Best Fiends Level 75 No Boosters, Best Fiends Level 75 Walkthrough

BEST FIENDS is an Android game with a release date of December 10, 2014 from Seriously Digital Entertainment. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers “answers to gamers” questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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Best Fiends: Beginner’s Guide

What is this game? Best Fiends is a puzzle game in which you need to build chains of blocks of the same color, connecting them together. A chain can have at least 3 blocks at a time, but the more the better. To create chains, blocks are dragged by the finger on the screen from one block of a certain color to another of the same color. Best Fiends has an additional “combat” element – you have a team of insects that need help in their fight against slugs. Each insect refers to a specific color. When you build a chain of yellow blocks, the yellow bug of your team attacks, and if of the green ones, the green bug attacks, and so on.

Level goals and victory. Each level has its own goals. Sometimes you need to defeat a certain number of slugs, collect some specific objects (for example, diamonds), or collect a specified number of blocks of a certain type (for example, yellow). When the goals are achieved, you go through this level and move on to another. The goals of the levels can always be seen in the upper left corner of the level or on the information screen that appears when you click on the level that you want to play. For example, goals: defeat 8 slugs, collect 30 yellow flowers, collect 2 diamonds. It looks like this:


Each insect also has special abilities. When you collect enough blocks of bug color, its special block will become available. Such blocks help to achieve level goals, for example, bombs harm slugs well or break obstacles. To use special blocks, you need to connect blocks of the same color with a special block. When you complete a level, you get various items – usually meteor ticks and diamonds. They can be used to make the team of insects stronger. The stronger they are, the easier it is to defeat slugs.

Obstruction level. You do not pass the level if the moves are over or there are no possible chains, even if the blocks are mixed.

Why does passing the levels increase my number of moves? To prevent players from getting stuck in the game, a gradual addition of moves was introduced for your current level. If you do not need such help and you want to complete levels on the difficulty set initially, you can disable this function in Menu – Settings. Click on “Free extra moves” so that a red X appears next to it.

When you turn off free extra moves, the bonus feature of a series of victories is also disabled.

Why are keys used in the game? Keys are used to open boxes that you get access to after successfully completing each level or by touching the key icon at the bottom of the main game screen. In the boxes you can find meteor ticks, diamonds, energy and insects – even super rare insects!

Where to look for keys? At the levels of the main storyline, you will receive 3 keys for winning at each previously not completed level, and 1 key if you win at the Hero World Tour level, and you can also collect keys at the levels themselves. You can also win keys when reaching levels 10 and 20 in the travel of insects. The game also hosts special daily events, for participation in which you can get including keys. Try to get through the events “Granny-Slug”, “Captain Slug”, “Boot Camp” and “Production of Commander Meadow”!

Is there a limit to the number of keys you can have? Yes. Currently, you can collect no more than 999 keys (referring to the keys obtained for completing levels or at the levels themselves). If you find yourself approaching this amount, it’s best to exchange a few keys for resources.

Above the next level number is a metal cage. What is it? To open the next level you need to go through the previous one. If the next level is covered with a metal grill (gate) to pass, you need to fulfill certain requirements. To go through the gate, simply touch the level and either upgrade your insects to the desired level, or pay the required number of diamonds to continue.


If you have already completed all levels and are waiting for new ones, check in your store (iOS App Store, Google Play or Amazon) that you are playing the latest version of Best Fiends. New levels are added monthly when updating! If you have run out of levels and are waiting for an update – you can take earthworm tests, daily events, complete quests of insects, and complete levels of the Trophy Meadow ball. Gates on the world map and requirements for their passage:


How can I choose the used insects? Touch the level for the game and select “Start.” You will be taken to the level screen. Before making a move, you will see two buttons: “Raise insects” and “Change insects”. You can touch the “Change insects” button to change your team without leaving the level. You can also select “Auto-selection of insects”, and insects in your team will be selected automatically. Auto-selection of insects can be turned on or off in the game menu, in the settings section.

After the first move, the opportunity to “change insects” and “raise insects” disappears.

Special features of insects. Each insect is associated with a different color. For example, Temper is a green bug. This means that you need to build chains of blocks of his color until he throws his special block (green horizontal bomb) onto the playing field. These special blocks can be used when combining blocks of the same color with them.

To make a move, you always need to collect at least 3 blocks of the same color. You can find out the connection of insects with flowers by the colored circles under them! The colors of the insects: purple – red – green – blue – yellow. Insects have many special blocks that can be divided into several general categories.

The bombs. Bombs are the most common type of special blocks, they damage slugs and have different directions. The direction of the explosion can be identified by the icon above the bomb. When a bomb fires, white circles indicate the blocks it will detonate. Use these “aiming circles” to get into the necessary blocks – for example, boxes and diamonds – to collect them!

When creating chains, the bomb goes after your finger – this allows you to better control the area of its explosion.

Converters Insects with converters (for example, Quincy) are great for collecting blocks of their color in larger quantities. When the converter is activated, it turns all the surrounding blocks into its color. Insects with converters are best used at levels with the goal of block colors – such as “collect 50 yellow.” They don’t do as much damage to slugs as bombs do.

