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Hey, I don’t recall if I have been open about this off-twitter, but May of this year, my dad died. He was 70. He was working abroad at the time, but due to the p*ndemic, had to evacuate. My brother, mother, and I live in Guatemala, but my dad was unable to retun and instead flew to Denmark, where my dad’s family is from. On the 14th of May, I woke up to learn my dad passed suddenly in his sleep. I was really close to him, and I’m still struggling to accept what’s happened.

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I wasn’t able to bury him. Only one of his sons and a few relatives were able to put him to rest.


We are a mixed race family asking for help. It is in Danish krone, but there is a USD converter on the page!

For various, long-standing financial issues, my dad was working well past retirement age to support me, my brother, and mom, right up until he passed. Unfortunately, my older brothers are unable to support us, and it’s been hard for me and my brother to care for my immigrant mother who I’m scared we will be separated from. This GoFund Me will help cover rent, living expenses, mine and my brother’s education, and the move back to Denmark (so we can be closer to family, take care of our mom, and finally heal). 


There are further details on the page, but please share and contribute if you can! It will help so much.

Alternatively, I write poetry! If you dm me w/ a screenshot of your donation, I will write you a poem! Deadlines will be a bit wonky and I may not be able to get to everyone who asked, but I will do my very best! ❤️

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To you,

I hope you’re well and know for sure you’re keeping productive through this time of uncertainty. I know you probably won’t read this but I just wanted to update you on my life: I got my license, am studying the course of my dreams at ACU, I’m seeing someone but no one ever measures upto you and they never will because you are the great love of my life and there is never a day that goes by that i don’t think of you, I know this isn’t the case for you I’m just some girl who crossed state for you. I hope your parents are doing okay and that you’re happy and that you’re still not missing me as much as i miss you and all our adventures even if you were a complete asshole sometimes, I know i wasn’t a ray of sunshine to be w either.

Just know that I love you and I’ll never stop loving you because no one understood me as well as you did. I hope one day our lives cross paths with one another til then.

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All my love

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Hi. I’m scared

Hi. I don’t know how to start this letter. My heart is beating and I think I’m going to get an anxiety attack. I have the phobia of love, philophobia. You’re really beautiful. Did you know that? You’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever met. I’ve been in love with you for four months now. For a while, we said that we loved each other, but we never had a relationship. I still do, I don’t know if you feel the same way. I hope so. I’m too scared to say anything to you. You live in the city next to mine. You moved there in summer. This sounds like I’ve been stalking you, but I’ve just listened to you and your problems. I really do love you. You’re really important to me. But I don’t know how I will say this to you. I think I never will.

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You need to go away now.

It’s almost been a year since we last talked. Or, you know, since you shut me out of your life. I guess that’s my punishment. Whether I deserve it or not, well… I guess that depends on whether the story comes out of your mouth or mine. We each provide our own distortions, I suppose. I missed you intensely. Fuck, it really hurt. We were all hurting. But I also moved on after a few months, because I didn’t allow myself the luxury of wallowing. I had things to do, places to go. Both were things I’d given up the first time I’d entered a relationship, much to my detriment. I thought I might not survive. But I did learn, and I didn’t allow you to do the same to me, even if you wore me down just about every single day of the 8-9 months we were inseparable friends. Later I learned that you’d also ghosted on your next “flavour of the month” bestie. You hurt her deeply when you did that. I can admit that honestly, though I am viciously satisfied that she too, finally understood the difficulties I went through with you. Perhaps now she has edged closer to the right to judge me.

You know what right you don’t have?

The right to walk back into the lives of people you ghosted on, more than half a year after you up and left. Yes, I saw your open letter, perhaps you intended me to see it too despite throwing shade my way in it. Are you lonely and regretful this holiday season? I haven’t forgotten the way you made me feel, the way you made your friends and boyfriend feel last December. We were terrified for your safety and then you railed against us for trying to help you. I don’t think any of us are going to forget the daily suicide threats, the daily emotional rollercoaster rides, the endless walking on eggshells, the constant being taken to task for statements uttered months ago, the emotional blackmail, dishonesty, and lack of self-awareness. It is truly frustrating to see you come back half a year later, suicide pact forgotten, blaming others in such a passive-aggressive manner, but also blaming yourself for the absolute wrong things. You don’t want to talk about your pattern of emotional abuse, you just want to tell us you think you’re a terrible person so we’re forced to waste time and energy on convincing you otherwise, rather than taking you to task for your actions. Turning the attention to yourself again, so people are forced to reassure you rather than having an honest conversation with you about the long list of obstacles involved in being your friend or lover.

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You don’t get to re-insinuate yourself back into the lives of people you’ve hurt after you made the choice to leave. People have to right to move on from toxic, vicious people like you – just like the multitude of close friends who’ve left you in the past. So let me give you the opportunity to stick to the consequences of your actions. You need to go away again, right now.

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