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Your best friend is the one and only person who will always be there for you. S/he is someone who doesn’t judge you, someone who doesn’t care what you do to live or what you study, someone who knows your favourite colours and think about you every-time s/he sees that colour.

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Your best friend is the person who picks you up when you fall down to pieces, the person there, always there to hold your hand, the person who doesn’t need to ask or answer. S/he someone who writes the story of your life with you, because s/he is not just a chapter, a line or a title: s/he is part of each and every word, s/he is the essence and the co-author of your book.

Your best friend doesn’t run away without you, but sometime s/he starts to run and the only thing you think about is running like s/he is doing. Because life doesn’t make much sense without your best friend, because s/he is part of what makes “you” intelligible. You don’t have to demonstrate anything to your best friend, and s/he never asks you to demonstrate anything.

Your best friend cries and screams with you. If you go to prison, s/he will ask the police to be locked up next to you. If you kill someone, s/he will be there helping you hiding the body. If you have a secret, s/he is the one who will keep it for you. Nothing can change how your best friend feels for you, because you will never hurt or disrespect your best friend.

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Your best friend can read your mind, s/he understands what you say and what you don’t say. You don’t need to explain yourself to your best friend and you don’t have to wait for him/her… because your best friend is simply there.

Enjoy this beautiful best friend quotes!


Friends hear what you say, best friends hear what you don’t say.


It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter – Marlene Dietrich.

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Dear Best Friend: I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.


You can always tell when two people are best friends because they are having more fun than it makes sense for them to be having.


Have a best friend who will never let me down.

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Real friends are always going to be there by your side, even at times when you tell them to leave 🙂


A good friend knows all your best stories, A best friend has lived them with you. See the difference?


Dear best friend,

You’re stupid. You fail. You’re weird. You’re not perfect. But. That’s okay. I’m like that, too. We laugh at the randomest things. You know my ugliest side. Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight. When I’m sad, you were always there to make sure I’m okay. Thanks for being there for me. I LOVE YOU.


There’s a difference between friends and best friends.


Strangers think I’m quiet, My friends think I’m out-going, My BestFriends know that I’m completely insane!

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Bestfriends are people you don’t need to talk to every single day. You don’t need to talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it’s as if you didn’t even stop talking.

A Best Friend is the one person you can’t stay mad at for too long.


A true friend sees the first tear catches the second and stops the third.



A best friend won’t agree with you to make you happy. If anything, they’ll say what needs to be said, no matter if you wan’t to hear it or not

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