You cannot start a chain with a converter. To use it, you need to have at least one block of the same color next to it. To activate the converter, drag the corresponding block of the same color!

How to defeat slugs? You inflict damage and defeat slugs when you connect the colored blocks on the grid. The numbers above the head of the slug indicate how much damage your current chain / remaining slug health will do. In the following example, the current chain will inflict 165 units. damage, and the slug will have 1205 units left. health. Insects increase the damage that each block of their color inflicts on the slug. For example, if you have a Green bug with an attack of 200, each green block in the chain will deal 200. damage to slugs.

If you do not have a bug of the color of the block that you include in the chain, such blocks will inflict slugs only 55 units. damage. It is always better to mix colors when you have a bug of the same color. Also, do not forget to grow your insects to increase the damage caused by each block! Growing insects is an extremely important step in the fight against slugs. To do even more damage, do longer chains to increase the combined damage.

Collect a chain of at least 6 blocks to deal 1.2x damage.Collect a chain of 10 blocks or more to deal 1.5x damage.Collect a chain of 15 blocks or more to do 2.0x damage.

Bombs do slugs a lot of damage and are very good at fighting slugs. If you need to defeat several slugs, use bug insects as a special tool.

Special attacks and slug capabilities. Slugs also have special attacks and abilities! They sometimes use them to slow your progress.

Teeth – Build a chain next to a tooth to remove it! Teeth fall like regular blocks.Slime – build chains next to the slime to remove it! Blocks in the mucus do not move.Chewers – they like to eat your special blocks! Munchkins must be fought quickly by building chains next to them.

Persistent slugs. These slugs are resistant to certain colors. If you build a chain with the color indicated on the shield icon above the slug, it will bring the slug zero damage! To defeat such slugs, you need to build chains with a different color. Although the collected blocks do not cause damage to persistent slugs, they are taken into account in terms of colors that can be set for a particular level. For example, if you build a chain of 10 green blocks in the fight against a green-resistant slug, at a level with a goal of 50 green blocks, it will move you 10 blocks closer to the target anyway!

How to detonate black bombs? Black bombs are activated by colored bombs that drop your insects. Explosion of a black bomb with the help of green!


Note that when you drag a colored bomb, the white outlines (or “sighting circles”) show which blocks will explode. Check that these sighting circles coincide with the black bomb so that it explodes. When all level blocks are illuminated by sighting circles, the black and color bombs are aligned correctly.

Black bombs are very powerful and detonate everything that can be detonated at this level. Example: feed a green bug – Tempera – with green leaves, and he will drop a green bomb. Make a chain of this green bomb and other green leaves, and release your finger when the sighting circles coincide with the black bomb.

How to get the right items for unbreakable items, for example, dense snow? Some target items are located behind heavy snow, a fence and other items that cannot be broken. In such cases, you need to use “bombs” – they will help to get the objects hidden behind obstacles.


To complete the level I need to collect more diamonds than there are on the level. Example: level goal – 5 diamonds. Visible diamonds at level – 3. At these levels there is usually a limit on how many diamonds can be at a level at a time. For more diamonds to appear, you must first collect those that already exist. New diamonds will begin to fall on the level with the usual blocks! At these levels, it is best to try to collect diamonds as quickly as possible so that new ones can appear.

How is energy used? To get to the Thunder Mountain, insects need energy! The energy currently available to you and the maximum energy are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. For example, if the energy scale shows 16/20, then you have 16 units of energy available from the maximum 20. To play at each level, a certain amount of energy is required. It is shown under the “Start!” on the screen with a description of the level.

I’m out of energy. Your energy is restored over time for free. So just wait until it gets bigger! You can also spin a little bug of luck to win some energy if you don’t have enough. In addition, if you are connected to Facebook, you can ask your friends to send energy as a gift. To do this, click the energy icon in the upper left corner of the game screen to enter the energy store, scroll down to the phrase “Ask for energy from friends” and tap the “Ask” button.

You can only ask for energy if your energy scale is not filled to the maximum.

If you want to play more, you can buy instant replenishment of energy in the energy store. In addition to replenishing your energy supply, you can buy more maximum energy for diamonds (when you buy, your energy scale is also replenished). And finally, if you feel that you can play for a long time in one sitting, then buy endless energy for 3 hours!

Saving energy while winning. After the 20th level, you will save energy when passing the nearest new level available to you on the world map. The amount of energy returned coincides with what was spent on the level passed. For example, to play at level 75, 4 are required. energy. Upon completing this level, you will get back 4 units. energy, if it was the closest new level available to you. Energy does not return when playing at the levels of the world map already completed earlier, as well as at the levels of the Trophy Meadow ball and the travels of insects.

If you no longer want to play at some level, you can exit it without energy loss, if no moves have been made yet. For example: a level was opened, but then you wanted to go through Wisper’s Journey instead. Then just pause the game and select “Surrender.” But this will only work if no moves have been made! Upon exiting the level in this way, the violet and red bandits will go further on the map (if the Most Wanted in Miniature event is active at that time).

I can no longer increase the maximum energy for gold. What is the reason? If the purchase of “+5 maximum energy increase and free replenishment” is not available, it means that you have reached the maximum that you can buy for gold. Energy can still be increased beyond the maximum by +1 if you used keys or watched an ad to spin a little bug of luck.

