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If you’re craving a cold treat, here are 15 of the best ice cream shops in O.C.


Afters Ice Cream

Afters is anything but your typical ice cream shop. Here, creativity and culture blend together in a unique array of flavors like Jasmine Milk Tea, French Toast Churro and Cookie Monster. Devour stacked scoops on homemade waffle cones or the Milky Bun, a glazed bun stuffed with your favorite flavors. Multiple locations,

Bacio di Latte

This gelato is as authentic as it gets. Two Italian brothers bring you recipes and raw materials straight from Italy to Newport Beach. Enjoy the highest quality ingredients, from Sicilian pistachios to Belgian chocolates, and see your gelato made before your eyes for a true Italian experience. Newport Beach, 949.520.7538,

Cauldron Ice Cream

If you’re looking for a picture-perfect treat that tastes even better than it looks, Cauldron Ice Cream is a must-see. The liquid nitrogen technique creates a creamy consistency in 14 flavors from Matcha Red Bean to Peaches and Cream. The spot is famous for inventing the Hong-Kong inspired Puffle Cone, which is the perfect vessel for your ice cream. Multiple locations,


Keep it simple, delicious and real with Chunk-N-Chip. Adhering to old-fashioned values, the shop keeps craft, quality and care top of mind while creating each indulgence. Savor scrumptious cookies, perfect scoops and delicious pints, or combine these specialties with the popular Frozen Sammich. Santa Ana, 714.450.6800,

Dolce Gelato

Whether you’re in the mood for refreshing sorbet or creamy gelato, Dolce Gelato adds character and flair to each of its scoops. The shop picks monthly themes for its menu, creating 11 new flavors each month with at least three new ones every Friday. Multiple locations,

Frost Gelato

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With 64 imaginative gelato flavors and 25 types of sorbet, Frost Gelato has tastes for all palates. Its digital flavor picker generates your dream gelato serving, like cinnamon apple pie and vanilla swirl or a strawberry Champagne scoop, so you can enjoy the handcrafted treat you’ve been waiting for. Irvine, 949.932.0631,

Gelato Paradiso

Artisan cakes and handcrafted gelato are made daily at Gelato Paradiso, which satisfies taste buds all across O.C. Expect small-batch gelato in more than 30 authentic Italian flavors, from nocciola to stracciatella, plus a variety of sorbets and specialty drinks. Multiple locations,

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

A go-to since 1945, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream is a classic spot across the country. With a menu boasting over 100 flavors of ice creams, yogurts, sherbets and ices, the shop is sure to please anyone that walks in.

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Multiple locations,

Hans’ Homemade Ice cream

Fresh, rich and creamy, Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream has been a fan favorite for generations. Devour the classic flavors of butter pecan and cookies & cream within seconds, or add a scoop of the constant influx of new tastes like Nutella Krunch. Switch up your classic cone or cup by trying its handmade ice cream sandwiches, munchies and hand-dipped frozen bananas. Multiple locations,

Saffron & Rose

Authentic Persian-style ice cream is mastered at Saffron & Rose, where traditional recipes are reimagined with a modern twist. Its various fruit, floral and nutty flavors are all organic, made from scratch and of the highest quality. Saffron & pistachio is the star of the menu, showcasing two signature Persian flavors in the most spectacular way. Irvine, 949.333.3938,

Salt & Straw

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At Salt & Straw, ice cream is more than just a treat; it is a platform for storytelling and community building, where shops are local hotspots and the ever-changing menu is inspired by local farmers and chefs. You can always get a scoop of the classics like honey lavender and sea salt with caramel ribbons, but new flavors appear every season, each with a unique story behind it that unfolds in its ingredients. Anaheim, 714.855.4321,

South Swell Hand Dipped Ice Cream

Never settle for average ice cream after trying South Swell. The shop specializes in making one-of-a-kind creations in the form of ice cream bars where the vanilla or chocolate fillings are dipped in warm, smooth chocolate and customized with toppings. The menu is on a constant rotation, pushing you to try new things and get creative. San Clemente, 949.388.4948,

Stella Jean’s Ice Cream

This small-batch ice cream shop creates great quality ice cream to treat its devoted guests. Its values of community and class translate to its work ethic, as its team uses real ingredients for chef-made, handcrafted ice cream. Choose from classic flavors like brown butter pecan and s’mores or specials like olive oil and coconut macaroon and strawberry oat crumble. Costa Mesa, 949.791.8133,

Roll ‘n Scoop

Fun to watch and fun to eat, Roll ‘n Scoop takes ice cream to another level. Choose your premium grade ice cream, pick from an endless list of toppings and select a drizzle to top it all off. When it comes to flavors, options are endless with 13 base selections and more than 25 toppings, from fruits to cereals to candies. Costa Mesa, 949.887.1888,

Rollin’ Creamery

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The rolled ice cream trend is here to stay, and Rollin’ Creamery is making sure of it. Each treat is one of a kind and extravagant with complementary drizzles, toppings and add-ons. If you can’t decide on one flavor, choose two from the double roll menu, and enjoy your rolls in a cup, in a sugar taco or even in your coffee. Fountain Valley, 714.909.8202,

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