The 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Fullerton Ca, The 10 Best Italian Restaurants In Fullerton

Wonderful local place. Quirky and unique. Lots of great dishes with fresh high quality ingredients. More reviews

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The reviews seemed to good to be true but when I saw the pics I remember this style pizza being delicious. The reviews were not wrong, such a good pizza … More reviews


Food was very delicious, the only thing that was bothersome was the wait times for the food and water refills(never got a refill for my water the entire… More reviews


Pizza crust is too stiff. Pizza should flop over not be stiff. The flavor overall is good, just needs more sauce. This pizza is alright just to try once … More reviews


I gave it yet, another try. I had high expectations, but, was let down again. Ever since ownership changed hands about 5 years ago, it's not near… More reviews

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This place should be renamed Papa Nasty Pizza Pie. I saw a Hispanic woman and an old middle eastern woman unloading food items from a car parked in front… More reviews

What a crazy amazing place I could have stayed there for hours looking at all the memorabilia and the food was so amazing Cynthia was the best 🙂 More reviews

First thing I noticed was the cannoli shells in the cooler so I knew I was in good hands because a fresh filled cannoli does absolutely make a difference… More reviews

Our waitress was nice but I probably wouldn't order the same thing that we did. The chicken fettuccine Alfredo wasn't good at all. It was water… More reviews

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Stood there and waited to order drinks while these thots just sat there glanced over to me and continued to just conversate with others. They're so … More reviews

I'm serious about pizza and this is probably my all-time favorite pizza place EVER. I LOVE the corn meal dusted crust, giant slices, and generous ch… More reviews

Great meatball sandwich. Great garlic cheese bread. Great garlic bread. Surprisingly good pizza. Good antipasto salad. More reviews

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Lunch special #5. King Arthur Supreme Pan crust for $10.99Can't go wrong with that price More reviews

The food here is great, there is no doubt about that. However, service has seriously been deteriorating and after today they've lost us as customers… More reviews

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