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What does “No moves” and “No matches” mean? “No moves” and “No matches” are different conditions of defeat in Best Fiends.

In the “No moves” scenario, the game ends when the player has no moves left at this level. Available level moves are displayed on the move counter in the upper right corner of the level screen. The level is not passed, since there are no moves left.In the “No coincidence” situation, the game ends when it is no longer possible to take any actions at the level. For example, if the level is closed with too much “mucus” when there is no room left for creating chains, even if you mix the remaining blocks.

Why are my blocks mixed up? When at the level there are no possible chains no longer than 3 blocks long, the blocks are automatically mixed. After that there will be at least one possible chain, and you can continue the game!

What are diamonds? How do I get more diamonds? Diamonds are a valuable resource at Best Fiends. They are usually used to grow insects if there aren’t enough meteor ticks to raise the level, or to buy keys that open the boxes where you can find meteor ticks, more diamonds, energy or insects! If you cannot raise a bug due to a shortage of yellow or blue meteor ticks, the game will ask you if you would like to compensate for their shortage by spending diamonds to increase your level.

You can buy diamonds at the Brittle Diamond Store. To get there, tap the diamond icon in the upper right corner of the world map. Additional diamonds can be obtained for free, collecting them at certain levels, participating in game events, watching ads, to twist the luck bug, using keys or receiving them as gifts from friends on Facebook.

What is gold? How do I get more gold?

Gold is a valuable and rare resource in Best Fiends. It is mainly used in the game to buy 5 more moves if you have run out of moves at the level, replenishing energy and increasing the maximum energy level, and, of course, for “epic” insects and their exclusive styles! You can buy gold at the Quincy Gold Store. To get there, tap the gold icon in the upper right corner of the world map.

Of course, it’s worth looking at the many special offers! Also, gold can be obtained by participating in daily events! Every day, one of three events is available to you. To advance in such events, you need to complete levels while the daily event is active. And here is how you can get gold in these events:

1. “Slug guards.” To win gold in the daily Slug Guards event, you need to grow the slug to stage 5. Do not forget that, when deciding to raise a slug before the next stage, you will not be able to pick up the rewards until you reach the next stage. For passing each stage of this event, you get 100 diamonds, blue meteor ticks (their number depends on the average level of insects), 5 keys, 5 hours of VIP status and 10 gold.


2. “Most Wanted in Miniature.” To win gold in the Most Wanted in Miniature, you need to catch a red or green slug bandit. The reward depends on the number of bandits caught. Usually you get 5 gold (up to 15) for catching green, and 10 gold (up to 30 gold) for catching red. Many other rewards also rely on the capture of other slug bandits.

3. “Production Commander Meadow.” In “Commander of the Meadow Loot” you can win gold if you find all of his treasure chests and parts of the amulet to open the last chest. After opening the last chest, you get 10 gold, 10 keys and 10 hours of VIP status. As usual, during the event you can get many other awards (in addition to the final).

In addition to daily events, there are also seasonal trials, earthworm trials, and Hero levels. You can win gold in all of them! Seasonal trials are nearly always active and become available when you complete level 20. Earthworm Trials are always available to players who have completed level 240. Hero levels are available to the most dedicated players. These levels open when you have completed all levels of the world map in the game.

Gift giving

Giving gifts at Best Fiends is a great way to get extra meteor ticks, diamonds, and energy in the game.

How to pick up gifts? On the gifts page, you can have up to 20 surprise gifts and up to 5 energy requests that need to be collected. When you touch to pick up gifts, they are picked up all at once. Gift energy is not taken away if you do not have enough space for it. Gifts allow you to receive additional diamonds, yellow and blue meteor ticks and energy.

When you pick up a gift from a friend, a gift from you is sent to the friend at the same time. Friends whose gifts you have already received or taken away cannot receive gifts directly from you by the end of the day. On the gifts page you can have up to 25 gifts at a time, so don’t forget to check back often and collect gifts to make room.

Sending gifts. If you want to give friends directly, just tap the “Send Gifts” button on the gifts page. Surprise gifts may contain energy, meteor ticks or diamonds. You can send a surprise gift to your friend as follows:

Select from the list of friends you want to give (or select all friends), or search for specific friends using the search bar;Tap “Submit”;A confirmation window will appear. Just touch the “Submit” button and the gift or gifts will be sent.

Only friends who already play Best Fiends are listed. You can only send gifts to friends once a day, so everyone who has already received gifts will not appear on the list. Remember: if you already took a gift from a friend, he automatically received a gift from you, so he will not be on the list.

Best Fiends: Leveling Tips


Each level can be completed thanks to the correct strategy, as well as, in the case of levels on the world map and Hero levels, a correctly selected team of insects. If you’re stuck at any level, try asking the Best Fiends community for advice. On the other hand, if another player is stuck at the level that you have already passed, also help with tips! Pay attention to the goals of the level and see where the key objects are. They will help you choose the right team.

