The 15 Best Gumbo In Baton Rouge Restaurants Offer Plenty Of Variations

Dempseys Chick & Sausage is one of my favorites. City Cafe has a good one when its on, but very inconsistant. Believe it or not, Jambalaya Shoppe has a good C&S gumbo. Mansur's makes one of the best seafood gumbo…. Tommy's Seafood isnt bad either. Too bad Ouncie closed his shop again.

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If in Houston, the answer is me.




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A few months ago I went in search of the best gumbo in Baton Rouge. Obviously I didn't eat at every restaurant but I ate a ton of gumbo and I stopped after eating Mike Anderson's. So my answer is Mike Anderson's. Very good.

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quote: Jambalaya Shoppe has a good C&S gumbo. I concur, but it's not consistent. Sometimes they just give you a bowl of greasy gumbo. quote:Too bad Ouncie closed his shop again. I always thought his gumbo was good, but overrated. City Cafe only has a seafood gumbo and it has a bit of a burnt taste which I like. Portobello's is good and being that it's an Italian Restaurant the gumbo is probably one of the best things they serve. Most of the food on their menu is just not that good. Dempsey's gumbo will do, but I don't like it near as much as some of you.

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here's two more chicken/sausage that are tasty Pot and paddle on Jefferson the honey baked ham place on Sherwood I am aware there will scepticism re the ham store and trust me I was shocked. I'ts excellent
These “best” gumbo threads are always interesting with most people pretty conclusive about what they believe is the best. I've never seen any kind of consensus, though. IMO, taste in gumbo is shaped by the gumbo you had in your family/childhood growing up and that's what all gumbos are judged against. The good thing is that most of them are good.
I like the seafood one at LA Lagniappe I can't recall having a chicken and sausage gumbo in BR that I really liked for some odd reason
Not sure of best, but I can tell you what I like. When visiting a new restaurant which specializes in seafood, I always order a bowl of gumbo my first visit. Not a cup, always a bowl, I need more than a cup to get a real impression. First mistake is the temperature, I want a steaming bowl of gumbo, not lukewarm. A lot of places get off on a bad footing on this point alone. Secondly, I want gumbo, not rice and gravy, a spoonful of rice is perfect, don't overdo the rice. I have no preference over thick or thin, I like brothy as well as thick, it's all really all about flavor and quality ingredients. The best bowl of gumbo I ever had was in Galveston at a beach house, we netted all the crabs and shrimp that morning, made the gumbo that afternoon. Nothing compares to using ingredients that fresh. But, moving on to Baton Rouge, my favorites are: (in no order} Acme Parrains Mike Anderson's Mason's Chimes East I'm sure others are excellent, but these are my favorites based on flavor and a consistent product.

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