pick rate. A low pick rate can indicate either a lack of viability for an average player or even counterplay to said champion.

When it comes to Jayce, he has neither of these things and is picked in less than 1% of games. However, he is incredibly fun to play, has a variety of team compositions that can be built around him and really punishes players for not building the right items on him or not playing him correctly.

Who has the fastest jungle Clear league?

The best Jungle in league of legends is Shyvana if this player has a good score and you play against players at lower levels than your I would suggest Udyr, because he can escape well which makes it easy for him to counter jungle and get the XP lead against the other players, and if you play against people who are the same level and more than just a little better than you I would suggest Warwick.


We’ve compiled a list of 11 best junglers that are currently in meta and have been dominating games recently.

Check out our top picks to see if there’s anyone on here who matches your playstyle or champion pool! What do you think?

Comment below with your thoughts on these selections–did we miss anything important? Do you disagree with any of our choices? Let us know what you think so we can keep improving content like this!

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