1. Insects with bombs. For levels where you need to defeat slugs, as well as collect or activate key objects on the field, a team of insects with bombs is usually suitable. When collecting key objects (diamonds, cells, etc.) or activating objects (such as detonators or bombs), look at their location on the field. For example, some objects can only be reached with the help of horizontal bombs, and others only with the explosion of vertical bombs. And for some items, you generally need an X-Bomb, pulling out diagonally.

2. Insects with converters. At levels where you need to collect a certain number of blocks of a certain type (green leaves, yellow flowers, etc.), be sure to use insects with converters. The most difficult thing is to put the first block converter. After that, just make sure that the converters are in places where they will turn as many blocks as possible into what you need. In other words:

There should be as few obstacles as possible;They should be as close to the middle of the level as possible;There should be as many blocks as possible next to them.

You can usually get another block converter when creating a chain of “turned” blocks. In addition, if you do not touch any converted blocks, then, having received a new block converter, you will immediately find what to combine it with. You will be able to create chains of many turned blocks, turn by turn.

3. Automatic selection of insects! If you go to the settings section in the game menu, you can turn on the automatic selection of insects! After that, when you begin to pass the level, the best set of insects will be selected for it. This feature can be disabled at any time.

4. Increasing the level of insects. Need more power to defeat slugs? Increasing the level of insects will increase the damage done! Need Help Leg? Additional turning features from Brittle? If you need to increase the effect of special skills of insects, then their development is just what you need. Insects develop at levels 5, 10, 15 and 20! To increase the level of insects, you can use yellow and blue meteor ticks. If they are over, diamonds can be used instead!

Best Fiends: Seasonal Events and Advanced Game Modes

Wanted in Miniature. The most notorious slug bandits in Miniature escaped! Help Sheriff Elk bring them to justice! “Most Wanted in Miniature” appears on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You need to catch bandits of 4 types, and they usually appear in the following order (depending on the remaining levels):

Blue – go through 3 levels to catch the blue bandit.Violet – complete 2 levels in a row to catch the violet bandit.Green – complete 5 levels to catch the green thug.Red – go through 4 levels in a row to catch a red bandit.

For the capture of bandits, you can earn great rewards! Of course, the harder it is to catch them, the better the reward will be. Purple and red bandits are tricky, but worth it! For the first group of captured bandits you will receive one bag of treasures, for the second – a double treasure, and for the third … Yes, that’s right! Triple treasure!

Slug You managed to find a slug! Squirrel appears on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Your task is to grow the slug so that it does not become harmful! To do this, you need to collect carrots at the levels of the world map (small carrots will appear on ordinary blocks, and to collect them, you will need to go through the level). When the carrots are enough, the slug will grow a little!

After that, you can either pick up the earned rewards, or continue to grow the little slug further to get even more rewards and even gold! However, be careful. If time runs out, you cannot feed the slug on time and cannot take any rewards at all. Carrots appear only on levels of the map of the world or Hero region that have not yet been completed.

Treasure Meadows. The crew of the trophy ball of the commander Lug moved the personal chest of Lug and several chests! Go through the levels to get chests and rewards! This event appears on Wednesdays. In order to get the Meadow prey, you need to collect four parts of the amulet in the chests on the map of the main storyline / Hero levels. If the levels on the maps of the main storyline are over, Luga’s luxury booty appears – and it’s not easy to get to her last chest!

Between chests from two to four levels, and you need to get to each of them quickly enough. Each chest contains a mini-reward and part of the amulet. If you are unable to get to the next chest, Commander Meadow will pick up all the remaining chests. This event is available to players who have completed level 40.

What are Bug Jobs? How to open them? Tasks of the Insects are separate stories in the game, developing around a certain insect. Since they are not related to the main story, you do not need to complete the Insect Quests to continue your journey through Miniature. You need to achieve a certain level and requirements for insects. Necessary requirements are indicated on the screen of the quest for insects, which appears after you click on the button assignments insects in the main map of the game. Keep playing the main story to discover more Bug Jobs! Have a good travel!


Meadow Trophy Ball Explanations

What is a trophy ball? A trophy ball is an alternative game mode in Best Fiends. When you have been unable to pass a difficult level for a long time, and you want to grow up your insects before new challenges, the Trophy Ball is just what you need. In Trophy Ball mode, you can collect more yellow or blue meteor ticks compared to normal levels. Also, the trophy ball allows you to choose which meteor ticks to collect – yellow or blue.

How do I start playing at the levels of the trophy ball? The trophy ball will be available after level 250. After passing the 250th level, the Meadow trophy ball can be found in the list of insects in the lower left corner.

What is a trophy ball countdown counter? There are two timers in the trophy ball:

You have 24 hours to complete each level of the trophy ball. If you were unable to complete it during this time, the level is replaced by another. This will not let you get stuck on the difficult level of the trophy ball!30 minutes to “cool” after passing the level of the trophy ball. When the level of the trophy ball is passed, you need to wait 30 minutes before starting a new one. Of course, at this time you can play the usual levels on the map.

If all the usual levels have already been completed, you can pass the levels of the Trophy ball without a break.

Best Fiends: Collecting and Raising Insects

I see a “!” in the insects menu or directly above them. What does this mean? If you see an exclamation mark (!) In the menu of insects or above your insects, this means that you have enough meteor ticks or meteor ticks and diamonds in total to grow a bug. The sign will disappear if you grow all the insects you can, but until you have enough resources for the next increase in the level of insects.

