The 50 Best Grass Pokemon In Crystal, Grass Pokemon

10 Most Powerful Gen 2 Grass-type Pokemon Gen II featured some amazing Grass-types. These stood out as the strongest of the bunch.

The second generation of Pokémon built on the successes of the first generation. Instead of merely creating one new region, Pokémon”s creators combined Johto and Kanto into one comprehensive game. The result was the most detailed Pokémon generation in history.

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The Grass-type Pokémon of the second generation aren”t extraordinarily powerful due to balancing. Despite this, more than a few make worthy additions to any lineup. Based on their movesets and stats, it can be deduced which Pokémon are the most powerful. While many are reluctant to use a Grass-type because of its low stats, a Grass-type can add to a robust lineup if utilized properly.

10 Chikorita

This starter Pokémon of the second generation is a powerful asset. Most players will opt to evolve Chikorita into a Bayleef at level 16 and into a Meganium at level 32. However, it”s possible to force Chikorita to not evolve by pressing the B button in the middle of its evolution. As a standalone Pokémon, Chikorita packs a wallop. It can learn powerful moves like Razor Leaf, Body Slam, and Solar Beam.

9 Bellossom

Gen II Grass-type
According to Bellossom”s Pokémon Gold Pokedéx entry, “Bellossom gather at times and appear to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun.” This Pokémon loves the sun like most Grass-types. A Grass-type Pokémon can learn Solar Beam by leveling-up, which becomes a one-turn move if Sunny Day is activated. Generation II doesn”t have as many Grass-types as the other elements, yet Pokémon like Bellossom are a worthy addition to any lineup.

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8 Jumpluff

Gen II Grass-type
It”s a blue round Pokémon with a gentle appearance, yet it displays fighting prowess in a Pokémon battle. Starting as a Hoppip, it becomes a Skiploom at level 18. After Skiploom reaches level 27, the second evolutionary process is activated, and a Jumpluff appears.

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This third-stage Pokémon receives stat upgrades with each evolution, even if it”s not the most powerful Grass-type. It”s worth having on your team mid-game, but not against final trainers like the Elite Four.

7 Bayleef

Ash's Bayleef
If you choose Chikorita as your Generation II starting Pokémon, it”s a no-brainer decision to evolve it into a Bayleef. It grows in size and power as the Pokémon evolves. As a Grass-type Pokémon, Bayleef is an essential part of any lineup. Although it has fewer base stats than the other Generation II Pokémon, it can still inflict immense damage against Water-types, Ground-types, and Rock-types. Resembling a dinosaur, it has a long neck and leaves around its neck.

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6 Victreebel

This Generation I Pokémon appears in subsequent generations, including Generation II. Victreebel is a dual-type Grass and Poison Pokémon. It is the third-stage Pokémon in its evolutionary line. To evolve Weepinbell (the second-stage Pokémon) into a Victreebel requires a Leaf Stone. Evolving the Pokémon too early can mean it misses out on learning Slam, a powerful Normal-type move. However, those with a vast collection of TMs need not wait to evolve Weepinbell.

5 Vileplume

Gym Leader Erika uses Vileplume as one of her final Pokémon. According to Vileplume”s Pokémon Gold Pokédex, “It has the world”s largest petals. With every step, the petals shake out heavy clouds of toxic pollen.” Vileplume is a reliable Grass-type to have on your lineup. Although it isn”t capable of learning the most powerful Grass-type moves, it can be taught moves like Giga Drain and Solarbeam with TMs.

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4 Exeggutor

Judging a Pokémon based on its appearance is often misleading. Exeggutor might not have the most intimidating appearance, but it more than makes up for it in power. This is a dual-type Grass and Psychic Pokémon that can draw moves from both elements. It”s most powerful learned move, however, is the Normal-type move Egg Bomb. Only a few Pokémon can learn the coveted Egg Bomb move. Not to be confused by Alolan Exeggutor, Kantonian Exeggutor has a stocky appearance and no visible neck.

3 Meganium

Kanto Professor Oak and Johto Professor Elm ensure that trainers are well-equipped when starting their journies. The primary way they do this is by providing trainers with a powerful starter Pokémon. If you were fortunate, Professor Elm gave you a Chikorita, which evolved into a Meganium on its final stage.

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This Pokémon”s average base stats are lower than its Water and Fire-type counterparts, but in the right scenario, Meganium proves to be an invaluable aid.

2 Venusaur

Sometimes it”s hard to beat the original. In this case, Venusaur is the second most powerful Pokémon of Generation II. As a dual-type Grass and Poison, Venusaur is a well-rounded Pokémon that can learn effective moves like Solar Beam and Razor Leaf. Add in Generation II moves like Giga Drain, and there is no stopping Venusaur. According to Venasaur”s Pokémon Silver Pokédex entry, “It is able to convert sunlight into energy. As a result, it is more powerful in the summertime.”

1 Celebi

After Mewtwo and Mew”s introduction in Pokémon”s first generation, it opened the page for a new mythical Pokémon. Celebi is the guardian of the Illex Forest and the last known Pokémon in the Johto Pokédex. According to Pokémon Gold“s Pokédex, “This Pokémon wanders across time. Grass and trees flourish in the forests in which it has appeared.” Based on its stats and moveset, Celebi is the most powerful Generation II Pokémon. By leveling, it learns moves like Magical Leaf, Future Sight, and Leaf Storm.

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