Best Edc Knife Under 30 Dollars, The 17 Best Edc Pocket Knives In 2021

People today are catching up on the trend of having a carry kit. This kit typically includes keychain tools, front pocket wallets, key organizers, and other essential EDC items that you need. Most people will tell you that an EDC kit is not complete with a folding knife. The folding knife or pocket knife is a helpful tool that can be pretty durable and can be used for so many tasks. Cut some rope, cut branches, slice some fruit, and other basic things, a cheap EDC knife can easily do.

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Having a good and full EDC kit can be a little costly. You also need to do some research and not just throw in some stuff. The pocket knife should be the number one on the list and you shouldn’t have to splash a lot of money on it. If you want a durable and quality knife, check this list we made of knives that can easily go into the category of best EDC knife under 30 dollars.

Best EDC Knife Under $30 – Top Reviews

1. CRKT 6450S Drifter Knife



Because you will be carrying it almost every day and everywhere you go, you need your knife to be small and not be so heavy. Pocket knives or folding knives are the best options when it comes to compactness. We know that there are better performers and knives that will make the job even easier than the pocket knife, but the whole thing here is about practicality. There are options in the category best budged folding knife that you should certainly look at. The ideal size should be around, or a little more than 3 inches and the knife shouldn’t be heavier than 4.5 ounces. 

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The blade and the handle of the knife should be tough and able to withstand wear and tear. They should last a long time and they shouldn’t require sharpening every week. Because we are on a budget, premium steels like S90V, Elmax or M390 are out of the picture. Taking some steps down and looking at steels such as 440C, AUS-8, or 14C28N, you are still getting quality steel. For a budget, EDC knife handles like G-10 and Zytel have fantastic grip and are the best options for this category. You need your knife to feel good in your hand and not having to rest your hade after a long period of usage. 


Having a knife that has 10 plus features is handy. You will have a tool that you can do most tasks with. But, the downside is that all of those knives a heavy. Let’s be honest, the tasks you will be faced with, almost all of them will require just a blade. But say you have a partially serrated knife, that can come in pretty handy. A sharp tip is also a great feature because you oftentimes need a knife with a sharp tip. Pocket clips are also a great feature. They will help you carry it around and have it near you all the time. Getting a pocket clip that will have your knife tip facing upwards make deployment much more smooth and swift.

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The knives that we have listed are not the best in the world, yet they do have some quality that will get the job done time and time again. Some of these knives are made overseas and don’t get us wrong; there is nothing wrong with them, but we do prefer knives made here in the US. Time and time again, the knives that are made here have performed better and their quality is a bit better than their contenders overseas. Safety is another big part when we talk about the category best budget folding knife. You need to find one that has a good locking system, one that will not open or close on you, causing injury.

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Price range

This whole article is about finding the best budget folding knife, and you can be certain that we have delivered it. All the options above have the quality and durability that you will need. Of course, as you go up the scale, there will be knives that have second-to-none quality, and their maintenance is significantly reduced. If you are a beginner and want to own your first pocket knife, going for the ones that are in the $25 to $30 range is the perfect place to start. Maybe your budget is higher and you should read about, best knife under $50. As you get a better feel and experience, you can look for at the pricier ones.

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