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Why was all of my meteor ticks used to raise the level of the bug? If in the list of insects (in the lower right corner of the main screen of the game) you touch an insect to go to its information page, the number of meteorite ticks needed to grow it to the next level is displayed. For example, for Temper to grow from level 5 to 6, 1250 yellow ticks and 10 blue ticks may be required.

If you do not have enough meteor ticks, you can add them with diamonds. In this case, the game will ask “Buy the missing meteor ticks?” In this window you can see how many ticks are missing, and how many diamonds you need to give for them. The cost of growing a bug is the same. Diamonds simply help to do it faster, without collecting the required number of meteor ticks. For this, all available meteorites and diamonds can be used in the quantity necessary to increase the level.

How to grow insects? What to do with meteor ticks? Bugs can be raised with meteor ticks. Each level increase requires a different amount of yellow and / or blue meteor ticks. With each increase in the level of a bug, it increases its attack power. In addition to attack, every fifth level increase to the 20th also improves the special abilities of your insects. Yellow meteor ticks appear in the game almost from the very beginning. Blue appear later. They are rarer and more valuable than yellow meteorites.

To grow a bug, go to the list of bugs (the button in the lower right corner on the map screen), and then select the bug whose level you want to increase. Touch the insect of your choice to view information about it and the cost of growing it. To increase the level of a bug, simply touch the “Grow” button. If your insect is about to reach the 5th, 10th, 15th or 20th level, the button will say “Evolution”, which means that the development of the insect will make it stronger (and enhance its special skills)

If you don’t have enough meteor ticks to level up, you can use diamonds instead of missing ticks. Raising the level of insects is one of the best ways to use diamonds in Best Fiends. Free diamonds and meteor ticks can be in the cells that you open with keys at the end of each level or participating in game events.

Where can I find the missing insects? Insects are an important part of Best Fiends. The further you advance in the game, approaching Thunder Mountain, new bugs will join your team. You can find almost all ordinary insects by opening the cells with keys at the end of each level. When passing levels you will receive free keys. To increase the chances of getting bugs faster, you can also buy extra keys for diamonds. To find out what is in the cage – a bug or an exclusive style of a bug – press the “i” button above the cage.

After that, a screen will open that tells you if there is anything else that can be found. You will not find insects on any specific levels – they begin to appear in the game randomly when you enter new worlds (Green Glades, Ice Hills, Endless Desert, Ominous Ocean, etc.) To find insects you need patience, a little intuition, and a little luck! And of course, the more keys you have, the higher the chances of finding new insects.

I’m at level 90, and my friend is at level 70. He has already found Bob’s ladybug, but I haven’t yet – is there something wrong? This is possible, and this is not a mistake. It looks like your friend was a little luckier, and he managed to find Bob before you. Play, and you will also meet Bob, using the keys to open the cells!

Best Fiends: Popular Themes


I lost a saved game, can I restore it? If your achievements have been lost and you do not have a backup, contact the developers and they will make every effort so that you return to the place where you finished the game. When applying for the issue of loss of achievements, tell the level that you have reached, the insects that you have grown, and they will restore all this.

Crashing at Best Fiends! First check that you are using the latest version of Best Fiends. Verify that your device has the latest version of its operating system (OS). If after updating the game and the OS the crashes persist, do the following:

Close Best Fiends, restart the device, and then restart the game.Close all background applications and start the game.If a crash occurs during the launch of the game, start the game with the “Airplane” mode on.If all of these methods do not resolve the problem, contact support.

In your message, indicate the following information to help sort out the problem:

The model of your device (for example, iPhone 6, iPhone X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Tab 4, etc.);Version of your operating system;Where the problem arises in the game (at launch, at certain levels, in certain menus, when connected to Facebook, etc.).

A brief introduction to the leaderboards! Please note that this function requires a Facebook connection in the game. The first time a leaderboard button appears after completing level 35 on a world map. Here you can see your results in comparison with friends, family members and even the whole country! Your score on the leaderboard is the sum of the following:

Passed levels of the world map;Passed levels of tasks insects;Hero area levels.

Earthworm events: in order for them to be counted in your score on the leaderboard, you need to complete each story completely – for example, to get 5 points for the Granny-Slug test, you need to go through all 5 levels. They can be of any level of difficulty, and if extreme testing is not yours, choose the “easy” ones! Got into the wrong country or state on the leaderboards? Please provide support with the correct information. This can be done through the Menu – Support – Contact us.

Best fiends freezes! I can’t move blocks! If you have not played Best Fiends for a long time, or played another game, quite often the problem is that you are trying to combine blocks incorrectly! In Best Fiends, you draw a line from one block to another, then to the next, and so on – the more the better! When you move around them, they are highlighted.

What is a Hero World Tour? Where can I find him? Hero World Tour is a Best Fiends game mode designed for the best of the best! It opens after passing the last level of the world map in the game. When adding new levels, the Hero world tour moves, always being available only after all the levels of the world map that are currently available.

Even if you did not pass the Hero World Tour levels on your first attempt after the last update, you can always continue from where you left off as soon as this mode opens again after passing the last level on the world map. Take a miniature tour and show the slugs that you are truly a hero!

