Seduced By Her Lesbian Best Friend Lesbian Seduction, Julie Wants My Ass!: My First Lesbian Experience

Candy was my best friend. She was the best ever. And we both made a new friend. Chloe. Chloe was pretty chill. She dressed so tomboyish that Candy and I assumed she was a dyke.But I would now know the truth after that one night.”Angel?””Yeah?” I said, hearing Candy”s voice.”Chloe, a few more people, and I are goign to have a party with my big brother. Wanna join?””Sure when? This weekend?”Candy laughed. “Oh my god Angel, It”s the summer. My brother is throwing it this Thursday at his friends house.””And your own brother is letting you go?””Yup.””Haha, I wish I had siblings.””I could be your sibling.”I smiled. “On second thought, nevermind.”She shoved me gently and we both laughed.”Hey guys.” Chloe walked up to us as we sat by the swings at the park.”Sup?”She sighed. “Nothing really.”We barely met Chloe here. She was still a mystery to us.Candy invited her to our party.”Sure, just tell me when.”Candy gave her all the information she needed.We parted a little while after.**Day of the partyyyy!!!Wow, Candy”s brother”s friend”s house was realy big. Really. And everyone was drinking. Oh my god i”m only thirteen years old! Was Candy crazy?I found Candy in the crowd. Then I remembered her brother was barley legal. EighteEN. Fuck if the cops come. Then we”re all shit.”CAndy!” i had to scream over the rented DJ. “WHat?””WHere”s Chloe?””I don”t know,” SHe slurred. Her eyes were red.”Oh my god, have you been drinking!?”She closed her eyes. “No.”Her eyes opened and closed for a while. She couldn”t stand up straight. Then she threw up in front of me.”Candy!” I picked her up. I ignored the guys and girls screaming “EW Gross!” What? They”re about to do the same thing in a few hours if they keep drinking.I took her upstairs where there weren”t that many people. I saw her brother. Mark was his name. Asshole. he was making out with this girl when I flopped Candy into one of the rooms with a bed. I went back out in the hallway and screamed, “You ASSHOLE! How could you let your little sister drink!? You dumb fuck, its all your fault if she gets alcohol poisening.”I stomped back in the room to check on her. “Candy? Are you okay?””No,” she groaned. “I feel sick.”Mark came inside the room with the stupid ho following him. He hadpills in his hands. “Candy take these it”ll make you feel better.”It took me a moment to realize that Mark wasn”t even drinking himself.

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His eyes were fine and walked straight.He looked at me.Candy took the pills and just layed there on the bed.Mark left and I was alone with Candy.”You”re so stupid you know that?” I told her.”Yeah, I know. I guess I shouldn”t try to grow up too fast.”I smiled and hugged her.”I”m gonna go to sleep for a little bit. go find Chloe or something.””Kay, bye.”I left her while she made herself comfortable under the covers. Its funny when this house isnt even her.I found Chloe with a friend. “Hey Angel, this is Sarah. My friend.”Sarah was the same as CHloe. Pretty face, short neat cut hair, and dressed hideously as a man.”Oh hey.”I told Chloe that Candy knocked out.”Wow.” She laughed.Sarah looked at me uncomfortably. I gave her a few glances and she just smiled at me. Wierd. I went to the kitchen to get water.Sarah followed me.”Hey, can you come with me upstairs? I need to fix my shoes really quick.”I looked down at her shoes. They were vans and I saw nothing wrong with them. But, like an idiot, I agreed to go.She went inside one of the rooms and it was empty. God, how many rooms does this house have?She sat on the bed and leaned over to her foot.I wondered where Chloe took off to.”Help me, yeah?” She asked politly.”Er, sure.”She explained me something to do with i don”t know what on her shoe lace.”Nevermind.” she laughed. I stood up from my knee position and just looked at her do some crap on her shoe. I didn”t get it. But it was way different from before. She stood up and went close to me. Whoa.”Done?” I squeaked.She was leaning toward me. Until I had my back to the wall. Her face so close to mine. My mind was slow and I barely realized what she was. A lesbian.She looked at me as if she was gonna eat me. Oh god no. My heart was racing and my mind was going crazy.My body wasn”t reacting. I don”t want to be mean and push her, or say something to her.But then again my own fear was swallowing me alive. What was she going to do to with me if I don”t do anything? Dear god, i”m straight!She put her hand on my hip. Pushing that to the wall. With her other hand she carressed the side of my body. I shivered and closed my eyes, praying that she”d let go!! My mind was screaming though i wasnt doing anything to stop it.She moved her hand from my hip and went to my neck. Sarah was so close to me that she could have kissed me.She chuckled a soft chuckle. She lifted my shirt just a little bit when I managed to get something out of my mouth, “No.” the word was as quiet as a mouse..She looked shocked but went at it anyways. She my shirt half way up whenI did the most embarrassing thing. I took her hand and made her let go. I then stalked out of the room and went in search to find Chloe.I found her laughing and talking to some guys.I pulled Chloe away and told her what happened.”Oh wow.” She said.”Dear god please don”t ever intorduce me to one of your lesbian friends.”She looked serious, “I won”t anymore.””Kay, I”m going home now, tell CHloe I”ll see her tomorrow.””Ok, bye.” She hugged me goodbye and I left.I never saw Sarah after that.And thank god.

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