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You know what, thought I, as I filled in the entries for “best MOBA” and “best Doom game?” Polls are fun. There should always be more polls. But preferably polls where the outcome isn”t decided beforehand. I guessed beforehand that the “best MOBA” would be voted as LoL, and it was. I guessed beforehand that the least popular Doom game would be Doom 3, and lo and behold, it was. So, thought I, what series can I give where there”s a wide variety of entries, but little consensus as to what the strongest title in said series is?Well, there is Halo I guess. A series I don”t see pop up much here, but one that I love, ranking highly in personal “best FPS games” and even “best games of all time.” The series I feel finds the perfect middleground between the likes of, say, Doom (space marines, variety of enemies, etc.) and, say, Call of Duty (heavy narrative focus). In essence, Halo does combine the best of both worlds for me in the FPS genre, and its multiplayer is nothing to sneer at either. Or maybe I”m wrong. Or right. Or something else.Anyway, voting time. I won”t discuss each of these games at length, as doing so could take up a thread all by itself, but voting for all the Halo games I”ve played, I”ll rank them as thus:8) Halo 3: ODST7) Halo 46) Halo Wars5) Halo 24) Halo 5: Guardians3) Halo 32) Halo: Reach1) Halo: Combat EvolvedAgree? Disagree? Discuss.

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springheeljackRed in Tooth and Claw
May 6, 2010645 00
Oct 19, 2016
I would say the first Halo is the best because they were able to build an incredibly interesting world with a surprising level of depth given the nature of a lot of games released at that time. And it”s story is still really compelling.Halo 2 comes in a close second because it took what made Halo so great and built upon it.Halo 4 Because it at least tried to do something new and I loved the whole Cortana storylineHalo Reach Because it was certainly more fun to play than Halo 3 and had some pretty good setpeices. I hate it for destroying the cannon though.And finally Halo 3 because I felt it wasn”t able to deliver or added anything newstill a game with it”s fun moments though but rather disappointing


Outcast107New member
Mar 20, 20091,96500
Oct 20, 2016
For Story wise? halo 2. I love Arbiter. For gameplay, Halo 5. I feel like they got Halo 5 gameplay pretty well balance after the bland and unbalance games like Halo Reach and 4. Also while I know I”m probably in the minority, but I feel like they handle DLC and Microtransactions better than anyone has to date. DLC being free and Micro only really affecting Warzone, which if you play the game you get a shit ton of money anyways. If only I could get good teammates for once in my life..

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RedDeadFredIllusions, Michael!
May 13, 20094,89600
Oct 20, 2016
I haven”t played past Reach, but I”d say I like 2 and 3 pretty much equally. 2 had the best story, but 3 had the most fun campaign. Both of their multiplayer were the peak of the series for me.

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