Friends of Best Fiends. Now you can add friends in the game without adding them as friends on Facebook. This function can be found in Menu – Support – Friends / To get your friend code, open the tab with the “i” icon and click “Get your code!”. This code will allow others to add you as friends if you send it to them. If you know someone else’s code, you can add it on a tab with a “+” sign. The remaining tabs let you delete friends and view friend requests. The more friends you have, the more gifts you can send and receive!

There are many people on my friends list who are not my friends! They were added by the developers! These are real people who, like your true friends, will send you gifts and accept them from you. Such “friends” will be added until you have a maximum of 25 friends in the game. If any of them stops playing actively, he will be replaced.

These people will not be added to your Facebook friends list, nor will they be able to see your full name, read your personal details and view your profile. The developers hope that players will enjoy additional gifts from new friends, but if for some reason you do not need this feature in the game, you can turn it off (or turn it on again later) here: Settings – Advanced settings – Add more friends for the game.

I can’t twist the Lucky bug! The first thing you need to do if you can’t twist the Luck of Fortune is to reboot your device and then try to change your Internet connection, for example, switch from Wi-Fi to mobile or vice versa. Also, do not forget to restart Best Fiends so that the application can connect to the advertising service. If you see only part of the ad or the loading screen freezes, contact support to let the development team know and they will begin to solve the problem.

Insect styles

Insect styles are an opportunity to change the appearance of your insects, as well as give them a “stylish reinforcement” of +50 for each insect style that you have.

Where to get these styles of insects? Sometimes insect styles are given out as a reward for passed tests or other events in the game. They can also be won for completed tasks of insects. And you can buy insect styles for gold.

Where to look for them? If you just won, for example, Howie Pyromancer, find the Howie information page. Go to the insects menu, then go to the blue section and tap Howie. You will see the following page:


Then tap the T-shirt icon on the right. You will be taken to a similar page:


Now you can choose the look of Howie. Regardless of the appearance you choose, her stylish +50 attack bonus will always work. Please note that if there is more than one style for any insect, bonuses will accumulate. This can be seen in the figure above: Howie has +100 stylish gain, as this player has both Howie Pyromancer and Holiday Howie in the game.

Best Fiends: In-Game Purchases and Payment

I have not received the purchased item. In those rare cases when the transaction is completed, but you did not receive your item, first try rebooting your device and check for a stable Internet connection, then open Best Fiends again. If you play on an iOS device (Apple), try going to the game menu – Support, and then click “Restore purchases.”

If your items are still missing, contact support through the Menu – Support – Contact us. They will study your problem and, after verification, add the missing items to your game account. If developers can’t figure out what happened, send them a screenshot of the digital purchase receipt. You should receive it from the store by e-mail (or by SMS, in some cases) immediately after purchase. If you cannot find the purchase receipt in your mail, look for it in the purchase history.

Why can’t I make a purchase? Shopping may not succeed with a weak internet connection. First try again in a place with a good and stable Internet connection. It is also possible that you have reached your daily spending limit. It is set so that friends or family members cannot make several purchases with your credit card! Just repeat the purchase the next day, and everything should be in order.

IOS only. On your device, payment restrictions may be enabled. You can check these settings in the General Information – Restrictions section.Only for Android. Your payment method may have been declined. Check your email inbox (inbox) for a message from Google regarding your last purchase. You will also be able to view your purchase history and status of failed purchases if you sign up for Google Wallet.

Apple Payments: I have withdrawn more than necessary for my purchase / I have not completed (a) the purchase, but the money has been withdrawn from me. This often happens with purchases through iTunes or Apple. They delay the sending of the receipt and its processing for up to two weeks. This makes it difficult to determine the date of purchase. They also combine receipts for purchases for different days together. Because of this, it seems that the payments were made at the same time.

You can check the actual date of purchase. To do this, go to the purchase history and click the small arrow on each individual purchase. When viewing an individual purchase, the receipt date will still be indicated as the date. There should be another small arrow, when you click on it you will see the real date when you requested a purchase / items. If you still doubt what happened, or if you need help, please contact the game support service via Menu – Support – Contact us.

Best Fiends: Installation and Upgrade


The Play Store reports that Best Fiends is not available in my country. This means that Best Friends does not have an agreement with the Google Play Store in your country, but it may be in the future. In the meantime, you can download Best Fiends from the Amazon App Store (available on the Google Play Store), or from the Apple App Store for iOS devices.

When I try to update or install Best Fiends, I get an error message about the USB storage or SD card. To install the game, try this:

Go to Device Settings – Memory;Select “Disconnect SD Card”;Try installing Best Fiends from the Google Play Store;Return to Device Settings – Memory and reconnect the SD card.

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I cannot update or install Best Fiends. If you are unable to update or install Best Fiends on iOS and Android:

Close the App Store or Google Play Store app;Reboot your device;Launch the app store.

On Amazon Kindle Fire / Fire Phone:

Reboot your device;On your computer, open a web browser and go to the Amazon website;Log in to the Amazon site with the same account that is used on the device;Find the Best Fiends app in the store;Select your device in the “Send to” drop-down list (for example, the name Fire Phone)Click on “Get it now in 1 click” or “Submit” (depending on what you do – update Best Fiends or install the game for the first time).

