Best Hellhound Summoners War, Hellhound Monster Summoners War

Fire HH has a lot of use in arena… earlygame for sure, beyond there it's very personal preference. There are top 100 players that have one they like, most don't use 'em, and to be fair wind brownie is pretty much a better Sieq so there is that.

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But he is a pretty solid buffing monster overall with GREAT earlygame use and limited mid-endgame use.

I'm curious to see if water will get more popularity in guild wars due to the 3-man format guaranteeing he pulls both allies along for the attack… might be an interesting early-midgame GW strategy though honestly I don't see it being in any way usable beyond a certain point.

Might be good in a team of multiple group ups on defense.

Fire Battle Mammoth, Fire Inugami (or Dark), Water Hellhound. All three have group up mechanics. Of course, Mammoth has the lowest attack, so maybe Kro and Raoq. Just be lacking a leader ability. Have to built them all for speed and massive damage though.

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Fire hellhound is a good glass cannon. water hellhound's group hunt skill is good if you're surrounded by nukes or with any monster that can proc on it's main attack (Raoq, Tyron, etc.)

Imagine an arena team with Water HH, Raoq, Tyron and something else with consecutive or group attacks.

Fire is good single target damage as well as a good crit team buffer. I'm also itching to try out Dark in a speed comp. Don't have much experience with the others.

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I think it was William who did the light slyph B3 hall in 2.5m with a Fire HH on his team. Granted the team was something like Fire/Water Phoenix/Bernard/HH, can't remember lead but he had no healer at all just a bunch of massively runed glass cannons + Bernard.

I figured the fire would be good. I was using a water HH, even got him awakened and everything. I loved him for a while. But I thought his damage was not great. I still have a wind HH, and he's 5*. His damage is decent, given he's a 2* nat.

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I really enjoy using the dark HH. 2nd skill increases attack speed for 2 turns and when fully leveled is usable before the buff runs out. Also his attack speed increases with health lost. Mine is runed with swift/blade and can usually get 3 attacks in before the enemy. Spend an hour trying to farm one on the dark dungeon days just to try him out. Promise you won't regret it

One of my friends has one that's 6* max level and he's a beast. He has rage/blade runes, I think. But it's such a beast. I want one, but I'll need to farm it. I also need to farm on Sunday for Ahman. >.

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