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Hmm, considering the rate at which I get these done, expect this series to release on an every-other-day basis. I know, it’s about half as often as my previous series, but as it turns out coming up with the revisions takes quite some time to do. While you may not see the fruits of my labor yet on those, do know that they’re coming, and that I’ve been working on them at the same time.

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Anywho, on to business. The Dual Adjacent Class Line is attained when an adept focuses on using djinn of the element neutral to their own. As such, Using Mercury for Venus, Jupiter for Mars, Mars for Jupiter, and Venus for Mercury. While it doesn’t have the sheer might in a single element that Base Classes has, in theory it should be able to handle two different elements equally well.

In theory.

Let’s look at how they actually hold up, shall we?

The Swordsman Line (Isaac and Felix)


The Page line, much like the Swordsman line above, seems to suffer at first from having an imbalance of the elements within the class’ psynergy selection. However, unlike the Swordsman line, it’s far less of an issue for the page – simply put, the only real attack options this class has, the Astral Blast line and Volcano lines, are the only things really affected by elemental power. The rest of its spells tend to be buffs and debuffs, with the Drain recovery spell line thrown in the mix. These are affected less by Elemental Power, and more by Elemental Level and target Luck, meaning that all and all, Elemental Power as a whole is a lot less useful to the Page line. Of particular note, this class actually has all three buff types in the game – attack, defense, and resistance.

Statistically, this is about as far as you can get from Garet’s natural growths. Great Psynergy Pool, the attack and defense stats have switched their emphasis, and it’s got the speed that Garet so desperately needed. While this may seem like a good option for him as a result, there are other options he can take better advantage of, in particular the Brute and Samurai Lines. The reason for this? This class may seem like more of a support class, but there are two ways to approach it – first, it could be a fast attacker with good PP reserves. Just one problem – PP is easy to recover, and Unleashes don’t need it anyways, so the high PP is largely wasted on this class – so the Brute line’s higher attack power lets it do this job better than the Page. As for support, buffs are generally favored over debuffs, meaning that the Samurai line, while slower, is generally preferred for its access to things outside of the three buff types in the game, meaning that when buffing isn’t needed, it can do a much better job attacking.

Notice, though, that Jenna wasn’t included in the analysis at all – this class just makes no sense whatsoever for her. Jenna, while statistically a jack of all trades, has a caster build. Only 3 weapon types, and a base class that focuses more on spells than physical might. As such, this is where the laziness of Camelot really begins to show – rather than making classes with Felix’s team in mind, they just let them have Isaac’s team’s classes and called it a day. More on this later.

The Guru Line (Ivan and Sheba)


The Oracle Line is the only Dual Adjacent class that not only seems to have a good balance between the elements it uses, but actually does have a good balance, with Venus and Mercury both being roughly equal in importance for this line. While Mia losses the power of the Pray line in favor of the lesser Cure, what she gains in return is far more valuable. Revive. This makes the Oracle line a serious candidate for consideration until mid-to-late game classes like the Pure Mage line are available.

Statistically, this class isn’t too different from her base class, gaining a bit of speed at the cost of some defense and Ailment Resistance. However, the point in the game that you’ll mainly be using this class doesn’t have enough luck boosting options for that higher multiplier of the Angel and Pure Mage lines to really come into play. Of course, this leads to the next thing – this class has little end-game viability. Once seven djinn classes are available, this class is often left behind in favor of the Pure Mage line, which essentially does everything that the Oracle line does, but does it better.

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Piers… poor poor Piers. Unlike Jenna, who benefits from Camelot’s laziness, Piers suffers horribly from it. The main thing that made his base class a contender, the Diamond Dust spell line, will not have an equivalent in this or any other class available to him, not without triggering overflow to reach Isaac and Garet’s alt classes (a programming oversight). Worse, even then, even when abusing programming quirks, Piers will never, ever have the physical might to compete with the other warriors, or even Jenna for that matter, and doesn’t get the equipment options to do the job of a mage properly. Camelot tried to address this in Dark Dawn with Amiti, who essentially was a cheep Chinese Knockoff of Piers statistically. However, in doing so they simply made Amiti “Piers, but with mage gear”, essentially declaring to the world that they didn’t understand the problem, completely missing the point of trying to fix the problems with Piers.

Analysis and OverviewThe Dual Adjacent lines, while trying to be good dual element classes, sadly fail to really be much good unless they’re in the role of Healer. The balance of the elements available to them simply isn’t well done outside of the Oracle line, and there seems to be a strong problem with other classes simply doing the job of these better. The only Dual Adjacent line that’s really considered decent overall is the Swordsman line, due to it having the best healing selection of any physical class. Only the Dragoon line comes close, and while it has better stats, it lacks the powerful Revive spell.

The Problem with Felix’s TeamMany of you may have noticed an ongoing theme in this post, one that will follow in every post afterwards until I hit the revision half of this series. Simply put, the alt classes were all made with Isaac’s team in mind. Let’s take a look at the trends, shall we?

Venus Classes: Higher HP and AttackMars Classes: Higher HP and DefenseJupiter Classes: Higher PP and AgilityMercury Classes: Higher PP and Luck

You’ll see this trend continue in the rest of the classes. But watch this – these are the strengths of Isaac’s team, statistically.

Isaac: HP and AttackGaret: HP and DefenseIvan: PP and AgilityMia: PP and Luck

It matches up perfectly. However, if we were to look at Felix’s team, the following pattern could easily be argued instead in regards to their stats:

Felix: HP and AttackJenna: PP and AgilitySheba: PP and LuckPiers: HP and Defense

Yes, Sheba is Luck, not Agility. What I didn’t cover in my statistical analysis were Static Stats, or stats that don’t go up with level. One of these is luck, and each adept has a base value. The base values for luck are:

Garet and Felix: 2 LuckIsaac and Piers: 3 LuckIvan and Jenna: 4 LuckMia and Sheba: 5 Luck

As such, despite Sheba being second only to Ivan in the speed department, in terms of classes it’d likely be a better idea to associate her with Luck and Jenna with Agility instead.

If Felix’s Team had classes made with them in mind, then by equipping Venus Djinn, Piers would have access to a class that was akin to the Brute Line to Isaac and Garet – a powerful physical line, though at the cost of some of the more caster-associated stats. Likewise, give Jenna some Jupiter djinn and her class would look more like the Wizard line.

Of course, because in GS there are shared classes when symbiosis is involved, this would result in some interesting combinations when you, say, give Felix Mars djinn or Sheba Mercury djinn. Of course, that will be gotten to in time. Until then, feel free to enjoy the rest of the Analysis segment.

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Next time, we will be taking a look at Tri Adjacent classes. Tune in next time for more details.

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