How to update Best Fiends? Follow these steps to upgrade Best Fiends to the latest version. On iOS:

Open the App Store from the home screen of your device;Open the “Updates” section in the App Store menu at the bottom of the screen;Find Best Fiends in the list of updates and tap the Update button next to the Best Fiends app.

On Android:

Open the Google Play Store app;Touch the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen (three parallel lines);Select “My Applications”;Find Best Fiends in the list of updates and tap it;On the Best Fiends app page, tap the Refresh button.

On the Kindle:

Tap “Shop” in the upper left corner of the home screen;Tap “Applications” in the upper left corner of the first page of the store;Open the side menu by clicking the menu icon (3 lines in the upper left corner);Swipe down to the “More” category and tap “Application Updates”;Locate Best Fiends in the list and tap the Update button.

Best Fiends: Facebook and Achievement Sync


Can I save my achievements without Facebook? Facebook is the most reliable way to ensure the safety of your achievements, especially if your phone is lost, stolen, suddenly breaks, or you reinstall the game or reset the data on the device. Developers may in some cases find initial data about your achievements, but not all.

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that you connect to Facebook, but if this is not possible, take a screenshot of your current support ID to save it in the gallery and, depending on your settings, in the cloud. Support ID is here: Settings> Support. If you ever need to restore the game, developers will have a much better chance of finding all the initial data about your achievements if, by contacting them, you tell them the support ID.

Benefits of connecting to Facebook. By playing Best Fiends, you can connect to Facebook! This will allow you to compete with your Facebook friends on the map and brag about completing their level. Also for the first connection to Facebook you will receive a diamond as a reward! By connecting to your Facebook account, you can also send gifts to friends on Facebook and receive them in return.

Gifts may include diamonds, meteor ticks, or even energy if your insects are tired. It will also allow you to save a backup copy of the game to the cloud server – if necessary, you can transfer game data from one device to another or restore the game progress if it is lost.

Best Fiends will not post anything to your Facebook wall without your permission and will not send spam to your Facebook friends without your knowledge. You can also put a “Like” mark on offs. Facebook game page, keep up with the latest Best Fiends news and chat with other Best Fiends players from around the world.

How to save / upload my achievements to the cloud? To use this feature, you must be connected to the Internet and logged in. Best Fiends uses Facebook to save achievements in the cloud and synchronize data. If you are connected to Facebook during the game, your achievements are saved and uploaded to the cloud automatically. On your mobile device, you can also choose to have your achievements saved and downloaded manually. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to Settings.Touch “Sync Saved Game.”Tap “Download Saved Game to the Cloud.”Select the option to “Download the saved game on the device to the cloud.”

Your game is now saved (uploaded) to the cloud. Keep up-to-date copies of your game in the cloud – this is the best way to protect yourself from losing achievements!

Can multiple people play Best Fiends on the same device? Best Fiends supports only one user per device and one account per user, so it’s not possible to play on multiple devices. A feature that allows you to have multiple game accounts on the same device may be added sometime in the future.

How to download my achievements from the cloud? To use this function, you must be connected to the Internet and log in. Best Fiends uses Facebook to save achievements in the cloud and synchronize data. If you are connected to Facebook during the game, your achievements are saved and uploaded to the cloud automatically.

If during the game you were connected to Facebook and you need to reinstall the game or install the game on a new device, your achievements will be downloaded from the cloud automatically. To download your achievements from the cloud manually, do the following:

Go to “Settings”;Touch “Sync Saved Game”;Touch “Download saved from the cloud”;Select “Cloud Saved Game Name”.

Can I sync my achievements without Facebook? Saving achievements and syncing are currently only available via Facebook. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot sync your achievements without a Facebook account.

I cannot restore a backup file from the cloud on a new device. The download button is gray. In rare cases, when transferring game progress from one device to another, the receiving device may not recognize the backup file available in the cloud. This usually happens after a recent installation of Best Fiends. The problem can be solved as follows. To do this, you need the device from which the backup was made, and the receiving device.

Verify that the device from which the backup file was created is connected to Facebook and is ready for this process. As long as your backup file is in order, nothing will happen to the progress of the game. Then, on the receiving device, upload the backup file to the cloud. In this case, the backup in the cloud will be overwritten with the progress level on the receiving device (for example, level 1), however, the download button for this device will be activated, which is what we are striving for.

On the receiving device, exit the Sync Saved Game menu. This will ensure that the correct saved game is loaded in the last step. Now, on the device with the main saved file, upload this file to the cloud. Finally, go to the “Synchronize Saved Game” menu on the receiving device and tap “Download Saved from Cloud”. Check the button “Level number in the cloud” – the number should match the level on the device with the main file of the saved game. Touch the button to restore progress on the receiving device.

Detailed explanation of saving, loading and synchronizing a saved game

Currently, in order to synchronize achievements on multiple devices, you need to log in to Facebook. In general, it’s always good to have a backup of the game on the game servers so that you can continue to play without losing data if something goes wrong. Best of all, data security is ensured by connecting to Facebook from the game. It also allows you to get game data in the event of a breakdown, loss or theft of your device.

For the best gaming experience, it’s recommended that you stay online and be connected to Facebook while playing Best Fiends. In the mobile version of the game, data can be downloaded to and from the cloud (“save and load”) manually. Download and upload functions are available here:

Open the game;Go to “Settings” (gear in the lower left corner on the map);Select “Sync Saved Game.”

Upload your saved game to the cloud. This feature backs up your current game to the gaming cloud server. You can have only one backup file, so you will be asked to overwrite the previous file. To always keep the backup up to date, you need to upload your saved game to the cloud as often as possible.

Download saved from the cloud. This feature downloads the latest game backup file to your device. For example: I play at level 60 on the phone and want to continue playing on the tablet from that level.

Open the game on your phone;Select Download from Phone. A file with a backup copy of the game will be created on the cloud server;Open the game on the tablet;Select “Download.” The file uploaded to the cloud will be uploaded to the tablet.

Example: I play at level 60 on the phone and will reset the settings on it, or I need to delete the game and install it again later.

Before resetting your phone or deleting a game: open the game on the phone;Select Download from Phone. A file with a backup copy of the game will be created on the cloud server;Now you can reset your phone or delete the game;After reinstalling the game: start the game again;Select “Download.” The file uploaded to the cloud will be downloaded back to the phone.

If something went wrong or your progress is lost, contact support within the game.

Best Fiends does not connect to Facebook


If the game gives an error when trying to connect to Facebook, follow these steps to try to get it back to work. Before performing the following troubleshooting steps, verify the following:

Your Best Fiends app has been updated to the latest version. Check your app store for an update available.When using the Facebook application, check that it is updated to the latest version. Check your app store for an update available.Verify that you are not using a “Disabled” Facebook account.

If you are using your device’s browser to connect to Facebook, clear the data and browser cache. Instructions for this procedure are described below:

Android Select Applications (or Application Manager, depending on the device). Find your browser application in this menu, tap it and select “Clear Cache” (or “Clear Data”).iOS If you use Safari, go to your device’s settings, find Safari there and select “Clear website history and data”Chrome Open it, tap the menu button (in the upper right corner of the screen, marked with three lines), select “Settings”, then “Privacy”, and in the “Clear browser data” section, select “Clear all”.

Troubleshoot using Facebook application. If you haven’t done this before, log out of Facebook in the Best Fiends game (Settings – Facebook – Logout).

Close the game;Restart your device;Exit the Facebook application and close the application;Launch the Facebook app again and log in to Facebook;Close background applications (except Facebook);Launch the game and try the login process;Try logging out of the game several times (for example, 5). Sometimes it does not work on the first try.

Troubleshoot using your device’s web browser for Facebook. If you haven’t done this before, log out of Facebook in the Best Fiends game (Settings – Facebook – Logout).

Close the game;Clear your browser’s data / cache as described above;Log in to Facebook in your browser;Close all background applications (except your browser with open Facebook);Launch the game and try the login process;Try logging out of the game several times (for example, 5).

If these steps do not work, try the following:

Using a web browser, remove permissions for Best Fiends on Facebook;Log out of Facebook in the game;Log in to Facebook through a web browser and go to Facebook settings (arrow in the upper right corner);Click Applications to change the settings. (Left menu);Find Best Fiends in the list;Click ’x’ to remove permissions;Repeat the “First Steps to Fix the Problem” above.

If all these steps do not help, contact the support service from the game, with a detailed description of the problem (for example, how the game behaves: restarts, closes, gives an error message). If possible, send a screenshot of the game with an error message if you see this.

I transferred my achievements from one device to another, but the progress in the game on these devices is different! To transfer or synchronize your achievements, you need to connect to the same Facebook account in the game on all devices on which you want to play. On the device where you went in the game further:

Go to the “Menu”, then to “Settings”;Touch “Sync Saved Game”;Select “Download saved game to the cloud”;Select the option to “Download the saved game on the device to the cloud.”

Then on the device where you passed in the game fewer levels:

Go to the “Menu”, then to “Settings”;Touch “Sync Saved Game”;Tap Download Saved from Cloud. Select the option “Saved from the cloud Name”;Now your achievements will be synchronized.

If your progress is different on devices after synchronization, you may have different versions of Best Fiends installed on each device. In this case, you need to update the game on both devices and try to transfer the progress of the game again.

Version numbers may vary by platform. For example: syncing a saved game will work between Best Fiends iOS version 4.6.1 and Android version 4.6.0. It will not work correctly between iOS version 3.4.0 and Android version 4.7.0.

Best Fiends: Settings

What is the memory optimization function for? If you enable memory optimization, the amount of RAM needed to run the game will be reduced, which will reduce the number of animations that you see in the game. True, you will still see them at the levels. Use this function only if the support service advised you to do this.

How do I exit Best Fiends? To exit Best Fiends, do the following:

Launch the latest apps menu. Depending on the device, it may be available by double-tapping the Home button, or by holding this button for several seconds.Find Best Fiends in the list. Depending on the device, this can be done by scrolling from top to bottom or from right to left.Touch the application and swipe it to the side (up or right). Now complete exit from Best Fiends.

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